Jimmy "The Creep" Miller

Just a quick glance a this man's Facebook page will speak volumes about him. He's got 300 + friends and they're mostly those nigerian men pretending to be hot american women. Something tells me the FBI would have a field day if they ever tore through his computer.

I met this guy once when I was helping the club (Yes! We were once on friendly terms) set up for their field day in 2016. He drove to the field site with a cat in his car and was pretty much useless because he spent most of his time chasing his cat around the field site. Don't get me wrong, I do love cats, but I think it's strange this man drives around town with one loose in his vehicle.

He does have a very nice ride and the radio set up in his vehicle is top notch. The red light on his dash kind of made me cock an eyebrow when I was checking it out up close and he just laughed about it and said he has used it on occasion to get through red lights. I guess my expression made him regret telling me that (I didn't think it was funny) and he added he only blasted red lights when he is storm chasing. I want to make it clear that Jimmy is not a cop. He's a radio technician that works for some communications company located in College Station, Texas. In Louisiana, sticking red lights like the one he has on his vehicle is illegal unless you are in law enforcement or some other emergency service that justifies it. He's not a volunteer fireman, he's not an EMT, he's not even an Auxiliary Deputy which is a position almost anyone around here can get it seems.

I want to add that this guy is NOT a storm chaser. He's one of those Skywarn guys whose idea of storm chasing is sitting in his radio shack staring at his weather underground account's radar and reporting what he thinks are "hooks" to other hams repeating what they hear on their weather radios. Lake Charles does not have a real Skywarn established.

The reason I call this guy "The Creep" or "The Perv" is because he's really friendly with the young men that just enter the hobby. He's always trying to them to go over to his house and he's usually the one that answers back to them when they dare to make a call (defying Lucky and Aris' no "chit chat" policy) on the repeater. Now I'm not talking about normal elmer type activity. For instance, there was a young ham that constantly got Jimmy's attention on the radio. This guy could key his radio and I swear Jimmy must have been running to get to his radio. One day the kid put out a call and Jimmy, as usual, told him in a very creepy voice "I've been thinking about you all day today". Even the kid was creeped out by this going by how long it took for him to give a response to Jimmy's statement. As usual, the kid stopped talking on the radio. Another young ham ran off by the bad behavior of older hams.

Now, to be fair, Jimmy may be sort of the creepy uncle of our community over here but it pales in comparison to another ham who offered another young man a homemade J-Pole antenna in exchange for some man love. Of course, all I have is the young man's word and because of that I'm not going to go into any details because it's still just an allegation. I only report what I personally witness. 

It does appear as if this club does have a few members that have a problem keeping their "member" to themselves.

Jimmy has also been spotted driving up and down my street during net times and I have a video of that as well so as soon as I can find the damn thing I'll post it. For now Jimmy can rejoice in the fact the Bluewaffle is pretty unorganized.

See N0MSW's FCC License Here!

The face of a deviant. You expect to see this face on the news following an Amber Alert.

The face of a deviant. You expect to see this face on the news following an Amber Alert.

The Rape Wagon


How this man can drive around this area in this vehicle without a cop noticing that red light on his dash is beyond me, but here it is my fellow waffles! A picture speaks a thousand words.

Like I noted earlier, it's a fine ride and quite a sight to behold parked at a hamfest or field day site. This thing lighting your wife or your daughter up at night would probably cause them to pull over and "negotiate" with the fake off duty cop and the fake ticket he proposes. I'm not saying he does this but, going by my impression of him during his interactions with the young men around here, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he got busted doing this.

!!!NOTE!!! I am not saying he does this!

You can judge for yourself! I will say that I have showed this picture to several of my past female acquaintances to warn them of this vehicle's existence and their need to not pull over for it if it should one day make an appearance behind them. I will definitely show my daughter this picture when she starts to drive.

Jimmy Miller! One creeeeeeepy character!