Cindy Lohnes AKA KF5BUD

Holy Cow!!! No pun intended


I really do not have much to say about this operator. Except she's part of the Blueline Amateur Radio Club whose members have tried to flash their badges to me on air and tried to intimidate me off the repeater by claiming the Sheriff's Department can officially take over the local Amateur Radio Repeater for their official business which is, of course, total bologna. 


I do, however, suspect this is the lady that threatened to shoot me if she ever saw me in her neighborhood and called me a "mother fucker" on the repeater one night. Got to love those double standards!


I want to make it clear that I cannot prove this because all I have recorded is a voice and, to be honest, almost all women sound the same on the air. To prove a point, this woman sounds sexy on the radio! Man! Did I ever have the wrong image in my mind while listening to this lady! Reminds me of the woman trucker I once met after talking to her on the CB but that's another story. Since she is one of maybe three females in this area with a ham license I have strong reason to suspect it was her. She is innocent until proven guilty and to prove that guilt, well, I'd have better luck hooking up with "insert screaming hot model's name here". The comment was made when a member of the Blueline Amateur Radio Club during one of their Thursday night nets was talking about how he and a few others like to park outside my house at night and video my house and the activity on their radio to prove it's me jamming them. I made the comment that maybe I should return the favor and drive to their houses to do the same. That is when a woman keyed up and said, "come around my house and I'll shoot you you mother fucker".


Real classy crowd of people we have representing America's finest wouldn't you say? I can see why she didn't opt for the vanity callsign KF5BUB! Can you imagine? De Kentucky Fried Five Big Ugly Bitch.


Do not get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for our law enforcement community. It's just a few law enforcement personnel that have formed a club in this hobby and they forget that they represent their respective police department 24/7. Especially when this crowd love to state they're cops as often as they do. State, Parish, and City law enforcement agencies have no jurisdiction when it comes to Amateur Radio. Only the FCC can enforce regulations. This group of police officers, police officer wannabes, whackers, and EMT losers have adopted all the nasty ways of the Amateur Radio Club who Coexists on that repeater. 


I think the heads of those respective law enforcement agencies should give the Blueline Amateur Radio Club a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) so if they wish to participate in hobbies that force their interaction with the public THEY SERVE they will have the tools they need to properly represent the law enforcement community. After all, we must toe the line when they pull us over. We don't have to take their shit when we're on a radio service we're licensed to use, and we sure do not have to endure their threats when we tell them where to stick that badge should they decide to flash it (verbally) on the air. We do not tolerate Police Department Ring Thumpers on our bands nor should we Amateur Radio operators get in the practice of allowing them to do so. These are OUR bands. They have their band. It's called the Public Service Band and if they're using the local Amateur radio repeater as their backup communications then we, as a community, deserve to know where our tax money is going because it sure can be used to invest in emergency generators to keep their system powered during an emergency.


There is absolutely no need for our local law enforcement to ever need to rely on a citizen owned repeater system to conduct their official business in an emergency. There is no need for some old retiree from the Lafayette area to grab the repeater every Thursday night in the name of the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department alluding to people who do not know any better that the Sheriff's Department has some sort of authority on the Amateur Bands. They don't! They're more than welcome to open their net in the name of their club but not in the name of the police department. This is a practice that needs to be stopped. Sheriff Mancuso! Are you listening?


Now to keep this fair, they're not all bad. It is mainly the old retiree (or who I call "has been") that likes to relive his glory days on the repeater I guess. On the nights he isn't net control for their club, I've heard them open the net in the name of their club only to be reprimanded by this old "has been" for not opening the net for The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department. Their reluctance to do so indicates that they're not all power-hungry jerks. It's just a few of them.


See KF5BUD's FCC License Here!