For quality control, we record all repeater usage and directed networks.

Kenneth Sr. and Kenneth Jr.

KG5WGT (Sr.) and KG5WGS (Jr.)

I almost forgot about these two minor players until this morning. I have talked to Jr. (KG5WGS) through messenger before because I ran across a Reddit article he wrote about my relationship with the SWLARC. In this article, he accused me of a lot of things even though he has never met me or talked to me prior to his writing the article. In this article he also mentioned the prospect of club members resorting to destroying my equipment.

As you can tell in the picture, the kid is lucky to even have ever gotten laid. Now, last night, I was in Lafayette visiting my daughter and I didn't even get back to Lake Charles until around 2 this morning. Oh, the date today is 29 September 2018. I guess this is important. As I have made known before, I have a Realistic (Radio Shack) Pro-668 intelligent trunktracker scanner. One of the reasons I love this little device is the fact I can record anything that is broadcast on any frequency I program this thing to monitor. I keep telling these morons that I am recording the repeater and they just keep giving me ammo!

Anyway, I wake up this morning and I decided to download the .AU files and listen to the net that occured last night in my absence. Of course, there were the usual anonymous jammers giving the net control hell which always brings a smile to my face and a hearty chuckle. Then I hear this KG5WGT, who was previously seriously getting stomped on, ask when the club members of the club were going to do something about me, your's truly, your beloved Bluewaffle. Well he called me a "Fort Hood reject". Funny because if retiring is rejection... oh shit, nevermind. Then he goes on to make the declaration he's coming for me to personally take care of me. 

I want to stress that I do not mess with these idiots on the air. That is why I created this website. It seems to be driving the trashy members of this club insane. This guy made the comment (listen to recording below) that he's coming for me and he's 69 years old and there is nothing I can do to hurt him. Well, I don't want to hurt him but if he thinks I'm going to allow him to come on my property and threaten me or destroy my property he's seriously mistaken. Mr. Tarver, with all of the threats I have received from various club members over the years, I have every reason to fear for my safety if any of you idiots pop up on my property. I'm more than capable of holding my own old man. 

See KG5WGT's FCC License Here!

See KG5WGS' FCC License Here!

From left to right, Kenneth Sr., Kenneth Jr., some female with no standards.
From left to right, Kenneth Sr., Kenneth Jr., some female with no standards.

Audio of KG5WGT issuing his threat

This threat was made by this guy even though I was in Lafayette all night during this net. My scanner hears and reports all. He says he's 69 and there is nothing I can do to hurt him. Tell you what, step on my property with nefarious intent and we'll see.