KF5BYY (Frederick "Deputy Dent" Dent)

I do not take lies lightly

Well boys and girls, it is time to add one more asshole to the roster. One Frederick Dent (KF5BYY). This guy proves many things I have always suspected about the CPSO. 

I started out the night looking to show a comparison between how that Blueline dork, Charlie, opened the net then and how he opens the net now. So I looked at the calendar, picked a random Thursday night date which turns out to be 24 August 2017. Which is about the height I was receiving harassment from the Blueline Club in conjunction with the W5BII Club. This is also around the time their members were driving to my house, harassing me or conducting so called unauthorized surveillance on my home. 

First off, I am not a liar. When I say I have recordings spanning all the way back to 2017, I mean to say I have recordings spanning all the way back to that time. Of course there are gaps because my scanner does have a habit of messing up SD cards for some reason and those gaps represent the time it usually took for me to go get a new one. I have about 10 Gigabytes of recordings of these idiots spanning all these years and you can bet your ass they will be coming with me should I have to stand in front of a judge. 

Second, do not mistake my laziness for stupidity. I am not too dumb to go through all of these recordings, I am just too damn lazy to do it. Don't worry. When I submit them, the prosecutor and defense attorneys will have to go through them and sort it. Every damn thing these so called police officers have told me and my responses will be known.

Last, but not least. As usual, I have a recording to back me up. The recording provided below this section is of a Blueline Amateur Radio Club Net starting roughly at 1900 hrs and ending approximately 1912 hrs. Here's my take on it:

  • Deputy Dent not only identifies as "Deputy Dent" but he he adds "of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department" proving that these people enjoy portraying the illusion they can take over a civilian repeater and amateur radio frequency in the name of their law enforcement agency. Proving they love to badge flash and yes, even go as far as threaten law enforcement action against anyone who dares scoff at them. If they told certain people in the CPSO they haven't done this, well, here's proof they're lying.
  • Added bonus. Cyndi Lohnes talks enough in this net to PROVE it was indeed her that told me she'll shoot my "motherfucking ass" during another conversation she was having on air. So, I'll be modifying her entry to reflect that.
  • Proof you have police officers either lying to the investigating detective about all of this or a detective is lying to me. 
  • Another added bonus. AJ Powell, who was KC5UHD at the time, identifies as "Sergeant Powell Sulphur PD." proving he is a badge flasher as well, tried to use his position to intimidate me and is very much a member of this same group of jerks that have been harassing me all of this time. Later in the conversation he announces he's currently on duty and working "several accidents". This may be a harmless communication but he IS putting Sulphur Police Department official business out on a civilian repeater. Very unprofessional and doesn't reflect well on the SPD.

I would also like to add that this KF5BYY is the same Deputy that told me on the air that if I should ever have the need to call the police I would get no help. This is now appearing to be a valid threat because it seems I'm not getting any help with the harassment (by them or through law enforcement). I have been threatened on the air. I have had threats aimed at my daughter. I have had members of this club physically drive to my house to harass and stalk me.  I have had to deal with two false reports to the FBI because of these club members and their affiliates. I have even had my cell phone bombed with threats and NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT. So, I guess KF5BYY was right. I'll get no help from them. That's okay. I'm aware of the existence of the STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL who will be receiving an email from me, with a link to this site, and a shared link to my cloud account which contains the entirety of my recordings dating back to 2017. Along with my thoughts on how I am dealing with terroristic activity from an Amateur radio club apparently being aided by (or at least protected by) two law enforcement entities here in SW Louisiana.

Enjoy the recording. I know I do. 

I'll scavenge the internet for this dickhead later when I have time.
I'll scavenge the internet for this dickhead later when I have time.

A Blueline Amateur Radio Club Net

Proves these guys (or some) identify as deputies. I was told none of them were deputies. I have plenty more where this came from.