For quality control, we record all repeater usage and directed networks.

These shifty ham operators just can't stop!

If we can't harass him, lets get the truckers to do it!

Got a phone call early this morning from a buddy of mine and he told me I may find it interesting to monitor channel 19 on the Citizen's Band (27.825 MHz). He told me there is someone in either Westlake or Lake Charles playing recordings of an old CQ I was making years back on channel 38 LSB when the band was open. He also stated the same person appears to be playing a recording of the SWLARC VHF Repeater's voice identifier there as well to aggravate the truckers. I thank my buddy for the info, make a bit of coffee, fire up a cig, scratch my balls a bit to wake up then fire up the old rig and tuned to 27.185 MHz which happens to be channel 19 on the Citizen's Band.

About 30 minutes go by and BAM!!! I hear the repeater ID get played in quick succession about 10 or 15 times followed by a recording of my voice, taken off of a youtube video, superimposed on top of an air raid siren getting played over and over again for about 5 minutes. Enough to whip the truckers up into a frenzy. Personally I thought it was funny but what happens next is just plain pathetic.

Two hams, who just so happen to be on channel 19 (yeah right), start keying up on their obviously modified ham rigs and start telling everyone it's Jerry Materne at (giving my address) and you can call him on his cell phone at this (cell phone) number. He's in trouble with the FCC by the way and we just thought you would like to know where he lives and who you can call to deal with the problem. Then another 10 minutes of recording being played over and over again. 

Now, it's apparent that truckers are not all that stupid because one would key up between broadcast and announce that it was probably the two hams that conveniently on the channel that were doing it. He even went on to explain that the sound and signal of the first ham to claim to be a ham looked an awful lot like the radio that was doing the broadcasts. That's when the nonsense stopped.

They just can't drop it. They're pissed off because of this website first of all. They laughed at my claims that I was recording their repeater and now they're pissed off because I'm now posting audio backing my claims that I have recorded it for all of this time. They now realize I have massive amounts of interference being caused by equipment I have neither owned nor currently own recorded and stored in multiple cloud storage accounts. Now that they can't jam their own repeater and keep blaming it on me, they can't come to my house anymore without getting hit with a stalking charge, they resort to this new low.

It seems every time I post audio the nonsense in that area stops. So, I just now added channel 19 to my scanner and just in time too. They tried it again but no one took the bait. I'll post these audio clips later today or tonight. Talk about some chicken shit bitches! Then a trucker, of all people, exposes your asses! 

The voices of these hams sound familiar to me. They're hardly ever one the repeater and they talk mainly simplex on 146.520 Mhz. They NEVER Identify even when requested by me, but that's not the first time someone has refused to identify after I've asked for their call after ten or so minutes of them jamming the repeater on when they mess with me on simplex. I know one lives near Bell City, LA and the other lives just North of Cloe, LA. I've learned this much just from monitoring their communications while they're driving around. One is a trucker (local only I guess) the other has a job that involves a lot of local driving. It's just a matter of time before I figure out who they are. It's funny because these two have, lately, been going to 144.200 and 144.205 MHz where a couple of buddies and me like to "chit chat" some evenings. They hammer away on FM and let me tell ya, that SSB just cuts right through it! 

That's another bone of contention this ham club has now. I do not stand my ground with these thugs anymore. So in order for me to enjoy my license I was pretty much forced to buy an all band all mode radio. Now that they do not hear me on 146.500 and 146.520 Mhz and most of them do not have SSB rigs (too poor to afford one) it's driving them nuts that they can't monitor my conversations and they cannot jam me as much. It seems money does solve most problems!



I DO NOT OWN A CB RADIO HAHAHA!!! That's right boys and girls. I haven't had a CB radio since 2015. In fact, the last video I posted on youtube as the Bluewaffle clearly shows me using an old Kenwood Amateur Radio that CANNOT be modified to transmit on CB even though the general coverage receiver allows for monitoring of that band. The CB I was using blew a final and I boxed it up and sent to my brother who fixed it and sold it to a local in Monterey CA. 

My current radio station consists of one Yaesu FT-991A that does not have the MARS mod. Meaning, I can monitor there but I cannot transmit of CB with it. Even if I could transmit I have no antenna for that band. The antenna I have always had is a multiband Amateur Radio HF antenna that would perform rather badly on CB considering it doesn't work all that well on the bands it was designed to work on. So I definitely couldn't get out far enough to be much of a bother to anyone. Anyway, modified Ham Rigs work lousy on AM anyway on the Citizen's Band. This is common knowledge.

My secondary radio is a Yaesu FT-70D Handie Talkie (HT) and that's it! I have no DMR capability. I got rid of those UHF HT's during my second move back to Lake Charles from Moss Bluff because one of them stopped decoding the signal correctly and I didn't want to invest the time in figuring which one was malfunctioning. Since they're only about 100 a pop I'll just buy two more in the future. I kept the batteries, chargers, and antennas though since each model comes with a stubbie and longer antenna. 

So that is the extent of my station other than the scanner that I use to record these morons reacting very badly to a situation they've lost control of hahaha!!!