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Milam "Old Rude Bastard" Young

Lucky and Aris. These two have plagued the Lake Charles Repeater since, at least, the early 1990s. In fact, Aris was my first contact on the Lake Charles Repeater in 1993. The results of this contact were somewhat disturbing and comical. I'll go into greater detail about my initial contact with this old bat on her page (KB5RXS).

These two, Lucky and Aris, are our resident "Repeater Hawks". All day these two monitor this repeater and hardly say anything unless Aris needs Lucky to pick up a loaf of bread on his way back home. They tend to believe this repeater was meant to be their private communications system. 

Any time any couple of hams, or group of hams, get on the repeater who are not members of the "chosen five" or good old boys, these two complain that the repeater is being used far to much for "chit-chat". A point that was proven when I was on talking terms with KE5HSW (Mark). We got on the repeater about once a day and did the "chit-chat" thing for about an hour each time. A club official called Mark and informed him that Aris complained that the repeater was being used by him, and me, for idle "chit-chat" and that we needed to stop it.

Now, Mark is a paying club member and he had every right to be pissed off and vent, and vent he did. These were the days I admired Mark a bit because he went off on the repeater about being told he couldn't use the repeater to talk on even after paying his club's relatively high yearly dues. Later on he must have got castrated because he's now all buddy buddy with them. Well, lately he's been absent. Maybe due to lying to the FCC about interference to his non-existent hurricane net. I'm sure whoever signed off on that complaint is feeling embarrassed. 

Now, back on subject about KB5SUR. About a year after expressing their views of "chit-chat" on the repeater I was leaving out of school after one of my late morning classes. I turned on my nifty Yaesu FT-70D (about the best damn HT Yaesu makes)  and behold! What do I hear on the repeater? I monitor a "chit-chat" that was in progress. It was Lucky and Aris (KA5SUR and KB5RXS respectively) "chit-chatting" with some old buddy of theirs on the repeater. I monitor this "chit-chat" the entire 7 mile trip through heavy traffic to my QTH (my house for you non hammies). I hear discussions about their doctors visits in the past, present, and future. I hear about their grandkids. I hear all about their woes on how they're both damn near a century old and the pains that come with it. Listening to Aris and Lucky pass the mic between them was also pretty comical and a few times you could hear Aris snap at Lucky for being too slow to pass the mic. Sort of like teens passing a joint but only this was the sound of death bantering on about it all.

I stand in my drive for the few minutes it took for these three to finally sign off and I keyed up the repeater and said "Uh, Lucky, there seems to be a bit too much "chit-chat" on this repeater today". You talk about an old fucker damn near lose his mind! This guy keyed down and went off on me. He even managed to call me a "mother fucker" a few times which cracked me up. Talk about witnessing pure hypocrisy! Of course, all of that cussing doesn't get reported to the FCC. How convenient right?

Anyway, this is my first and only encounter with Lucky on the air. One old son of a bitch that will not be missed when he goes silent key. 

See KA5SUR's FCC License Here!

An ass kisser helping a rude old man and his bitchy wife

Lucky having a tempter tantrum

Lucky's radio has always been a POS. This evening it was shittier than usual because he couldn't get into the LC repeater. The young ass kisser is doing his best to impress. Of course you can tell the kid is an incompetent idiot. He's fortunate he didn't piss off the local god and get blacklisted.