KB5BLG threatening to shoot me 9/13/2018

James F. De Mas (KB5BLG)

This is at 3 AM when NORMAL people are asleep. This is not me messing with them but the threats are directed towards me.  There is mention of my daughter to try to provoke me, mention of physical assault on my brother and me, ending with KB5BLG threatening to come to my house with his "Marlin" rifle. I can't help but feel a bit sorry for them if the members of this club presented angelic innocent faces to the DA while exclaiming "No one we know has threatened him".

About the above clip and the "Marlin" threat.


I'm posting this for the benefit of a certain DA who wants to use the letter of the law to defeat the spirit of the law. For two years now, I have been enduring these threats of people coming to my house to shoot me. I have been reporting this along with the threats I have been receiving via my cellphone with NO ONE doing a damn thing about it. So trying to hold me to the cyberstalking laws probably seems silly now eh? Oh, this conversation was recorded on W5BII's repeater in Sulphur, LA on 145.350 MHz.

This man clearly tries to provoke me by mentioning my daughter in a derogatory fashion. He then talks about how my brother and me will be slapped around. Then he ends it by threatening to get into his vehicle and come to my house with his "Marlin" rifle. Can't wait for a Jury to see this. I"m sure their opinion of the DA will be rather low then. Seriously, mine is already pretty low of this guy and the entire Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department. 

By the way, I was asleep at the time considering  it was a little after 3 in the morning. Here's this man's address Mr. DA man... KB5BLG

K5CNU violating Federal Law

Radar detectors in your big rig? Big no no!

Here you go Mr. DA man. This is James Romero (K5CNU) admitting to violating federal law by admitting he's got a Valentine radar detector installed in his 18 wheeler. This man is part of the group that is demanding you do your job and charge me. Well, do your job and charge him

About the above audio clip

18 wheelers can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs

All I have to say is any person feeling comfortable speeding an 80,000 pound motor vehicle up and down our interstate though Calcasieu Parish because he's got an undetectable Valentine radar detector illegally installed in his vehicle IS MUCH MORE DANGEROUS THAN A MAN DOING NOTHING MORE THAN TRYING TO DISCOURAGE THESE VERY SAME CRIMINALS FROM COMING TO HIS HOME. In case Mr. DA man wants this asswipe's address it's right here Oh! I forgot to mention. These guys are very good chat buddies with Officer AJ Powell. I'm sure "Dumbo" is going to deny this though. After all, cops are allowed to do that with no repercussions around here it seems.

Property damage threats

This threat issued around 3 AM 9/20/2018

Operator threatening to come to my property, trespass on my property, and destroy my property. Problem is, I'm not the one picking on them at this time in the morning. Jame P. Farrar (KE5ZQK) is the operator offering to text my address to him thus encouraging the criminal activity. 

Operating out of band

KE5ZQK (James P. Farrar) the Radio Pirate.

 This is James P. Farrar (KE5ZQK) admitting he operates on the illegal frequencies between 10 and 11 meters. This is SUPER ILLEGAL! He also admits to using a Ranger 2510 (not 95 type accepted) on the CB band. Also admits to having and using an illegal modified Uniden President Washington. Well, he pulled it back when he remembered I may be recording. 

Jamming CB operators

KE5ZQK admitting to jamming CBers

 James P. Farrar admitting to and describing how he jams truckers on their CBs at truck stops by wrapping his PTT button on his microphone to broadcast a steady RF carrier that disrupts other people from legally using the frequency. It's not up to him to determine what is a fight and what isn't and it's not up to him to jam them either way. This guy is a true douchebag dick head and he has the nerve to complain about anyone jamming a repeater?