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Charles "Has been" Boudreaux


The apparent leader of the Blueline Amateur Radio Club, Charles is also a retired police officer. Seems to have a lot of pull in the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department going by what he says on the air. Of course, he may be blowing smoke up everyone's ass with that claim.


This man is responsible for making one of the funniest remarks on the air during a net. "I'm talking on a radio that was purchased by the sheriff's department. So, if this radio gets interfered with I'm to report it directly to Sheriff Mancuso". 


Okay Charley, get a grip! All the reasons this is funny follows:

  •  Sheriff Mancuso has no authority to enforce Part 97. Pull your lips off his ass and take a deep breath.
  •  If the CPSO purchased that radio, that radio is CPSO property and therefore the peoples' property. Why are you, as a retired cop, in possession of it? I'm a retired soldier but that doesn't mean I can take a trip up to Fort Polk and "borrow" equipment.

This man is also harsh on his own club members. He insists on opening each Blueline Amateur Radio Club Network on a civilian repeater (as a civilian may I remind you) in the name of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department. This gives the illusion that the Sheriff's Department can take control of it. That is a no-no. When members of his own club try to open the network in a much less douchebag fashion, this guy gets on the air and jumps their asses as if they broke some legal protocol.


Charley "Has been" Boudreaux. True douchebag.


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"I'm so glamorous "
"I'm so glamorous "