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James "The Hitman" Romero

Ladies and gentlemen! My fellow waffles! We have ourselves a brand new superstar on my little website. James Romero (K5CNU). This guy lives in Maurice, LA. Well, may as well be Lafayette, LA if you look at the size of the town and take note that it borders on Lafayette's border. THIS is the man I heard on the New Iberia Repeater telling everyone he's going to burn my house down and preferably with me and my daughter in it.

He also likes to get one this club's repeater (He's a member of both clubs) and brag about how he likes to sit in front of my house with the rubber duckie taken off of his HT and claiming he still gets a signal so it has to be me. He got called out on his BS one night when a buddy of mine called him out on his lies because he was claiming he tracked me during a previous net and my buddy informed him and this club I was at his house in Crowley, LA with my daughter.

Earlier today, I had to create a new page because apparently the club got bored with me abandoning the FM mode completely. I only operate SSB now and usually on 144.200, 144.205, and 28.410 MHz. Of course, the FM group (this club) try their best to hammer down on the two SSB frequencies on the two meter portion with their FM mobiles and HT's but the notch filter capabilities on this Yaesu FT-991A and my brothers FT-3000 are impeccable. We talk right through it and it drives them into a frenzy that I no longer stand toe to toe with them providing them with all the excitement they desire. So, in order to keep it interesting, they resorted to taking their MARS modified radios down to the Citizen's Band on channel 19 to play a bit of bad cop/good cop. As stated in the page I created earlier, I got a tip there were a group of guys on channel 19 having their way with my name and callsign. 

Upon tuning in the frequency I hear some guy playing audio recordings of the Lake Charles VHF (147.730 MHz) Repeater's voice ID over and over again. Then I hear my voice which was recorded from youtube off of one the videos of me calling CQ. They had superimposed that over the sound of an air raid siren going off in the background. Pretty cool effect and I somewhat regret not thinking of it myself. Anyway, the guy would stop the broadcasting and these two guys who were ham operators that just so happened to be on channel 19 would key up telling all of the truckers that it was me, giving them my call, my address, and my phone number.

One even made the boast "that pussy knows exactly who I am and I hope he's listening". Well, I was, and I was hearing some familiarity in that voice. Took me a while to piece it all together but here it goes. I get a text on my phone telling me my repeater has been recorded and he was reporting me to the FCC. Now people I'm not a very sociable guy so the only people that would have my cell number are the people I work with, my family, that bitch of an ex-wife of mine, and the SWLARC because when I first came home from the Army I thought I might have wanted to be a member of this club and put it on an application for membership. Oh, KE5HSW had it for all of those times he wanted to talk to me about Ken giving him a hard time for using Yaesu's Digital Fusion. 

I pretend to not know what the guy was talking about and pretended to think he was referring to a range extender for a router. Those are actually repeaters by the way. This angers him a bit more and it ends up with me to repeatedly stop texting me. Now it's at this time that I started to realize enough is enough and I've allowed these people to call the cops on me for no reason and refused to call the cops on them when they came over here so now it's about time that I started calling the cops. I tell the guy in text to stop texting and I was going to call the Sheriff's Department. 

Of course that antagonized him even more it seemed. After the police viewed my videos (this time they were very interested in them) and filed a report I let the guy know in text I had filed a report and to stop texting. That is when it hit me as to who this was. It was no other than James Romero (K5CNU) and when I texted his info to him that I had pulled from FCC ULS, this man lost it. He made a threat about how he was going to get my family first. On my cell phone. So I call the cops again and, this is absolutely beautiful, while the cop was holding the phone reading his comment he sent another with my brother's and my brother's wife's names.

Seems like James is in a bit of trouble now because I'm not getting anymore text from James. In fact, I'm not hearing James on channel 19 anymore and James most likely has some explaining to do to the Maurice authorities when he gets home tonight. After all, the cop did tell me that James was going to be dealt with today.  I'm posting screenshots of the exchange at the bottom of the page. Yes, I am hurling some nasty insults at him but I'm trying to get him to get cocky and give out his name. Towards the end I was getting fed up with it and legitimately trying to get him to stop, and I DID give him a chance to stop.

My brother was right. If I would just stop standing my ground with them on the radio and just go where they can't go they will end up fucking everything up. Of course, this website sure does piss them off but hey, I'M THE BLUEWAFFLE!!!

Sorry, no picture available. His license will have to do.
Sorry, no picture available. His license will have to do.