Day One!

Let's spin those nets up baby!

Even though this is a Friday night net, it also happens to be day one of the local ECOM gayness, I would highly recommend listening. This recording has everything from the David Forest giving out false information to ECOM roaches scurrying out of the woodwork.

Day One of pure ECOM Bliss.

The gayness begins!

As we were listening to last night's net (I had company), The theme music for the old 70's TV show "Emergency!" got stuck in my head. In fact, I'm still humming it now. Okay, the first thing you will notice is the new call signs you never hear on the repeater until an event such as this presents itself. These are guys who hide in the shadows until an event that causes an emergency then they scurry out like an advancing army of cockroaches taking over Ken Talkington's kitchen floor at 3 in the morning. These are your bottom of the line whacker folks! Young men that love to take situations such as this as an opportunity to appear be of some worth or relevance. Some of which couldn't get laid in a women's prison with a fist full of pardons.

Then we have David Forest (KG5SBA) announcing that he was on a conference call today and he has information that the storm system is veering West. ABSOLUTE FABRICATED BULLSHIT! I have been watching the News all day today, reading every NWS Bulletin, and there is no indication this storm is veering West. Yes, there are some spaghetti models that pass over us but those have been there all week and every meteorologist I have watched has emphasized that chances of the storm following one of those are remote. As of now, the storm is still tracking as predicted. Lake Charles is still on the better side of the storm. Already this group has shot its credibility to hell because NO ONE corrected him to include AG5LR who is the ARES coordinator for this area. You are not allowed to take artistic license and embellish your reports in situations such as this. Of course, this group has been embellishing on it's reports on me to law enforcement for so long maybe this has become second nature for them. The situation isn't EXCITING enough, well let us MAKE IT EXCITING! 

Like that scene from the movie Twister, I'm imaging David Forest creeping out of his front door and making his way down to the foot of his drive. First he looks North and cocks his head a bit as if to be listening to the sound of the Tropical Storm. Hearing its intent. Smelling the air it is sucking towards its low pressure center. Then he looks South and repeats the procedure that he has honed into a skill that has, in fact, become basic instinct in his quest to become a human tornado/hurricane detector. A living barometer propped on two legs and sustained by Social Security. Then he squats and grabs a fist full of dirt, stands up, and slowly lets the soil drop from his clenched fist feeling the anger and raw fury of mother earth retching in fear as this monstrosity in the Gulf prepares for its assault on her. His highly trained eye catches every minute interaction the particles exhibit as they encounter the effects of the atmosphere in motion and gravity. His neighbors look on as a nervous father, children latched onto his legs in fear, screams to his wife "honey! He's doing it again!". THE SUCK ZONE! Sorry, I just couldn't help myself lol!

Listen and enjoy. I know we sure did!

Terrible Hurricane Barry

Sure glad W5BII was here to protect us all from this monster storm! Well not really. I think this skywarn net consisted of three or four people sitting at home repeating what they saw on the radar and what they heard on the weather radio. Oh well, they are our hometown heroes!

Skywarn net whacker bliss baby!

This entire net is pathetic

This will be a marathon listen folks! Over 2 hours of recordings covering the entire net starting at approximately 0820 til 2355 hrs. You probably will not make it through the entire recording. Read the article below. 

How to endanger a community 101

As it stands now, this Skywarn/ARES Net endangers the community.

If the National Weather Service is relying on data from this group of hobbyist to determine timely severe weather warnings to the general public, they are endangering this community. I'm not concluding this to be funny or to personally slam anyone in this club. I honestly believe, according to the procedures I've witnessed today, this group of yahoos serve no purpose and if our NWS is really relying on supplemental data from this group to aid in the issuance of timely warnings, this group is not an asset. It is a detriment. Also, in the above recording, please keep in mind there is about 15 minutes between a lot of the transmissions that is not apparent in the recording. My scanner records transmissions, not the time between them.

The purpose of a Skywarn net is to supply information to the NWS. It is not to pass info from the NWS amongst each other. If that is the case, the only people to benefit from a Skywarn Net will be hams and scanner owners. The majority of Lake Charles are not hams and scanner owners. Most people in Lake Charles are surprised when they hear ham radio still exists!

  • The net started at approximately 0821 hrs. The net control only activated the net. He never conducted a roll call to see if he actually had any participation
  • Throughout the day, maybe 10 people checked in. We do not know if all 10 of those people remained active the entire time.
  • Everyone who checked in, checked in from home except Charlie (WB5NXD) who was in transit at the time. This is the only person who actually relayed any weather information during his check in. You can NOT weather spot FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR LIVING ROOM!
  • The excessive use of a preamble was annoying and if anyone had a damn emergency that was a lot of time that a person could NOT call in an emergency. Spotting an emergency from your living room isn't likely but....
  • Improvision while supposedly performing a public safety operation (a term tossed out by KG5SBA) can get people killed. 
  • It is obvious this club treats a service that is supposed to be a mission multiplier for the NWS to issue timely warnings AS A HOBBY! 

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the net I am posting today. I really do not expect anyone to get through the entire thing. It's long, boring, frustrating, and you'll find yourself yelling at your computer screaming "what is your fucking purpose?" like I found myself doing from time to time.

People, you need eyes on the sky if you're going to weather spot. You can not do this from the comfort of your living room. Sorry, but if you want the glory of being a Skywarn Storm Spotter you have to put in the effort and concern for it. No tornado is going to form outside your window and wait for you to look up from Duck Dynasty to notice it. 10 people sitting in their living room looking out the window now and then or stepping out on the porch once an hour means maybe one square mile of sky was PERIODICALLY being observed. If you do the math for Lake Charles alone (10 miles by 10 miles which is an estimate) you're talking about 100 SQUARE MILES  OF SKY THAT NEEDS TO BE MONITORED CONSTANTLY!  Ideally you'd want a buffer around the area so lets say 300 square miles. That is for Lake Charles alone! ARES Area 5 consists of SEVERAL PARISHES so we're talking thousands of square miles which a REAL SKYWARN would be hard pressed to cover.

I really want to thank WB5NXD (Charlie), who knows my views on this, for asking why the Skywarn was being conducted from people's houses. Even he sees no sense in this. He also got them to admit that there is no functional radio system at the NWS at the moment (you crafty devil you!). Meaning, if an event was accidentally discovered and it needed to be given to the NWS, It would have to be sent via cell phone. Oh crap, there goes the cell phone system argument again! In the least, this system is inefficient and serves no purpose. At most, this may end up getting someone killed. You'll hear arguments (on other websites about skywarn) that deploying Skywarn spotters to "go to" sites is dangerous for the spotter. Well, that comes with the territory when you want to perform a selfless service. One person is endangered so entire families can made more safe. If you cannot subscribe to this view then you have no business participating in Skywarn.

N0MSW, turn your damn scanners down when you transmit. Transmitting other radio services over ham radio bands violates federal code. I know you think it makes you sound cool, but we all know it's illegal and frowned upon in the ham community.

KG5SBA, quit whining like a little bitch. You wanted to play hero so don't cry when you feel a little discomfort.

AG5LR, learn how to plan, structure, start, maintain, and conclude an emergency net or step aside to allow someone who can do the damn job right to do it.

KG5VRQ, turn down your damn mic gain or stop deep throating the microphone when you talk. You sound like a trucker!

Man, I just don't know..... The chances of a person in the general public (roughly 60,000 or more) seeing a weather emergency and reporting it to 911, via cell phone, who would then report it to the NWS is MUCH greater than this ineffective and dangerous Skywarn reporting it.

In conclusion, W5BII and their stupid club members SUCK!!! If you are a member of the W5BII club and you have an issue with me saying you suck then STOP SUCKING! I will, however, thank you for doing a bang up job proving my point yesterday. The fact the NWS totally botched its forecast for this area and the fact they have ANYTHING to do with this pseudo Skywarn, I'm am seriously doubting The National Weather Service's competency in this area. There is no way the head of that agency can stand in front of a public official over here and claim this NWS relying on or entertaining this club of losers is beneficial. This is time they are wasting that can be put to better use, like working more on coming up with a better forecast. During this event, this is aimed at the NWS, YOU SUCK!