The difference between them (Members of this club) and me

Keeping it in perspective

I'll be the first to admit that this entire war between this club of thugs and me is, well, stupid. I do not let it get the emotional better of me. After all, I'm a guy. I keep things in perspective. Voices on the radio really do not mean a lot to me if the content is kept strictly aimed at me and it's just words. I have heard threats thrown at me ranging from burning down my house to having an armed mob appear at my house to pull me out of my home and finally be rid of me.

I never contemplate or plan ways I can destroy their lives. This club of thugs, on the other hand, has tried, on many occasions to destroy my life. Repeated complaints to the FCC about me even though they violate many parts of Part 97 as well. Filing embellished and distorted reports to the FBI. Repeatedly trying to involve the Marshal's office and the CPSO. For what? Basically telling them to fuck off when  they engage me on the radio and continuing to discourage amateur operators from joining their club. I have a feeling I could bang one of their wives and they would be less offended than me making fun of their club. Not saying I would sleep with one of their wives. These guys are not babe magnets.

Whatever gripe I have against them I keep to them. They, on the other hand, resort to "going after the family". This ranges from passive/aggressive threats like KI5EE sending my sister-in-law freind requests on her social media accounts. She doesn't know any of these people and my brother definitely doesn't want anything to do with them. A passive/aggressive action to send a message to me to suggest "Hey, we can go after your family members". Ranging to all out threats of causing harm to my daughter. Threats of rape, threats of abduction have been outright broadcasted on the repeater. Of course, no callsign given. Always whispered or in falsetto. Now, of course, this is when I HAVE to report to law enforcement.

I do not launch terror campaigns against people I disagree with. Again, unlike our club of thugs, I keep things in perspective. So, I'm not going anywhere. I will always be here with this website to encourage new hams in the area to avoid involvement with this club. Also, to be constant reminder of this club's bad behavior. 

I had chuckle a bit last night. Something must have happened because, for the first time in years, this club was on the repeater conducting a net and the usual framing attempt to portray me as a jammer was absent. I could almost sense depression in the net control's voice as if he was about to embark on a future rough patch in his life. Maybe it was the knowledge that I'm usually recording them and they just couldn't say what they wanted to say now.

Things will be getting more interesting in the future though. Because I'm interested in upgrading to an Extra Class license. These are the VE's that are required, by FCC regulation, to test me. I'll have the video camera running because I know they'll refuse to do it and I'll have the last laugh when the FCC strips them of their VE credentials. Of course my fellow waffles can view it first here at!

God bless America!