Incompetence at its finest!

W5BII hailed as hometown heroes

I guess the first thing we need to establish is what the word "hero" means. I say this because, since 9/11, the label "hero" has been assigned to just about anyone who chooses to wear a uniform. 

Firefighter? Hero.

Police Officer? Hero.

EMT? Hero.

Reporter who bites it? Hero.

Gay cook with a show who commits suicide? Hero.

Soldier? Hero.

Teacher? Hero.

Parents raising a boy as a girl? Hero.

Trouble making citizen pushing a liberal agenda? Hero.

Opinionated liberal Station Manager? Hero.

Men who take it up the butt and women who munch carpet and tongue mop hardwood floors? Hero.

The list can go on for quite a while it seems.

America seems to have the need to hero worship. That need is so great we tend to create heroes where/when no heroes exist. Let us see what google turns up if we search for a definition for the word hero. Sorry, I'm not going to go buy a dictionary just to write an article people. defines hero as a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character. There are several other definitions there but they all seem to relay the same meaning. Unless you count the one definition where it describes a sandwich. Keep that in mind though!

KPLC ran a news story on this group of idiots I have been exposing for the last few years for being nothing more than a gang of thugs with radios and friends in the police departments (as most cop groupies do). In that news story they portrayed this local group of morons as heroes. Why? Because, have the toilet paper ready, the claim that when all of the communications systems fail they're here and ready to step in and save the world with their radios. They had old "Lucky" on the boob tube talking about how the cell phone system was overloaded during the Oklahoma City bombing and hams were needed to get messages of "I'm okay, I'm not dead" to loved ones around the world. Not trying to detract from ham radios last glory day moment, but come on people, in the mid 1990's to early 2000's the cellphone system was still in the midst of its growing pains! 

I was in the 2001 Nisqually earthquake (Magnitude 6.8 and an intensity rating of 8 or severe) and the cellphone system was hailed for NOT GOING DOWN OR BEING TOO BUSY. We, who are in the know, realize most hams do not even have backup power supplies for their stations. Most do not even have HF rigs. In fact, most hams have a station on a belt or what we call Handie Talkies or Walkie Talkies. Hell, most even do not have SPARE BATTERIES for their nifty HTs. So when/if the shit hits the fan many of these so called heroes are going to be like most citizens today. Out of power, their antenna structures damaged, half a charge on their HT and definitely not contributing to the welfare of the community like KPLC would have you think. I've heard calls for help on the repeater before with no response from these local hams. Why? Because, like most people, these hams have families and work. Being a hero is being willing to answer a call for help even when you're tired, have enough time for 5 hours of sleep before your next shift and willing to tell your wife "Hey! You'll get yours when I get back but for now I need to help this person". You think hams are going to abandon their families in a crisis to help the community and neglect their families? Not likely. Of course, most of the hams around here are nothing more than CBers that took a practice test (which happens to be the exact tests you take in real life and multiple choice) on until they pass it consistently and then go test while the memory is still fresh on their minds. Yeah, real heroes. They perpetuate a fraud and abuse the system just to get licensed in the first place and you think these are the noble people who will rise above it all to help the community? These people are trash. This hobby is no longer the ultimate in an intelligent men's hobby. It has become a licensed Citizen's Band. You got it good buddy? 

Now I have contacted KPLC, in the past, and offered to show them the videos and let them copy the audio files I have obtained on this club. I have described to KPLC how you have a group of police officers that are intermingled with these thugs. You would figure KPLC would like to investigate the story at least. NO! Because I refused to stand in front of their camera they refused to cover the story. Makes you wonder how newspapers work since most of what they cover isn't on video. Even when I told them my only advantage is most of these people do not know what I look like (making it possible to walk around in public without looking over my shoulder) is my only advantage.  No interest on their part.

Now it's about a year later and they're doing a news story about how "noble" and "heroic" these fat licensed CBers are. So, yours truly (me) realizes "Hey! I have the videos posted on my website!".  I email KPLC immediately with a link to this website thinking when they see the very guys they were hero worshipping are the guys participating in criminal activity they would, at least, email me back to answer my claim. NOTHING!

Back to hero. As a retired soldier who has been deployed to a combat theater I have never presumed to consider myself a hero. Most of my buddies that have served alongside me are uncomfortable with that term when it is tossed our way. We know too many TRUE heroes. The ones who lost their lives and didn't return home with us. We know that just because you put on a uniform and do a job that isn't the definition of hero. Most cops put on a uniform and do a job. I do not consider cops heroes because years ago the law enforcement community accepted a Supreme Court ruling that law enforcement is NOT OBLIGATED to protect the very public they are supposed to be serving. This was to prevent lawsuits from people who wanted to hold the police liable for the murders, rapes, or theft of their loved ones or property. In other words, they covered their ass. These are not heroes. I am not saying that none of them are either. The police officer that does run into the fire with no regard for his/her safety is. Since most police officers will gun down a kid 20 feet away holding a plastic butter knife for fear of their safety, NOT HEROES. The cop that walks unarmed into a hostage situation to negotiate is the hero. Not too many of them of them around these days folks.

So I'm sorry when the ham, even if he is passing needed traffic, sitting in the safety of a tent or other structure with a cup of coffee chatting into a microphone isn't a hero. He may be appreciated. He may even be needed but he is not a hero. Were we lucky to have him around? Maybe, but sorry there isn't any hero status there. Hero is like the word "racist" now days. It is becoming so overused it no longer provokes any emotion when it is used. We hear the word used and we think "yadda yadda" and go about our business. So my apologies to the local community but you have no reliable news source in KPLC. They paint the picture THEY want you to see just like CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC. They do not represent reality. They felt they needed a feel good fluff piece and betted on a local group of old farts that have proven to be meaner than anything you'll run across late night in the worst neighborhoods. They assumed since they're old and they represent a hobby that was once an intelligent man's hobby it was a sure bet. They betted wrong. My videos of these club members in action prove that. Remember when I told you to keep the sandwich meaning in mind? Going by the width of most of the back sides of these hams, the only heroes around here are being consumed before the wrapper hits the floor.

So KPLC, I tip a 10 AM beer to you. You take the cake. Good work!