For quality control, we record all repeater usage and directed networks.

Net conducted 9/2/2019 on 146.73 MHz

What CBers with Ham licenses sound like.

Between Ken falsely claiming there was an interfering signal on the input and Jimmy dogging the living hell out of his radio, it is OBVIOUS these guys are jamming their own nets and trying to frame me. I speak more about this on the home page.

Why W5BII's Skywarn is bogus

This is a video I shot during the many landfalls of Hurricane Harvey. When first spotted it appeared to be or was on the ground. Since I was driving, I didn't get to start videoing this until I was safely pulled over. Unlike "real" storm spotters, this ham doesn't endanger public safety in the name of public safety.

I try to report this tornado, I'm basically told to piss off

The dirty truth finally starts to leak out

Normally I would have posted a September, 2019 net here, but we all know how boring these nets are becoming right? Why post a net which consists of the same old dullards talking about the same old things, checking the status of their "emergency equipment", jamming their own net, and trying their best to pin it on yours truly while using the other repeaters to get their desired check ins?

I say we shake things up a bit. The above video WAS a tornado that was either on the ground or very damn near on the ground. It was hard for me to tell from my vantage point and my need to keep my eyes on the road as I gunned my car to get up ahead of it where I could get out and video it. After all, I am not a "professional" Skywarn certified radio packing storm spotter and the lack of flashing lights on my car probably doesn't qualify me to be an expert in this field. Also, my reflective vest was currently in my dirty clothes hamper and I was feeling especially vulnerable.

We all know how I like to sit on things for a while before I post them for the world to see. After all, I have warned these morons in this club I was recording their activities on their repeaters for almost two years before they finally made me feel the need to create this website and start making their activities public. So grab a cup of coffee or a beer, depending on the time of day it is, and read on about how a member of this club told me I wasn't allowed on the repeater when I tried to call this event in on the Lake Charles Repeater. After all, a tornado on the ground, near the ground, or just a funnel cloud heading towards Sulphur, LA is enough of an emergency where ANYONE, license or not and including me (because they don't like me) could legally transmit there. This was a bonafide EMERGENCY which W5BII deliberately ignored. They didn't even consider lives may have been endangered. All they cared about was putting an outsider in his place.

I feel the need to remind any readers out there of what this club really is and what they are trying to project themselves to be in order to try to get rid of me and my need to expose them for what they really are. This club is really a private repeater for four or five of the good old boys. However, these good old boys are smart. They open the repeater and form a large membership to pay the expenses of having a private repeater. Lately, they have been extremely welcoming to newbies, but that is only in response to me exposing these hacks for who they really are. Before I came on the scene, you paid your dues to this club and you only talked when they let you talk which was hardly ever. Any attempt to get your money's worth was met with certain members complaining the machine was being used to much for chit chat and you risked getting banned. Enter the Bluewaffle, and now they have to play nice which is killing them. Believe me, they want to see me in jail and cannot wait to go back to telling members "no chit chat on the repeater". Dream on! I'm not going to jail for responding to physical threats directed at me and my daughter on the radio. I have a long history of exposing these assholes and all this club is doing is trying to be the ones who finally put an end to me. 

The day I shot this video started like any other day. It was early and I was bored. It was also a bit too early to start drinking. Hurricane Harvey was doing its little dance on the Texas coast so I figured a little drive to Holly Beach would prove to be interesting since I have never seen the Gulf of Mexico churned up by a good sized storm. So I make the drive down to Holly Beach and realize the gulf wasn't all that impressive and It appeared I unknowingly drove into an area that was probably under a mandatory evacuation. On my way back up, on HWY 27, I spotted this massive rotating cloud with a funnel which appeared to be on the ground. Again, I'm not trained so I cannot estimate the EF rating, but everyone knows what a damn tornado looks like!

At the time, because of frequent trips to Texas to pick up or drop off my daughter, I had a mobile VHF rig temporarily installed in my car. I was well within range of the Lake Charles repeater. Even though these people have made it clear they didn't want me on their machine, this was a dangerous situation that could endanger life or limb and I was well within my legal right to key up their machine to issue a warning. The FCC has declared it legal for anyone to transmit ANYWHERE (license or not) during MAYDAY situations or situations that present the risk of loss of life or limb. This qualified. Even though there was no Skywarn net active, which is really the norm around here because they only conduct Skywarn nets when they need to try to convince assistant DA's of their pretend worth, I knew the usual five would be hawking the repeater. I key up the repeater and announce I have spotted a tornado and it appeared to moving in the direction of Sulphur, LA. NO RESPONSE. I key up again and repeat that there is a tornado, probably on the ground, moving in the direction of Sulphur, LA. This time the machine fires up, and barked out in his usual harsh voice, "You were told not to use our repeater". Now I know these guys really hate me, but to hate me to the point of rejecting any information from me that may save a life is a bit extreme. Even though I know who it was that basically told me to fuck off, I'm not going to name him because people sometimes sound like other people on these machines. I will tell you this though, simply because I love irony, he was one of the hams featured in KPLC's Hometown Hero segment not too long ago!!!

I will admit I was disgusted by the response and the total lack of concern demonstrated by a club that has been trying so hard to trick the local community into believing they are some sort public safety asset. I tossed the microphone onto the passenger seat and thought "fuck it, I hope the damn thing blows up into an EF 3 and rolls right over that motherfucker". I didn't key up anymore past that point. I was busy trying to locate a safe area where I could call 911 from that point on to report what I was seeing and where I suspected it was heading. That and trying to see how many bars my phone had was all I could do at that time since T-Mobile's coverage in Holly Beach was nil and I was concerned I still may be out of the coverage area.

Since I was now ahead of the damn thing, I pulled over by a bridge that had an area at the foot of it where I could park. There was a young couple there who had stopped to watch the show as well. I noticed the event was starting to dissipate when I had got out of my car and the young man there told me he had already reported it. That is when I stepped to the other side of the road and started filming this with the time lapse setting on my phone.

For two years I have sat on these events because I'm never in any real rush to prove assholes of being assholes. This club is full of them. Odds are, this rude operator was not the only person monitoring the repeater at the time. No one reprimanded the operator. I'm not surprised because he's one of the good old boys. I know the club members browse my site and I know, even after reading about this, they will not give a shit enough to reprimand the operator. Even though I didn't name him, they know who he is. It is likely a criminal offense to ignore a Mayday or to ignore an operator trying to relay traffic of a life threatening nature such as this. I also knew if I kept trying to transmit I would soon be getting jammed and interfered with. This would present the problem of one of their liked members possibly seeing it and him not being able to get in over their jamming frenzy.

This club is NOT here to serve this community in ANY capacity! They are like most repeater clubs in this country now days. Little cliques of good buddies trying to keep a machine up for their private use being supported by a larger outsider group of dupes willing to pay the dues. They love to tell people they're an asset to public service because most people cannot fathom any other reason people would get into this hobby otherwise. Right now this club is all about portraying themselves as local public servant heroes because they want to convince the local officials there is a justifiable need to deal with me when they cannot get the FCC to do it because of their lies to that federal entity. Well, seems like I just took a massive dump on that plan. 

DE KC5CSG aka The Bluewaffle!

 PS This just hit me! Of all of this club's attempts of trying to host a Skywarn net, I'm the only ham in this area to ACTUALLY SPOT A SIGNIFICANT WEATHER EVENT! Me! KC5CSG! No training, no reflective vest and hard hat, no flashy lights from a whacker bar on my car, no magnetic CERT or ARES signs stuck on my car doors, and no need to try to be impressive. All it took for me to do this was to BE OUTSIDE WHERE WEATHER OCCURS! Not in my living room listening to the weather radio (usually repeating what they hear on the repeater) or tooling around on the weather underground's websites and checking into a net of other people sitting in their living rooms doing the same! Holy crap! They need to catch up!


Net conducted 9/11/2019 on 146.730 MHz

Our special needs operator is at it again

In this video Ken Talkington slanders me by:

Accusing me, with no evidence beyond guessing, of interference.

Labels me a "terrorist" twice.

Tries to label a weather forecast for the weekend about an event forecasted to not hit us as EMERGENCY TRAFFIC.

I'm starting to think Kenny reaches much.

About the above net recording

The slander campaign continues

Most importantly, last night I was nowhere near a radio that could transmit. As this net was being recorded by my scanner located somewhere in my house, I was sitting on my porch at this time with one of my other scanners with the intent to try to capture more of the crowd that love cruising my house with their usual "scare tactics". 

There is a tropical event in the Caribbean that is forecasted for slight development, but most of the spaghetti models show it moving over Florida and heading north. One or two "spaghettis" show it moving into the Gulf this coming weekend, but coming nowhere near Louisiana. In fact, our weather girl stated yesterday this potential system is of no danger to us. SO!!! When some guy gets on the repeater to announce an event that is such a non-event as this and so far out, IT IS NOT EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS. Ken trying to escalate the seriousness (none really) of the jammed announcement falls in line with what these mooyacks do. After all, they actually got busted lying to the FCC about a hurricane net THEY NEVER CONDUCTED.

Again, Ken Talkington is allowed, both by the police and local club members, to slander my call by accusing me of jamming when he has no way of knowing who is jamming. He didn't track it here. He didn't have any direction finding equipment to determine it was me. The club members here are not of the caliber of operator who can work together and triangulate a location (triangulation with the type of directional antennas available to these guys are not of the type that can be accurate to a neighborhood, much less a house). He's assuming it is me and he's actually labelling me a terrorist on a media that can be easily monitored by anyone. Ken also doesn't acknowledge there are several stations jamming this net, to include interference I have recorded on the Sulphur machine. Ken announces the machine is not being interfered with for a reason even though it was being interfered with, He would have to concede it's a group of people at odds with them.

Lately, I have not been posting any recordings because I'm tiring of all this drama. I'm tired of the effort it takes to post this stuff because our Sheriff's Department's refusal tell these idiots to stop. The only reason I posted last night's net is because accusing someone of interfering with ACTUAL emergency traffic is a serious accusation. To openly accuse someone to being a terrorist, and I can't wait to use this metaphor, is no different than yelling fire in a crowded movies theater. I hear that term misused quite a bit, but hey, I can use it as well.

Ken makes it clear he's referring to me. He can't resist announcing the $18,000 dollar fine that isn't a real issue anymore thanks to their lying about the hurricane net and the fact the FCC agent neglected to mention he FOUND NO VHF RADIO TRANSMITTER in my car. He also neglected to mention he had no way of monitoring UHF DMR and had no way of knowing if I was identifying or not. He could see the transmitted signal but he had no receiver capable of DECODING the actual information modulated on that carrier. This ham club's dream of the FCC yanking my license (which they cannot with the evidence they have...NONE) is gone! They know, because of them being exposed as the liars and violent thugs they are (video proof), the FCC will not seek a forfeiture order and get the DOJ to take up the case. All these guys can do is keep up with their slander campaign and hope they can continue to manipulate local law enforcement to harass me.

Ken and Josh are busted

KC5JMJ clearly had the jammer with him.

This is what happens when you get cocky. You can clearly hear "the whistler" coming though KC5JMJ's microphone whistling into another radio in the same room with him. I guess Ken noticed this too because he made it a point to make it appear nothing was happening on 145.350 MHz. Proof of slander.

About the above audio clip

Something told me to check my Sulphur recordings

I thought it was rather odd for Ken to go out of his way to mention the Sulphur repeater was experiencing no interference. He has never done that before. Well, at least, he has never stressed it as much in the past. So, after posting the first clip of the cluster @#$! that was 146.730 MHz, I decided to looks at the recordings my other scanners make of the transmissions through the Sulphur repeater located on 145.350 Mhz. I'm so glad I did.

When you listen to the above clip you can hear the whistling behind the net control going into the net control's microphone.  That can only happen when the person trying to key over the net control is in the same room and close enough for the microphone to pick it up. Now before you scream that we may have been hearing HIS scanner playing in the background of the noise on the Lake Charles machine this recording disproves that as well. Towards the end, KC5JMJ abruptly releases the key which tells me he discovered what was being heard by anyone on this frequency. Perhaps someone texted him (Ken maybe?). Now when Josh drops the key, the other radio that was trying to get over him all of a sudden jumps into the repeater proving it was an actual transmission on that frequency being transmitted from a second radio. That second radio being located in the same room KC5JMJ was conducting net control. The fact Ken Talkington (AE5LB) tried to gloss over it means he's in on it like I have been trying to say all along. That is why I call him the smarmy little shitweasle. 

Josh is a young man and probably very easily impressionable and/or easily manipulated. These young men that get into this hobby lately seem to have all the same self esteem issues teen age girls suffered when my generation was young. They are eager to please people who hold all the clout on the repeaters around here. I'm pretty sure Ken Talkington convinced him he would be doing a service trying to frame me or maybe he promised unlimited talk time when they frame me to the point of having me in jail and the repeater goes back to the "old ways". 

Either way, I'm disgusted. I'm disgusted because these young guys know that the elders in this club are acting like criminal thugs, but they want to be part of a club so bad they're willing to go along with their plans. I'm even more disgusted they made it SO DAMN EASY FOR ME TO FIND THIS. Amateur radio operators are supposed to be technically superior to CB operators and this club has shattered that perception completely. They want to blame me for ruining their reputation in response to their two year long slander campaign against me even though the blame truly lies with them and this recording proves this.

Just for that, I think I'm going to have myself an early beer.

DE KC5CSG aka Bluewaffle of the Bluewaffle Radio Network.

Net conducted 9/20/2019 on 146.730 MHz.

Some seriously delusional pricks

This entire net took place on one of my radios in front of my neighbor and me. Again, I have a witness as to what I was doing as all of this "interference" took place. I thought posting the recording proving it was Josh and one of his buddies jamming the last time would be enough. I guess they figure they lick enough cop and fireman ass and it will be enough for a jury to side with them. See below. I feel like writing a bit on tonight's net!

About the above recorded net

Just like CBers, this gang is territorial

First of all, I took some advice before this net started. I went across the street and asked my neighbor to monitor this net with me as it progressed. I can assure you the only thing he monitored were a bunch of thugs doing their best to jam their own net and blame it on me. My radio was sitting on the hood of his car, and I was about 10 feet away from it with my hands in my pockets. The only time they came out was to fire up a cigarette and the occasional mosquito swat. He thought the "your mamma" remarks were about as funny as I thought they were. He's also agreed to go to court with me to testify to the two times he's witnessed this club in action. The first time was when the morons were parking on an adjacent road and jamming the repeater trying to make it appear the signals were coming from my house. Basically an old CB trick.

Just because they say it's me doing it, it doesn't mean it's me doing it. They have no proof. They are just assuming it is me. They cannot claim to be triangulating one me because, even with the tightest directional antennas, it's not accurate enough. Driving by with a video camera on your radio with the antenna taken off showing the signal isn't proof. Again, any car parked near my house transmitting would show up on that, or any person in the back seat of the car or the bed of the truck with a hand held radio transmitting would show up. Again, old tricks. My witness testifying will actually count in court. 

Just because this club designates a amateur radio frequency to be their "EMCOM" frequency (I want to spit just typing this, what a joke) it doesn't mean THEY OWN THE FREQUENCY. N0MSW makes mention of interference on that frequency at the beginning and towards the end of the net. Well, I happen to record that frequency as well. There was traffic on that frequency and it was a digital mode they apparently can't decode. My scanner can't decode it either but it wasn't me, and after listening to it, it sounded as though it may have been a legitimate conversation. THE FREQUENCY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE WHO GET THERE FIRST AND ARE CURRENTLY USING IT. Just because licensed hams are using the frequency (which belongs equally to them) it doesn't mean it's interference. With all of the available space, all Jimmy Miller had to do was announce another frequency to go to. He knows this and he didn't do it. It was probably one of them transmitting and they're probably going to try to convince the DA I was interfering with an official "EMCOM" net LOL!!! Good luck with that assholes. Act like hams and stop trying to dictate to other hams how and where they operate (just in case it wasn't them jamming their own net). Again, as this took place, I was talking to my neighbor while we both monitored this very special olympics.

Also, what hell is supposed to be visited upon me? Part of this was obscured by the interfering signal as my scanner succumbs to the jamming as well sometimes. Especially when they're close to me. Ken was talking about how I was about to pay the piper and mentioned something about my drinking. Funny, he's never met me and defamation seems to be his specialty. Jimmy Miller then mentions something about hell coming my way. Is that a threat? Seems like it. Leaving it vague implies I should be fearful right? Well I'm only half assed concerned simply because I've seen their hell. It usually involves sneaking into my backyard trying to damage my antenna system, jumping around and screaming in the street in front of my house, sending me text messages about how they're going to "get" my brother and sister-in-law, and playing robotic recordings on how they're going to sexually violate my daughter. Oh, I want to add that there was a deputy on the air as this little threat was passed out on the repeater and he sure didn't do his due diligence to discourage this behavior. 

Here is really what is going to hurt this club in court. They can scream "it's only certain members and associates harassing him Mr. DA man" all they like. In the years of recordings I have on this club, you will never hear one recording of ANY OF THEM to include the LAW ENFORCEMENT officers keying up that repeater and saying "hey! I know we disagree with the guy but some of this stuff you are doing is wrong and it needs to stop". You want to know why you wont hear this? Because they all agree with it and are happy it's happening to me. They're part of it. Certain members of this club are encouraging it. They don't want this behavior to stop. They agree my daughter, my family, and I deserve all of the harassment and threats simply because I dared to tell young hams around here to avoid that club. That's my crime. I actually told hams to stop giving these morons the money they need that perpetuates this stagnant club that is going nowhere. 

More on the welfare mentality of this club. Towards the end they have a conversation about their D-STAR repeater needing an internet connection and there is much discussion as to how to get someone, to include an ISP, to DONATE internet access to the repeater. Are you fucking kidding me? With all of the due money you collect yearly, PAY FOR A DAMN INTERNET CONNECTION YOU WELFARE RECIPIENT MOOCHERS! How cheap do you have to be to not be able to supply a 1 Mbps tunnel to that repeater? For digital voice that is about all you need. 2 Mbps tops. That's about $15 or $20 a month! Don't worry, if an ISP does "donate" a connection to them I'll send them a link to this website and ask them to review this club's worthiness to receive such generosity.

Now it's time for the GRAND FINALE (and an added audio clip below. Don't worry, there is no extra charge). There seems to be a large group of hams in this area who really do not know a whole lot about radios, radio theory, antenna theory (tired of hearing new hams asking for the formula for a dipole which all hams should know because IT'S ON THE DAMN TEST), basic electronics theory, band plans, etc,. Most of them cannot program a simple VHF/UHF radio which come with pretty detailed user manuals. Most of this group appear to be police officers, police associates, cop groupies, firemen, and firemen groupies whos intent appears to have a license should they want to or need to use amateur radio allocations for tactical use while on the job. VERY ILLEGAL considering Part 97 is very clear in stating it is ILLEGAL to use amateur radio to assist in any activity in which you have a pecuniary interest. The last time I looked, YOUR JOB IS A PECUNIARY INTEREST. Now the groupies can use it when in Junior Deputy and Fireman Explorer mode pretending to be first responders since they're not getting paid doing it. Police and Firemen using amateur radio to aid in their job? Well, ILLEGAL! This is also a test question.

Now, because I have been noting this, I believe these guys could not have possibly passed a test to gain a license. This has me suspecting the integrity of these local Volunteer Examiners (VE from this point on). Test sessions are supposed to be FORMAL and you're supposed to be PENALIZED for wrong answers. That's how an undeserving person FAILS a test and you keep the ignorant off our frequencies. 

Well, I got my socks knocked off of me by a remark Ken Talkington (AE5LB) made during the last net. There seems to be two firemen wanting to test for their ham license and Jimmy Miller (N0MSW) was asking Ken about arranging a test session for them. During this little exchange I have Ken Talkington clearly stating that the VEs will NOT penalize them for wrong answers. He also states the sessions are INFORMAL. He did this over the repeater! I have long suspected that this club kisses cop and fireman ass to the point that they pass these guys even though they obviously fail the tests. Now I have it recorded. Thanks Ken! 

What did I do with this recording before posting it for your enjoyment? Well, I'm a good little ham. I reported it the the FCC and attached the audio file to it. Today, I actually got a response back informing me it has been forwarded to the Enforcement Bureau. Now we all know how the FCC and the ARRL resolves issues of corrupt VEs eh? They can either cancel every license that resulted from every test these VEs conducted forcing them to retest with other VEs or they can randomly select certain hams to take the test over again to see if they're actually knowledgeable. Enough of them fail and they may CANCEL EVERY LICENSED ISSUED FROM THIS CLUB'S VE SESSIONS. Better study up fellows! Don't get mad at me. Get mad at Ken with his big mouth and cocky attitude. The audio clip will be posted below. Again, I back EVERY ACCUSATION I MAKE WITH EVIDENCE. 


Corrupt VE activities?

Inquiring minds want to know!

This is Ken Talkington (AE5LB) admitting the VEs in this area do not penalize for wrong answers during their VE test sessions for certain people. I have reported this little revelation to the FCC.

Net conducted 9/23/2019 on 146.730 MHz.

Ah those wacky hams at it again

Again, vague accusations it's me doing this with no proof.

Again, seems odd the last person I busted jamming the repeater didn't check in. I guess he was told to jam and not talk to keep me from busting him again.  After the net Jimmy claims this was OVERWHELMING interference. 

About the above clip

Actually, tonight was humorous!

Pathetic really. If you listen to the entire clip, the music being played does not block one person from getting into the repeater. It's more of a nuisance between communications really which is what these guys want. They want to be able to conduct their net yet make it appear as though they're getting interfered with. Again, Ken (very vaguely this time) hints it's me. I think he was told to tone his accusations with no proof down. We all know who he's blaming though WITH NO PROOF and just an assumption.

The "offending" signal is definitely not OVERWHELMING interference as Jimmy described it to the person I THINK IS THE JAMMER. You'll notice KC5JMJ never checks in. The last time he was on the air and jamming at the same time (with help) I got a recording that proves it was him. It's funny that AFTER the net he gets on, has a signal about as strong as the signal playing music, and he's on the road (probably driving back from where he was parked by the repeater).

You see? I can assume who it is as well. However, I have a recording proving KC5JMJ and Ken were jamming a net a few weeks ago and blaming it on me. Keep it up guys! 

NOTE! This club is in a pickle now. KC5JMJ will be leaving for a week. So there is either going to be NO JAMMING during that time or Ken will have to assign another person that task. We'll see!

ANOTHER NOTE! I didn't catch this the first time I listened to this recording, but about a quarter of the way through the recording KE5TUC  (James Davant) gets on and says "I key up every time he keys up" then advises everyone just keep going. Well that's pretty CBish of him. HE'S ADDING TO THE JAMMING by doing that. So he's a second jammer and he's admitting it! You see how stupid these guys are? Man, you cannot make this crap up!