The Blueline Amateur Radio Club

It is time to make these abusive LEO's famous

Now that I have time to get around to it, I'm going through my recordings starting from day one, Thursday to Thursday (The Blueline's Net night) monitoring recordings. This club wanted the fame, now they're going to get it.

These recordings will reveal how these law enforcement officers affiliated with the CPSO jumped on this repeater every night with the intent to flex their authoritative muscle. You will hear W5CGB reiterate that their club's nets are being conducted on behalf of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office. I wonder if Sheriff Mancuso knows about this. All with the intent to intimidate ANYONE who argues that the CPSO using this repeater as their back up communications is not only wrong, but downright ILLEGAL. There is an entry in The FCC's Part 97 that basically says it is illegal to use amateur radio to supplement communications in a business in which you have a monetary interest in. That would be a job in which you receive a paycheck. On duty police officers are paid. They also have their own public service band in which they can play cop all they want. The FCC also makes it clear that any communication, on a regular basis, that can be conducted on another radio service is prohibited on amateur radio. These men and women have access to the public service band, again.

Here is an example:

Let us say there is an emergency that actually causes the Sheriff Department's communications system (assigned to operate on the public service bands GIVEN to them by the FCC) and these police officers want to use that amateur repeater (designated to operate on an amateur radio frequency regulated by Part 97) to conduct their business until their system is up and running again. ILLEGAL! This is their job and according to the FCC you are not allowed (well shit, it's just downright illegal) to use amateur radio to supply communications for a business you are getting paid to work for. Declare all of the emergencies you want and it's still illegal. Declaring an emergency only means you can get civilian hams to pass traffic for you. You may be able to get off duty personnel to do it, but since most police officers are considered "on duty 24/7" you may find yourself in a pickle. Using civilian hams, of course, may cock a few eyebrows in the community because people like to think their tax money is being spent wisely by their Sheriff. They also like to think their law enforcement agencies are competent enough to never need to rely on these cop groupies. I know, I don't want any of those retards passing information that may have any form of MY sensitive information in there. This is something I tried to relay nicely to these badge flashers on the air. If anyone has dealt with a cop before, they know police officers do not like it when a citizen proves them wrong. Especially in front of a crowd which is always the case on a CIVILIAN AMATEUR RADIO REPEATER. 

Declaring an emergency will not legally allow non licensed police officers to use that repeater either. All declaring an emergency does is give CIVILIAN AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS  the ability to operate on a frequency with PRECEDENCE. All of their traffic is considered priority so they have a degree of protection should someone want to try to claim the frequency they're on while conducting emergency traffic. Yes, the FCC has determined that ANYONE can call for help on any frequency if there is an IMMEDIATE THREAT TO LIFE AND/OR LIMB but that is case specific. A general declaration of an emergency does not satisfy this criteria. 

During one of the past field days my daughter and I toured this huge trailer that is used as the mobile command center for, what I have to believe, is the sheriff's department. I'm just guessing the CPSO has something to do with this thing since there was some really "official" looking logos plastered all over this thing. It was loaded with ham radio gear. Even then I was wondering why? Every one of those radios could have been a Motorola programmed for the public service band. After all, every police car in town already has an antenna tuned there. In the very spacious rear room could have been a repeater system programmed FOR THE PUBLIC SERVICE BAND. Louisiana Radio could easily program all of the CPSO's radios to utilize this EMERGENCY PUBLIC SERVICE REPEATER at the push of a button should their main system go down. I left shaking my head at that total waste of money. Toss in a trailer with a telescoping tower attached and this could be a system that gets the CPSO back on the air within an hour after strategically placing that thing in a good location. Of course these cop groupies are not going to go for that. Takes them out of the picture. They can't rub elbows with the ass they love to kiss while wearing their reflective vests and hard hats. This means the CPSO could let ANY CITIZEN wanting to help man those radio under their very flexible license for the public service band. Our cop/fireman/EMT groupies would feel all alone. The one piece of ham gear that would be beneficial to relay traffic to other cities or states was not even installed. A good old reliable HF rig. During an emergency the only traffic needed to be passed will only need to passed within Lake Charles? Hell, putting all of the radios in all of these police cars in simplex mode and stationing them where you need to pass traffic to will accomplish that! With only five watts and a crappy mag mount antenna on my car I was hitting my brother here in Lake Charles, simplex, from Moss Bluff. If you want to pass traffic out of state, out of the city, you NEED an HF rig. Since the FCC has not allocated any HF frequencies to local law enforcement agencies, this would be the only NEED for a ham rig in a mobile communications center. Oh! That would mean all of these cop groupies, most of which only have a technician class license so they can play reflective vest radio warrior, cannot operate that rig! They would be stuck waiting for the next bicycle race that needs coms between water points. 

I have been stationed all over this country. Fort Bliss, Fort Polk, Fort Hood, Fort Lewis, Fort Gordon, and Fort Jackson just to name a few. Not to mention the various posts I have been stationed at ALL OVER THIS FUCKING PLANET as overseas tours. I have never encountered a group of law enforcement officers that do what this club does on a civilian repeater anywhere but HERE. Apparently THOSE OTHER LEO's are smart enough to know it's just not worth the bad exposure and hassle. 

Anyway, enjoy. I record these morons for you guys.

An emcom/whacker/cop groupie's wet dream is pictured here. Yes, we have those types here.
An emcom/whacker/cop groupie's wet dream is pictured here. Yes, we have those types here.

On behalf of the mighty CPSO!

W5CGB making it clear the CPSO has authority.

You will hear "Has Been" CGB assert that this net is on behalf of the CPSO. You will also hear this group pretend they are being interfered with and make the statement a certain person has no right to be on the frequency even though this group has no Part 97 enforcement authority.

Sheriff Mancuso is tracking

This net is now SPONSORED by the CPSO

Charlie stating this net is now sponsored by the CPSO. Also, he's reporting to our Sheriff about their weekly commandeering of our amateur radio frequencies. This guy sounds intoxicated at times and is obviously pulling authority out of his ass.