The Sulphur, LA repeater (145.350 MHz)


I've been holding off letting people know that I am recording this machine as well. This machine sees much less use than the almost unused 146.730 MHz machine. This machine is mainly used to relay check ins for this club's three times weekly nets that some ham operators clobber. Of course, yours truly, your beloved Bluewaffle gets the blame hi hi! Jam away fellas! I'm here for ya! This machine has also become the home channel for three or four truckers that travel through here in the wee hours of the morning. Usually 0000  and 0600 hrs. The language used on this machine gives you the feeling you're right back on good old channel 19 on the CB. This is a good example of what happens when you drop the standards on the testing requirements and allow this garbage into our hobby. WE5D, BOF and a few more keep the partying going early mornings on this machine.

I also have a scanner locked onto and recording the 444.300 MHz machine. This machine appears to be a forgotten asset for this club. This machine has great coverage but it NEVER sees any use. I may only have a few hundred audio files from this machine and they're mainly Identifications.

In keeping with this club's policy of do as I say and not as I do...

Bluewaffle Industries and the Bluewaffle Radio Network present: 

The Sulphur Machine featuring this club's newest member!

This is KI5ESI, this club's newest member, transmitting on the Sulphur repeater between May 10th and 13th. Just before he got issued a license. Totally illegal. Also note the use of the Text to Speech App. One was used to broadcast sexual content about my daughter on the LC Machine recently.