KC5JMJ (Joshua "Bono" Johnson)

The club's newest mercenary

This kid wins the "top of the page" award for his recent actions. I have a recording of this rocket scientist jamming the Lake Charles net with an accomplice a few nets back. I highly suspect his mentor, AE5LB, was in on this as well.

While he is keyed up running the net, as net control, you can hear a person next to him whistling. That whistling was interfering with the people on the Lake Charles machine. Apparently this moron didn't realize he should have moved his jammer to another room because you can hear him in the background coming through Josh's microphone. Then I guess his buddy changed over to the Sulphur repeater during all of this because it stops on the Lake Charles repeater and abruptly jumps into the Sulphur repeater when Josh unexpectedly drops his key. I suspect Ken texted him telling him he could hear it as well.

I love these guys! They provide me more amusement than the Comedy Network. I also suspect Josh was near the Civic Center last night or near my home (or in between) jamming the net conducted last night on 9/23/2019. I have tried to avoid posting about this kid because he's a young ham that can easily be manipulated. At least, that's my impression of KC5JMJ

Proud winner of the local Sonny Bono  impersonation contest!
Proud winner of the local Sonny Bono impersonation contest!

Josh and buddy jamming the net

The audio proof

You can clearly hear "the whistler" who is one of the jammers that have been causing problems for some time now near Josh's radio and and coming into the picture through Josh's microphone. 

Clip from after the 14 Oct 2017 Net on 146.73 repeater

Two young operators illegal, no elmers to correct

Josh Johnson (KC5JMJ) cussing on the repeater.

Jayce Broussard allowing a friend to use his radio and his callsign on the repeater.

Both activities are illegal and yet not one club member or "elmer" stepped in to correct them. I had to do it.

About the above audio clip

I guess the rules only apply to certain people eh?

I had the pleasure of monitoring these two morons on the repeater. It was a conversation that took place AFTER the 14 October 2019 Monday night net on the Lake Charles repeater on 146.730 MHz. Josh (KC5JMJ) was talking to Jayce Broussard (KG5CRB) in Jennings, LA. on the repeater. 

The first infraction was Josh describing his antenna as "Very shitty". That is a no no on the amateur bands. Oh I know, people cuss all the time on the bands you say. That would be true, but that means people break the rules all the time. The FCC makes it clear that no vulgar language is to be used on the amateur radio frequencies. The word "shit" and its adjective form "shitty" is on the FCC's list of vulgar words that are not to be used on the air. Considering this was on a repeater where our local scanner buffs monitor it, not a very wise thing to do. Especially when you know KC5CSG is out there RECORDING every word you utter on the air.

Then you have Jayce Broussard (KG5CRB) handing his radio to an unlicensed friend of his and allows that unlicensed person to use KG5CRB as his callsign. That is a no no. You are not allowed to let someone control your station using anything other than his name. Jayce is supposed to ID every ten minutes using HIS callsign. The unlicense person ID's with his FULL NAME. According to Part 97, he's supposed to remain in physical control of that station. Meaning that guy should not have been holding that HT and keying the PTT button. I know a lot of hams like to claim this is a gray area, but the wording is simple enough to where we can assume there is no need for interpretation. He then tries to justify it by saying he operated one time under a CLUB CALLSIGN during a special event. Different rules, and even then a licensed ham should have been at the controls if he didn't have an FCC issued callsign.

Jayce also talks about how they use illegal Baofeng radios to talk on the marine channels which is illegal. Very ballsy of him to admit this on the repeater. Now, with all of this very un-hammish behavior occurring on a repeater which belongs to a club that loves and admires the Amateur Radio Code of Conduct and the FCC's Part 97 you would figure some helpful elmer would have stepped up and politely corrected these two retards. Hell no! You see, even though this club claims to be spit and polish and love the rules in the amateur radio service, this club shits all over the rules. They only have a problem when certain people takes an occasional dump on the rules. You can bet your ass I was not the only ham monitoring this conversation. Not one person stepped in. I took it upon myself to step in and correct it. You'll hear me key a few times on simplex telling Josh to watch his language and telling Josh that kid was operating illegally. He didn't even acknowledge me. I was well within my rights to do it since the amateur radio bands are SELF POLICING. 

Then Jayce tries to start an argument with me by trying to throw a PROPOSED fine that the FCC isn't even following up on (again, I proved the club lied about the event which expedited the FCC coming down) instead of just taking the constructive criticism and moving on. Towards the end he softens up a bit when he remembers he's probably (certainly) being recorded.

To the W5BII club members, and especially the so called "elmers" in this club. You want spit and polish and military precision protocols on your repeater? Then follow the damn rules yourselves. You guys crap all over the rules on a daily basis because you have somehow assigned precedences to the rules. There are no precedences in Part 97. Every rule and regulation carries the same weight when violated. Like I tell every newbie that has questions about Part 97..."It's Part 97, it's not the bible. You can't pick and choose what you think are valid rules and what are not". So W5BII, fix this mess. 

NOTE! The FCC is not phasing out Baofeng radios. The FCC has declared Baofeng radio illegal to be sold in the United States because they are not of suitable design to be used on the service they were intended to be used on and on amateur radio bands. Now I'm no expert, but I take that to mean that they are illegal to be sold here, and illegal to purchased here. I didn't see a grandfather clause which means illegal to be owned here and used here now. I've heard people claim "well the RCI 2900" is sold here. Well, the FCC has not declared that radio illegal because hams can use them on 10 and 12 meters. Want to know what this so called "bad ham" did when I discovered Baofengs were now illegal? I took the battery off the POS Baofeng I never used (because the radio is a bona fide piece of shit only a kid would own) and dropped that piece of shit in the garbage. You won't see the baofeng owners in this club honoring this FCC decision. Mostly because cheap Baofeng radios are about the only thing these idiots can afford to purchase. Don't even get me started on how cheap and trashy most hams are.