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Aris "The Crone" Young

This lady holds the distinctive honor of being my very first contact on the Lake Charles Repeater. What I did not know, at the time, she is very representative of the club of which she is a member of.

My brother and I have just tested and received our call signs. Back then we had to wait months after the test to get our license in the mail and we had no way of obtaining our call sign beforehand so we actually had to sit and wait listening to our radios and fighting the temptation to talk on them. Anyway, I was stationed at Fort Polk, LA. (208th Signal Company, 108th Air Defense Artillery) and my brother was living in Lake Charles at the time.

Of course, I get my call and license a few weeks after my brother gets his and I figured the wife and I would go down to Lake Charles during the weekend and visit. I made sure to grab my Radio Shack HTX-202 (one hell of an HT may I add) and away we went. I started calling for my brother on the 146.730 machine as soon as I got into Moss Bluff. After a few calls this female (KB5RXS, Aris) gets on the radio and rudely asks me what my call sign was. I said "KC5CSG ma'am (I was still ignorant to the snotty attitudes of repeater hawks so I was genuinely kind). 

"Hold on a minute" she replies as if she was being inconvenienced. She comes back after a minute with "I checked my buckmaster database and I do not see your call". 

I replied, "Ma'am I just now got my call sign in the mail this week" You see guys, internet was in its infancy then and very few people were "experimenting" on it at the time.

Aris: Well I do not see your call in my database so your call sign is not legitimate, stay off of the repeater.

Me: "Ma'am, I have a legitimate call sign. Can you tell me how old your database is?" You see, even computer illiterate as I was, I knew databases had to be routinely updated.

Aris: "Look, stay off of the repeater or this club will report you to the FCC for interference and we will report you to the Sheriff's Department for trespassing".

SOME STRANGER: "Arus. I was at the VE session when KC5CSG took his exam and passed. His call sign is legitimate".

Aris: "Oh, I guess we need to buy the update CD's then".

Not an apology, nothing. You see, the club had made her worthless husband the trustee of the repeater. Aris is one of them women that lets her husband position (if you want to call trustee a position) go to her head and apparently I was not the only one she went after during those days because I heard a lot of complaints about her from hams that were passing through Lake Charles and had the misfortune to run across her bitter personality.

It got so bad that they had to appoint another trustee to replace Lucky because they were being suck dicks to everyone. This is according to KI5EE. He was explaining how bad these two were to my daughter and me when we were eating lunch together during a field day setup. Like I said, I used to get along with the backbiters a while back. Do not even get me started on what he said about AE5LB!

There you go, Aris, the old crone. Miserable in her old age since Christ was just a Corporal.

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