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Mark "I Live With My Parents" Holcomb

Okay! I've got some time and I'm pretty sober. Where to start with the above pictured loser we all know as Mark Holcomb (KE5HSW).

It's going to appear like I'm being a bit harsh on this guy but this is the idiot that filed a false report with the FCC claiming I was interfering with a hurricane net he was net controlling during TS Cindy's landfall. This guy never established a hurricane net because, even though the center of Cindy passed over us, the storm was so disorganized the bulk of the bad weather and wind was over Lafayette and Baton Rouge and a large portion of the rain was over Eastern Texas.

He did get on 146.520 MHz during the day before landfall which is the National Simplex Call Frequency to take over the frequency for his standby net. I can tell you there he encountered quite a few pissed off hams that told him to fuck off with his bullshit net and take his bullshit to any of the 100 other frequencies he could do that on instead of the National Simplex Call Frequency which was very much already in use at the time. I guess he got a little butt hurt over this. By the way, I was too busy laughing when I heard this and didn't even pick up my microphone during this brief exchange.

I mean, just look at the pictures of this guy. THIS IS THE TYPICAL HAM OPERATOR now days. A trucker trash CB type that went to and took the test over and over again until he memorized the questions and multiple choice answers to them. They all do that now. These are NOT radio savvy technicians like they would have you believe. Mark is a middle 50's piece of trash that lives in his parents' backyard! I kid you not! He lives in a trashed out camper in his parents' backyard and is hardly allowed in the house. The one time I went over to meet him they fed him through the door.

There is another story I could tell you about this guy but until I can get the young man to write me statement which would cover my ass in a libel suit, I'll have to keep it to myself. 

Until recently I used to respect this guy. I mean, he used to rip on AE5LB and the older membership of this club frequently. He stood his ground against Ken (AE5LB) firmly especially when it came to Ken's crying about not being able to play on digital fusion with us. These two locked horns on the Sulphur repeater after Mark busted Ken calling CQ over a digital conversation we were having with each other. Then, all of a sudden, the calls to my phone crying about Ken, Lucky, and his bitch wife ceased and Mark was part of the good old boy club bashing me. They got to him.

You can see KE5HSW's license here!