For quality control, we record all repeater usage and directed networks.

Net Conducted 7/3/2019 146.730 MHz

One hour of your life you won't get back.

Old people too cheap to buy cable discussing television antennas.

One young operator who is seriously deluded about today's youth being interested in ham radio. Today's youth do on the Xbox and Playstation what hams only dreamed of a couple of decades ago. Face it, the hobby is DYING.

Net conducted 7/5/2019 146.30 MHz

Nine and a half old farts

Who am I kidding? I'm old myself, but not as old as these relics! Going to start a pool guessing the date the one young guy does what the rest have done in the past. I'm still noticing a certain self righteous prick is absent lately during the net check ins.

Net conducted 7/8/2019 146.730 MHz

It's hard to suppress the "whackerness"

Still no agitator. I guess it's hard to slander a call when the victim records every action on the repeaters and most simplex frequencies. You can almost smell the excitement over the possibility of a destructive storm developing in the Gulf this week. Next net, HAVE THOSE REFLECTIVE VESTS READY!

Net Conducted 7/10/2019 146.730 MHz

It's time to play "we're heros"

A woman I had over was listening to this in the background as this net was going on. Her response was "OMG! Are these people serious? Who's the little drug head working on his fan clutch?" I swear, I knew there was something "off" about that kid, but she nailed it. More about this on the home page.

Something to tide you over

Living dangerously on the machine

These two kids can thank me for stressing certain points to this club about their two repeater hawks. This conversation would have started a string of phone calls resulting in an elder club member correcting them for chit chatting on the repeater. Hard to believe these two are in their 30s!

Net conducted 7/15/2019 146.730 MHz

Thank you for nothing!

  • A lot of thanks to a storm spotter net conducted from the participants living rooms.
  • Ken explains proper repeater usage on an old repeater he's solely responsible for having a new machine replaced by it. Total POS that's 2 KHz off all because he was left out of digital conversations.
  • Long and boring.

Net Conducted 7/17/2019 146.730 MHz

See why these nets put me to sleep

KG5SBA attempts to make it appear at least one ham deployed during their "Skywarn" net and fails. Also, this net demonstrates why I cannot stay awake through one of these to save my life. Also, Ken and David obscuring their conversation before the net. This intent to obscure is ILLEGAL. 

Net Conducted 7/19/2019 146.730 MHz

Jimmy "Sugar Daddy" Miller

AJ makes a reappearance much to the delight of a very tired N0MSW. Can you sense the love? However, there appears to be a new "interest" for Jimmy towards the end of this net. Maybe this guy will not get creeped out like the kid in Sulphur last year. This could evolve into a triangle folks!

Net conducted 7/24/2019 146.730 MHz

Sorry guys! It's not me

Despite Ken Talkington's claim, there is no recording being played so he's just proved himself to be an embellisher (liar). If it was me keying the scanner would be revealing a ton of audio artifacts since it's only 30 feet from the transmitting antenna. Second weaker source of jamming at the end.