AJ Powell and Jimmy Miller stalking me 8/7/2017

Officer AJ Powell (Sulphur PD) and Jimmy Miller stalking me after Barry McCall came here and scared the crap out of my daughter. This cop has no reason to be here other than to intimidate me and he had no reason to show up with an accomplice which makes it worse. He actually pulled into my neutral ground when he first arrived and both hauled ass to the cul de sac when they saw me at the door. Watch the long pause. They're busted and they know they're wrong. Lets see him spin this to a judge.

Recorded earlier 8/7/2017

The planning 3:37 PM 8/7/2017

Recorded a couple of hours before these two came to my house (above vid). These guys only go to the phone when they don't want what they have to say observed. Details follow.

The above to media attachments.

Super Sulphur Cop AJ and his boyfriend

You expect police officers to have superior judgement. Not judgement most citizens can laugh at. I have been posting all sorts of interference and reactions to it by this net for a couple of days now. Mainly to demonstrate that the interference is mainly of the sort I am not capable of. I suspect the use of a radio with crossband repeater (never owned one) and a radio or sound processing equipment with voice inversion technology (again, never owned the equipment). Also, if you listen to all of it you'll notice it's not very strong. Every station that I have recorded EASILY gets over it so it's not even jamming them. At most it's a nuisance. I live 2 miles from that repeater. If it were me I'd be wiping them out making it impossible for any but the strongest stations to get in.

Now, for the sake of argument, IF and only IF it was me doing it. Well, according to all you have heard, they're blaming it on me. They just know it's me. Cannot be anyone else so why the need to come to my house again pretending to be tracking me. First of all, it's not me. Second, the FCC does not give hams the authority to track people, disseminate their info publicly (with the intention to rile up a mob) and conduct surveillance.  They give hams the authority to be self policing, meaning they're expected to follow the rules on their own. They police their own behavior. They're allowed to track interference as in, light poles, door openers, and to the source of a jammer but that's it. Beyond that they are not police and they are not allowed to take actions against them. They are to report what they have found to the FCC. They are not allowed to caravan member after member of the club they're affiliated with in front of the house of who they believe is an offender. Which is harassment and stalking.

I have had this video for a long time and just could not find it. Somehow my phone did not change the orientation so it appears in the thumbnail as a picture and not a video file. It was just dumb luck that I came across it. Even more luck that I came across the audio files I recorded on that same day.

AJ and Jimmy can thank Mark Holcomb. After I listened to the "call you on the phone" remark I continued to listen to Mark checking into the net. What these two idiots did not realize is that Mark plays his DMR radio in the background while he's checking into the analog nets. Most of the time, rather loudly. I could not make out what was being said but I could tell it was AJ and Jimmy talking. Right about the same time Jimmy and AJ were sitting in the cul de sac at the end of the road dealing with their "oh shit" moment and getting ready for their photo shoot. I'm fairly confident that a lab could isolate that from the recordings and clear it up to the point to confirm that and maybe even recover what was being said. A bit much for a case like this, but in a case regarding an abusive cop who is a member of a club that has been terrorizing a family for two year? I'm pretty sure any lawyer would love to boot that bill in a civil case as well. They would also love the fact I called the Sulphur PD last year begging them to get their cop to leave me alone and they did nothing. In fact, I didn't even get past the dispatcher.

  • AJ Powell is a Sulphur Police Officer. He has no jurisdiction or authority to case my house for any reason. I live in Lake Charles, LA. In fact, Just outside of LC. Only the Sheriff's Department has authority here. Oh, State Police as well I guess.
  • He especially has no authority to involve another citizen since he definitely has no authority to deputize. He brought Jimmy here or vice versa strictly to INTIMIDATE.
  • These two were aware of the incident with Barry McCall just a few days earlier and were aware the police did tell McCall that him and his friends are not to come back around my house.

I hope AJ lied in his report. I hope he played the innocent victim by claiming he did nothing to instigate whatever action he found offensive to him. This is proof that since 2017 I have been dealing with AJ and various other members of this club fucking with my family and me. They're slick and they appear to know the right people. It is not going to work this time. A judge is duty bound to follow the law. He's not allowed to side with who he likes. Even if I did "lose it" one alcohol fuelled night and go off on AJ.....I think I have justification. AJ and the Blueline have actually got me and my daughter fearing the police. The lack of action by the police behind years of intimidation and the constant justification as to why they will not do anything about this harassment is appalling. Now I have an ex-wife who has decided that it is not safe for my daughter to be here and is demanding she move back to Texas. So this clube, AJ Powell, and the Sulphur PD (because they refuse to hold the conduct of their officers to a standard)  have cost me the custody of my daughter. This is provable damages this club has inflicted on me, my daughter, her mom, and extended family and I will seek justice after I mop the floor with Officer AJ Powell's ass in court. Starting with his Chief and the CPSO. Lawyers love these guys from what I hear. Then I'll drag that club into court along with the Hertz Investment Group.

When the smoke clears in court, I will get with a lawyer and I will find out who I will be able to hold accountable. Don't worry, I will be looking to stick it (legally, I don't want AJ's Vagina Sense to tingle) to everyone I can stick it to.

AJ Powell (KC5AJP)

AJ (Edward Mayhoff "ED" Grimley or Ultra-Whacker) Powell


I really must give credit where credit is due. This dweeb, KC5AJP, gave me the inspiration to try my hand at creating this very simple website. Thank A.J.! An employee of the Sulphur Police Department, A.J. will now become the official face of the police force he represents.


Now you may ask, how did this Mr. Potato Head looking dweeb inspire me to sit down and attack my keyboard? Well, one night I was bored and figured I'd give this guy's Facebook page a casual browse. This man had videos of his radio recording various people who regularly act up on the repeater and he was assigning my callsign to it even though he knew very well it was not me.

He had also written several entries about me claiming to be a domestic terrorist and was griping about the FBI's unwillingness to arrest me and was giving a warning that I would, one day, be the next person the FBI regretted not arresting. Also, everything about this guy's page screamed "I'm a cop". Logos of the Sulphur Police Department plastered all over the page. Almost every picture of him he's in some sort of a uniform. Almost every entry he made mentioned his affiliation with the Sulphur Police Department. I guess it is no wonder the page disappeared so quickly after I told him I had enough of his BS and was calling his boss.


A simple phone call to his police department quickly fixed that and I found out some interesting things about Mr. Potato Head. He's not really a cop. He's an accident reconstruction technician who is currently training to be a cop. Since then, Mr. Potato Head has deleted his Facebook page and recreated it in a much less accusatory theme. Real cops do not publicly accuse citizens without PROOF! 


The first time I met this guy he was KG5HUD. He asked for my email address over the air and I gave it to him. He tried to impress me with a routine that he was a fellow veteran and wanted to be the mediator that brings peace to the troubled ham community over here. I've got about as much interest in that as meeting my daughter's first date! Anyway, then he goes on this spill about how he is a Sulphur police officer and he got into Amateur Radio to provide his police department BACKUP COMMUNICATIONS. Yes, my fellow waffles, he is one of "those" people. Another whacker, surprise surprise!


Since then, KG5HUD, has become W5SPD. Take notice of the suffix! SPD amazingly resembles SPD. Sulphur Police Department. He wants everyone to KNOW he's a cop! Which brings me to the argument I had with him via email. He argued his cop buddies could use amateur radio frequencies under his license. Took me forever to convince him otherwise. 


A.J. has a few cop buddies in the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department it seems. This became evident the night I had my run in with the FCC. The deputy escort informed the FCC agent I was very well known by the Sulphur Police Department and I have an extensive arrest record with them. It's the only time I called a cop a liar to his face and told him to prove that allegation or shut up. Pansy deputy sensed he may have been misled and shut his trap. Yours truly, the awesome Bluewaffle has never been arrested in his life! A fact that is bolstered by the other fact that when I retired from the Army, I left out with a Top-Secret Security Clearance. COMSEC Custodians require that. You do not get those very easily having an "extensive arrest record".


Now, I have been home since 2016 and I can assure my fellow waffles out there I have never set foot in Sulphur, LA since I've been here. On occasion Interstate 10 takes me through that one-horse town while I am driving to Texas and I cannot remember the last time I have been pulled over. Now, who could have possibly fed this information about my "extensive arrest record" and my popularity with the Sulphur Police Department, the SPD to this twig of a deputy (the guy was really small lol). Oh! Can it be W5SPD? Coincidence? I think not. Seems to me the Chief of Police over in Sulphur needs to evaluate his police officers on their ability to adhere to core standards and ethics. Testing them for mental stability may be a good idea. After all, his cop wannabe hangs out with a group of people who send people to other people's house to harass them. A group who talked some out of town moron to come over here and try to destroy my property. A group that has given me and my daughter death threats and has, over the air, advocated burning down my house.


Way to represent A.J.. Your information may be sent to hamsexy.com


Update! Well my fellow waffles it appears this retarded dumbo looking puke just can't resist taking jabs at your favorite radio operator. I went to the W5BII Facebook page and noticed dumbo posted a link to a video he recorded claiming it was me and some of my buddies violating FCC rules for using illegal talk groups and encryption on the local DMR repeater and hogging up time slot 2.

First of all, I got rid of all of my DMR equipment because I now use simplex Fusion and Single Side Band when I talk to my buddies locally either on one of the VHF or UHF simplex frequencies. Usually in the six meter portion as well which filters out 99% of the hams around here from being able to locate us and interfere with us.

Second! There is no such thing as an illegal talk group! The FCC has not yet specified any rules regarding DMR talk groups. The talk groups that are being used now by the motorola network and the other network (I can't remember the name of it) are talk groups made up by the administrators of those networks and the communities that use them. They are not set in stone as rules issued by the FCC. This means if two hams want to create a code plug using any number they wish for a talk group is perfectly legal. You cannot say this is being done to purposely obscure the meaning of a transmission because any ham knows all they have to do is put their DMR radio is promiscuous mode and it can monitor the transmission in detail.

Third! AJ is the last person to talk. This club is using a code plug that has "special" talk groups and they go through great lengths to ensure that only the appropriate people get these code plugs. This group makes sure the code plug is not listed on any of their webpages and if you want it you have to get with one of them personally. This gives the appearance of purposely trying to keep their communications obscure. They should keep the code plug secret considering they are using the actual ENCRYPTION features in their code plugs.

4th! Yes! This club is using encryption. I have put my radio in promiscuous mode and I have noted every one of their crazy talk group numbers they have assigned to it and several of them are ENCRYPTED with the enhanced encryption feature. I have even heard Ken (AE5LB) refer to these talkgroups as their secret frequencies. This is VERY ILLEGAL so AJ, go ahead and draw attention to yourselves.

5th! Clogging up time slot 2? THEN USE TIME SLOT 1 YOU JACKASS! That's the appeal of DMR. There are two time slots per frequency so if there is a group of people on time slot 2 then go to time slot 1 or, even better, if you don't have it programmed, WAIT YOUR TURN! That's right! We can get on there and hog it up and put it to use because the owner of the repeater has GIVEN US PERMISSION TO DO SO! I sure hope you don't start accusing some of the nets on HF of hogging the frequency. You think it's bad with me picking on you wait until you go sniveling down there!


See KC5AJP's FCC License Here!

At 60 MPH, those ears create enough lift for takeoff.
At 60 MPH, those ears create enough lift for takeoff.

About the above posted content

Clear proof we have a law enforcement officer participating in this club's harassment of us.

The two photos I have posted above are screen shots from Officer AJ Powell's Facebook page. Clearly showing his disappointment that the false report to the FBI this club conspired to have filed against me did not work. THANK GOD!

The other screenshot was a video of one of the locals going nuts on the air, trying their best to appear as me, and AJ clearly posting that it was me. This is significant because this was on his webpage that represented him as a police officer. Anyone seeing this page would believe all of this nonsense just from the fact he is a cop. The page was heavy in Sulphur PD logos, pictures of him in uniform, and discussions that were intensive in law enforcement. Mainly about proposed law enforcement against me.

Here is where I messed up. I called the Sulphur PD and informed them of their officer's Facebook page and targeting of me BEFORE I thought to take screenshots. Almost as soon as I hung up the phone with the police department it hit me to screenshot this page. I was only able to catch two screenshots before the page came down. Apparently AJ Powell knew all along what he was doing is unethical and unprofessional. This man was superhuman in speed getting this content offline to cover his ass.

Here is where the Sulphur PD is messing up. They have, in their employment, a public servant who is publicly accusing a citizen of being a terrorist with absolutely no proof at all. While representing himself as a Sulphur Police Officer and appearing to be speaking on behalf of the Sulphur Police Department. This man has also fed false information to a deputy in the past by telling him I have an extensive arrest record in Sulphur, LA. I'm actually considering consulting with an attorney about what I can do about this. 

What surprises me most? This officer still has a job. This police officer openly associates with a club of people that has been terrorizing a family for the last two years. Proof of his involvement is out there. The latest attempt is harassment through law enforcement. He has successfully convinced the DA to pursue me on cyberstalking charges using edited evidence that takes this entire situation out of context. That is why I have this site published. To keep things in context. Everyone of importance has the link to this website. Enjoy!