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Chris "The Lech" Boone

This guy so wants to be part of this crowd yet he jams the repeater more than anyone!

Okay, posted on this page will be two videos I shot of this guy. One video is of him rebroadcasting an amateur radio bulletin through the Lake Charles repeater. Now, if done properly this is legal. You have to have expressed permission, not assumed, from the repeater owner to do so, and you are required to ID your station every 10 minutes during the transmission and at the end of the transmission. In this video I request his callsign after he failed to do any of this and the animosity I got from him is sort of uncalled for. He also started with the threat that "my friends and I are coming for you" then remembered I told him I was videoing the exchange and quickly added in "to include my friends at the FBI, The FCC,...". Of course, I'm only attempting to quote him so the wording may be off a bit so if you view the videos you'll get what he said right from the horse's mouth. He also refused to identify at the end of the transmission as well. He knew he was busted and I'm sure, at the time, he didn't have permission. Now, since this guy hates me so much I'm sure the club will now say he had permission but I'm sure anyone with a little sense can deduce he didn't. These people are so quick to threaten me they sometimes get away from themselves. During the video he claims to have ID'd in CW later in the video. Not modulated CW but an AM heterodyne produced on a SSB receiver. Knowing that signal could not be monitored with an FM receiver through a FM repeater. The very definition of purposely obscuring an identification and the meaning of a communication. Both absolute no-no's on the amateur radio bands.

The second video is of this guy moving on to the Sulphur Repeater and broadcasting the same bulletin later that night after thinking about what he did earlier on the Lake Charles repeater. This time he gives his callsign, but he stops transmitting almost as soon as the ID break prompted him to ID. I guess he was recording this so he could use it to claim, to the FCC if I reported it, that was him on the Lake Charles machine and he did in fact ID. Basically a cover your ass move. Dumbass thought I would remain fixated on the Lake Charles machine waiting for him to transmit again. The frequencies are quite clear in the videos. BUSTED.

You'll notice he said "at the FBI". My fellow waffles, this club has been filing false report after false report on me trying their best to destroy my life. They have bigger estrogen issues than my disgruntled ex wife! Now we'll discuss the reason I finally took the time to introduce this Anton LaVey wannabe to you. Well, he's buddy buddy with one Officer AJ Powell. This guy also had a Facebook page dedicated to slandering my call and name to the ham community and just about anyone else that discovered it. I posted a request on his FB page for him to remove the material and to stop attacking my character which he did because I guess he just didn't want to get into an argument where some of his non ham friends, and possibly an employer, could monitor it. This site had several videos of jamming, some of them the same ones AJ Powell recorded, and the usual "this is KC5CSG jamming the repeater" of which no proof existed and knowing it wasn't me but likely someone they had staged to do it. Believe me, this activity stopped when I proved I was recording.

I'm glad I made the request as a post on the FB wall because this prompted a female in Dallas to message me about how creepy this guy is. She's a nice looking female so keep that in mind because I will not repeat what she claimed this guy's behavior was with her. I will tell you this much, listed as a hobby on his website, he listed going to the casino in Lake Charles to stare at the beautiful female bartender. STRANGE!

AJ Powell files a report I made a threat against him on the radio on October 14, 2018. Now that's convenient! Because I have that ENTIRE DAY recorded. Now people, I leave that scanner recording this repeater (mainly to cover my ass) 24/7. It monitors all three analog repeaters the club has the club call assigned to it. When I dump the massive amount of files, usually on a weekly basis, I just do not have the time to go back and listen to them. I just keep them on hand in case I'm accused of something and I have a date of the accusation. This means I can use that date to go back and listen when the accusation is made and when I have time. Well the date I have is October 14, 2018. The daughter slept late, she's still crashed on the couch as I'm composing this, and I have time. 

First thing I notice is my voice on the repeater calling CQ and listening on 28.410 MHz. Now I'm a little confused. Why would I be on the repeater calling CQ on a VHF band (local coverage only) but listening on 28.410 MHz. Then it hits me. That's a recording of me calling CQ on 10 meters (not 2 meters) working splits! Someone recorded me and was playing the recording through the repeater. Since the club has requested I not use their repeater this was someone attempted to frame me. When the action didn't stimulate the desired response a second, and obviously much more distant station, started rebroadcasting a recording of a conversation I had with an unknown ham (this one refused to ID as well, that was talking to me on 146.500 MHz simplex. I this recording you can only hear me because I was using a hi gain antenna aimed at TX at the time and the local station recording it could only record my side. I was arguing my side and views of this harassment that has been going on for almost two years. In that recording I am heard saying "I don't know why these morons feel comfortable coming to my house and harassing us when I could easily catch them in public like Walmart or McDonald's. Just ask Ray". I was referring to the day I was eating lunch at McDonald's when Ray (KC5NAD) came in, after me, and ordered lunch. The only thing I did was say "have a good day Ray" when I was done before him and was leaving out. I'm sure that got blown out of proportion considering Ray has admitted, on air, to parking at Dairy Queen a block down the road to try to monitor my activities.

The first transmission was local. Very clear into the repeater. The one where I was on HF working splits. The second transmission, where I was talking on simplex VHF, was extremely distant. WB5ITT in Beaumont, TX distant. During this conversation I directed no threats to any one person. All I did was make an observation about the situation in general. 

Well, I've said all I care to say about this whole stupid situation for now. Later I'll come back and clear it up a bit and expand on it when my memory gets joggled. So, for now, enjoy the videos. Please keep in mind that I was currently moving back into my apartment house as this occurred. I normally do not have mattresses in the hallway and crap scattered about.

I would like to stress that this club relies on the fact I value my daughter. Right now, they know they can appear in front of my house and as long as they stay in the street and act like idiots, there is no way I'll go out there to confront them. I know and they know that would make me a participating combatant on public property. They know I will not make myself look like pure garbage in front of my kid and I will not risk going to jail and losing custody of my daughter.

I have recordings of this jammer (pretending to be me) using voice inverter technology. No telling what else he will do to make it appear it's me causing all of this havoc. They're mad the FCC didn't take my license. They're throwing a tantrum the FBI saw through their bullshit. Now they're relying on the local authorities lack of knowledge of ham radio to get at me. I'm not going to let that happen. I'm sure AJ sent those recordings to Chris who was willing to play them through the repeater. AJ Powell is NOT an innocent victim here.

Now, lets address some of this man's bold claims. If this man has been in amateur radio for 40 plus years my ass is an airplane hangar. Well I guess it's possible he could have got his license when he was 10 (doubt it) and he's a very well aged 50 year old, but again, I doubt it.

I think the validity of his claim of being a former Captain in the Air Force is about as legitimate as his first claim. This moron probably has never served as enlisted much less as a commissioned officer. I'm wondering how many people he misleads with this claim. Stolen Valor???

He claims to have corrected Riley Hollingsworth (former head of enforcement) about the rules. Well, why? What did this guy do in the past that required him to correct the FCC's Head of Enforcement? If he did, then so what? Every reputable ham knows that Riley Hollingsworth was a complete piece of shit and undeserving of the position he was obviously given with the FCC. This man, even though he had a decent knowledge of Part 97, publically sided with a crowd of thugs that harassed a ham in Canada for decades and basically domineered several frequencies in the HF portion of the bands. That's definitely a bold claim there! 


I'm so intense. Maybe the bartender at the casino he admits to stalking (on FB) will be impressed.
I'm so intense. Maybe the bartender at the casino he admits to stalking (on FB) will be impressed.

Chris in full douchebag mode

Chris Boone punishing this repeater with illegally performed broadcasting knowing the club members will accuse me. Notice how fast he catches himself after initializing the threat "My friends and I are coming for you".

As promised

A repeat on the Sulphur repeater later that evening. Apparently Chris worried I had him on video refusing to ID so I'll bet he recorded this (audio only) to claim this was the broadcast and he did indeed ID. I also suspect he's the one that has been pretending to me be me jamming the repeater this whole time. He can thank AJ for causing me to dig through all of this and making sense of it all.