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Cary Dane Robinson AKA W5KRO

"The Enforcer" or who I like to call "Rogue Santa"


This man deserves a page on my little website like no other! This man lives in Walker, Louisiana which is about 100 miles away, but he's got plenty of friends here with the SWLARC and has taken to threatening me on the Lake Charles Repeater, The New Iberia Repeater, and the Lafayette Repeater. Him and his friend, James Romero (K5CNU) have also been spotted by a few Mamou, LA hams using my callsign illegally on the repeaters in the Acadiana area. Yes, I have friends there too who report to me all they hear from this crowd.


"Rogue Santa" or Cary or "Dane" has even gone as far as publicly announcing, over the air, that he will one day burn down my house. Preferably with me and my daughter in it. I semi take this guy serious because the picture I have on this page, was taken in front of my home one day when I caught him in my backyard trying to cut the coaxial cable going to my antenna.


This guy parked his car by Nelson Road, walked through the woods that run up to the back of my backyard, walked past my daughter who was playing in our backyard and up to the base of my antenna. My daughter screaming prompted me to run out there, thinking she had found a wasp nest or a snake, to find this maniac with a pair of wire cutters in hand and looking nervous.


I chased this idiot out of my yard, not really wanting to catch him because, good god, if this idiot is crazy enough to invade my property in broad daylight with a resident of the house able to observe it, he's crazy enough to have a gun or some other weapon on him. I had already put some distance between him and the only person that really matters to me, my daughter so, mission accomplished. 


Dumbass didn't realize, or bother to check google maps, that I live on a cul-de-sac. Santa had to turn his sleigh around and come back past me after I had time to get my cell phone out and the video recording. The picture is taken from a frame out of the video of him threatening me (even after I busted him in my backyard) and charging after me when I stepped into the road to get a shot of his license plate.


Listening to the recordings from that morning that my scanner constantly records 24/7 on the Lake Charles Repeater, I have a brief conversation of Ken Talkington giving him my address after Cary announced he was on his way to Lake Charles to "take care of that son of a bitch". I am quite sure "that son of a bitch" is me since he didn't have to ask for me by name to get the address.


Enjoy Cary, you fat Santa looking son of a bitch!


See W5KRO's FCC License Here!

Ever vigilant to stomp out perceived injustices...
Ever vigilant to stomp out perceived injustices...

W5KRO trying to avoid me getting his plate number

Busted in my backyard trying to cut my Coax

Chased him back to his car. You can hear I'm out of breath. I need to exercise more.

Moron didn't realize I live on a cul-de-sac and had to drive back by.

Took pictures of me like I was the one doing something wrong.

You can tell he's extremely agitated. 200 mile trip and couldn't cut my coax.