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Expired license W5NRI

As of now, talking to this licensee is illegal

I have observed AE5LB, N0MSW, and several of the good old boys in this area talking to a man that is currently using the callsign of W5NRI. After monitoring someone messing with N0MSW and W5NRI, I hear the man using the callsign of W5NRI make the threat of shooting me even though I was just monitoring the conversation. To be more accurate, both N0MSW and "W5NRI" were discussing shooting your beloved KC5CSG. Aggitaters in this area have it good. They can agitate all they like and I get the blame. That's okay because they can use my callsign all they like. Just so long as they do not come to my house. 

This, of course, gave me reason to look the guy up on the FCC ULS database (The authority on checking license validity and to get a name in case a bullet zipps through my house late one night) and discovered the license with the callsign W5NRI has been expired since 2016 and canceled 2009. Searching more on google has revealed that the former owner is most likely dead/silent key. It's hard to tell because some webpages list Charles C. Neal as silent key and other go out of their way to claim he is not silent key. Either way, the license is expired and canceled therefore illegal to use on amateur radio frequencies.

Of course I'm not the only one capable of checking for these things  because their aggitater discovered it as well as I was doing my google searches and he was on the repeater telling everyone this guy was an intruder. I keep my opinions on my webpage but it sure is nice I have a few people out there that love to poke at these guys.

So here is the situation guys. AE5LB, N0MSW, and the several other "good old boys" know this guy. He's been to their houses. In fact, part of the conversation between "W5NRI" and N0MSW was how "W5NRI" was going to go by AE5LB's house again for help with getting up and running on the HF frequencies. Not only are the old timers in this club aiding this guy in operating illegally, they are KNOWINGLY aiding this guy in operating illegally and contributing to the act. It is at this point I realize I haven't been clear at the beginning of this page. This bootlegger has been on this repeater talking to the "elders" for several months now. I find it hard to believe that not one of these radio cops thought to run the callsign "W5NRI" through the or the FCC ULS database. yields no results at all. This is normal considering it is an invalid callsign. The FCC ULS database shows that it existed at one time but the fact it was canceled BEFORE it expired tends to support the notion I'm hearing a dead man talk to the good old boys from the great beyond! Imagine that!

Now you see why everyone around here, who know better, are falling down rolling on the ground laughing when these idiots CALL THE FCC when someone they don't like breaks the rules.

To the members of the W5BII Amateur Repeater Club! Make no mistake about it. Talking to "W5NRI" knowing it is a bootleg callsign assigned an expired license is ILLEGAL. Remember, I'm always monitoring and recording.

Check out W5NRI's expired and cancelled license here!