For quality control, we record all repeater usage and directed networks.

Recorded Nets

For anyone bored enough to want to listen

The following nets most likely contain nothing interesting and are mundane in nature. I'm just posting them to keep the site active, provide a service to anyone actually wanting to hear what they sound like on the repeater, and to remind the SWLARC that I'm always monitoring, always listening, always recording, and always holding them accountable for their conduct on the air via their repeaters.

UPDATE! For a while I had the need to limit the amount of audio I post on this website. Fortunately for all of you guys, this is no longer the case. As a public service to all of the local hams (A gift from me) I have paid for the resources needed to post UNLIMITED audio. From this point on, all nets conducted on the 146.730 MHz machine, the 145.350 MHz machine, and 444.300 MHz machine will be posted within a reasonable time. The reason for this is the same as mentioned above. To offer a service to local hams to monitor the quality of their transmissions from their radios through the repeaters and to remind certain criminal elements in this club that the machines are being monitored, recorded, and scrutinized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365.25 days a year. As always, the timestamped individual files that I use to compose the posted mpegs are available to anyone interested (free of charge) upon request. The first of these nets will begin after the video below of the threats against my daughter.

Please enjoy this generous gift from me to all of you, my fans, my friends, and my enemies. 

"Victims" in this club sexually harassing my 12 year old

The so called "victims" in this club threatening to have sex with my 12 year old daughter. The scum in this club have no boundaries and it is proven by the fact this was transmitted in the middle of a conversation between 6 or 7 members (probably by one of them) and it was not reported.

About the above recorded threats

The members of this group are bonafide scum

As usual, I came across these recordings a day AFTER they were intercepted from the repeater. Hell, maybe two days later. I am pretty busy now days so actually screening what I capture has become a real task.

First of all, this is a group of people who are claiming to be victims. I have never seen a group of victims that are capable of airing such vile threats against a person simply because she's related to me. This is a 12 year old girl. This behavior is totally unacceptable and should be downright illegal. This is a juvenile female that is being sexually threatened publically on an open forum. This repeater club has ways of shutting that repeater down, yet they allow this to be broadcast and they make no attempt to notify law enforcement when they hear it. This means, they condone it. I will also send an email to the Hertz Investment Group. I will ask them to shut this repeater down because it is endangering my 12 year old daughter and I will hold them just as liable as this amateur radio club should something unfortunate befall her. If their actions in the past are any indicator they will probably do absolutely nothing.

I mentioned 6 operators that were on the repeater around the time of these broadcast threats. You will not hear them in this video because I really do need to reduce the size of what I post here. I can email the entire day's recording to anyone upon request, and I have handed over the entire day's recording to a detective from the CPSO and I have also sent the entire unedited recording to the FCC as well. The following are the operators who were on at the time and did nothing:

AE5LB Ken Talkington

N0MSW Jimmy Miller





I don't know what the law is in Louisiana, but in some states it is illegal to witness any behavior that places a minor in danger and NOT REPORT IT. In Texas they hold these people just as accountable as the people who perpetrate the crime. The Hertz Investment Group needs to remove the tool these people use to terrorize my family. The CPSO and the Sulphur PD need to get up off their ass and hold these people accountable. The FCC needs to abolish this club's call and the ARRL needs to formally distance themselves from this group by formally not recognizing this group as an affiliated club.

UPDATE Now that I have unlimited space for audio files I will upload the entire time frame the above events happened. That way you will not have to take my word for who was actually talking on the repeater when these abhorrent threats were made.

Net Conducted 3/24/2017 146.730 MHz

Accusing me with no proof is slander. Done on the radio makes it cyberstalking! What's good for the goose is good for the gander Mr. DA. Do your job fairly. This is not me interfering and they have absolutely NO PROOF other than guessing.

Net Conducted 5/31/2019 146.730 MHz

Net Control Jimmy Miller, N0MSW. Five minutes into the official start of this net Jimmy admits "the subject is forbidden" on the repeater. In reality, they're worried about giving me more ammo to post on them. 

Blueline Net 8/3/2017 146.730 MHz

Either VHF DMR which is an mode I've never had or pager tower. You can hear both Ken Talkingtone and AJ Powell trying their best to make it appear it is me. In all seriousness this sounds a lot like a pager tower getting into the repeater but these guys never let a good disaster go to waste.

Net conducted 8/4/2017 146.730 MHz

This time, without proof and just guessing, Ken Talkington broadcasts my location over the repeater. Again, this is not me doing the interference. This is the dog whistle that will soon bring people to drive to my house to harass my daughter and me.

Net conducted 8/9/2019 146.730 MHz

Again, this is not me but I sure miss this guy. They like to scream interference but he's not really interfering. All of the stations are getting over him. He's weak and distant and EXTREMELY annoying. He's also using equipment I would never waste money on.

Blueline net conducted 8/10/2017 146.730 MHz

These batshit crazy fuckers accuse me of interference even though there is ABSOLUTELY NO INTERFERENCE LOL!!! Then one makes the insinuation I shouldn't get help from the police should I ever need it. Wow!

Net Conducted 8/18/2017 146.730 MHz.

  • Normal net. Just posted to remind them I HAVE IT ALL RECORDED
  • Also included some traffic from a few hours before between Romeo (Jimmy) and Juliet (AJ)
  • Jimmy sure has an attachment to those young hams. 
  • The aggitater is not me but the cornhole reference was inspired by me. Thanks guy!
  • Watch your cornhole

Net conducted 6/3/2019 by the SWLARC

Just plain pathetic. Our heros!

A net control that doesn't realize he's got the tone burst feature on thus activating the DTMF mask at the beginning of all his transmissions.

A net control who can't copy to save his life.

A moron with a roger beep.

Breaker One Nine Good Buddy!

Net conducted 6/7/2019 146.730 MHz

Net Control is Jimmy Miller, N0MSW. These guys are taking offense to me accusing them of not being a real service to the community. I love how he describes his police cloned vehicle as a HURRICANE EVACUATION REENTRY VEHICLE. At least it's not "The Penetrator"

Net conducted 6/10/2019 143.730 MHz

  • Apparently someone else doesn't like AJ Powell
  • Guy clucking like chicken to music
  • Al still doesn't realize he's got his tone burst feature turned on.
  • What happens when you lower the standards apparent when you consider no one else has figured this out as well.
  • Reminds me of channel 19. Breaker breaker!

Net conducted 6/14/2019 146.730 MHz

A very nice net. Although, Jimmy Miller still loves the sound of his own voice. He causes the longest double I've ever heard. Sorry I haven't posted the last net but there was music in the background of one recording so I can't post it. I will not post edited content either. Available upon request.

Net conducted 6/17/2019 146.730 MHz

3 People, 2 who should know better, not identifying properly:

KF5VYY "Fred" Didn't ID at all when called

KA5SUR "Lucky" failure to ID at end of transmission

KC5JMJ "Josh" failure to ID at end of transmission

Can someone turn that net controls tone burst off for him? Three weeks now!

Sent to FCC

Net conducted 6/19/2019 145.350 MHz Sulphur repeater

The club is getting crafty!

They think by playing music from a low powered source they'd stop me from posting out of copyright infringement fears. They're right. As long as they're so desperate to do this I will not post. Again, I RECORD ALL THE REPEATERS rocket scientists HAHAHA!!! Going to play music on all of them?

Net conducted 6/21/2019 146.730 MHz

Where do the membership fees for this club go?

Two years in a row now this club piggybacks their field day on the Sulphur club's field day. What are the membership fees being used for in this club? Oh, AE5LB, 12 Eastern is 11 Central. NOT 10 central. I'm laughing at your superior intellect. 

Net conducted 6/24/2019 146.730 MHz

The gift that keeps giving

The following didn't identify correctly at the end of their communications:




Let's brush up on that protocol folks!

Mock Homeland Security evacuation drill needing actors. Break out those reflective vests and polish those hard hats. Strike a hamsexy pose!

Net conducted 6/26/2019 146.730 MHz

The Democrat debate was actually more interesting

The elderly majority of this club makes a good point during this net. You can actually HEAR death approaching. These are the people who will be out there saving our ass when the shit hits the fan? "You may secure your station" HAHAHA!!! Anything to SOUND official I guess.

Net conducted 6/28/2019

GARS should mean Geritol Amateur Radio Society

The age of the majority of this group and their set ways are the reason this hobby is dying. Notice how the check ins are starting to dwindle? Only a matter of time before this club folds. This should piss off every American. These frequencies can be put to much more productive use!