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Must See TV!!! Better than Star Trek

Part One of the video of Barry "The Reverend" McCall coming to my house to harass us. Part Two coming soon! Don't worry, most of the interesting stuff happens in this part.

Barry L McCall (KF5SYN)

My favorite Ham! Barry "The Reverend" McCall

On March 11, 2019 Barry L. McCall died, tragically, while working on a radio tower. I got all the details by monitoring my day's recordings provided by Ken Talkington (AE5LB). I will admit my hatred for Barry for what he has done to me and my daughter but I am also aware that there is a family and circle of friends that love Barry and will forever have to deal with the vacuum left by his passing. From this point on, I will no longer post my thoughts about Barry McCall. I have received an email from one of Barry's friends asking that I remove all of the content I have posted about Barry.

As you can see, I removed everything I have written about Barry, but I will keep the video posted. Not out of spite or to promote misery. This club is actively doing their best to harass me through law enforcement and I honestly feel the need to keep this video up as it's proof that this club is actively engaging in a terror campaign aimed at my family and me.

Even though I am not a Christian, I do share some Christian values. I forgive Barry for what he has done to me and my daughter. I look forward to the day this club allows me to drop my guard enough to where I will feel comfortable to delete this video (and possibly the entire site) and send it to the archives to collect dust.

Rest in peace Barry McCall 

Barry "The Reverend" condemning my soul to hell in front of my house. I'm going to die soon as well!
Barry "The Reverend" condemning my soul to hell in front of my house. I'm going to die soon as well!

SWLARC's official response to sending KF5SYN to my house.

This club rejoiced over me being harassed

This audio clip was recorded the night of Barry McCall coming to my home to harass me. Let me make it clear that my brother and I were legally engaging in a conversation SIMPLEX on the repeater's output. I know this ticks off some repeater owners, but I challenge you to use Part 97 to prove me wrong.

These are the older "Elmers" of the club keying over us, hurling insults, and rejoicing over the fact someone coerced Barry McCall to come to my house to harass my daughter and me. 

Pay very close attention towards the end. You'll hear a guy transmitting insults to me using a text to voice application which sounds like the one transmitting sexual threats directed towards my daughter. I listen a lot and I can tell who is who going by the amount of static and white noise in the transmission. It sure sounds like it may be coming from AJ Powell's radio. The fact the last recording addresses my alleged drinking problem really hints of AJ. I've heard him on the repeater several times trying to describe me as an alcoholic. He also thinks of himself as a computer guru and loves mixing computers with radio. Also found the video I took of AJ Powell using my callsign and radio ID on the DMR repeater. I'll post that after I use it in court. I'll bet AJ didn't remember he did that. Neither did I until I found the video! Again, way to represent the Sulphur Police Department AJ! 

Oh! I have to warn you I let the F bomb slip a few times. Yes, I was totally plastered and was surprised I could remember how to operate the radio. Sorry! Also, since my scanner was scanning between two repeaters but only recording on one at the time, some of the threats went unrecorded when the other repeater locked my scanner up. After all, I was drunk! 

Threat to rape my 12 year old daughter on the repeater

Do not play with children near. Explicit content!

I have posted this here immediately after the above so you can see for yourselves the guy using the text to speech app escalating his threats specifically targeting my daughter. Clearly intended to provoke a violent response from me. Each time I hear this I get nauseated. This clearly demonstrates these guys have no moral compass. 

Note that this was during a conversation between several members and not a single one of them keyed up afterwards and condemned the behavior. Since I only noticed this threat a few days later by listening to the recordings, this threat against my minor daughter went unreported to the Sheriff's Department during that time. 

Clearly not me transmitting the "tones" like Ken is trying to convince people of, the person transmitting this is obviously barely into the repeater. Meaning a weak radio or barely within range of the repeater or both! AJ Powell's station comes to mind considering his usual difficulty getting into the repeaer from his home. You also have the two kids in Sulphur who's radios sound like this who are Josh Johnson and Chris Higginbotham.

The DA refuses to investigate and prosecute this. Also, Officer AJ Powell is privy to all of this, knows it is going on, and seems to condone it regardless of being a police officer. He still openly associates with these terrorists considering I have a recording of him checking into this club's net last night (11/6/2019).