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The Hertz Investment Group.

You share the ethics of who you do business with like it or not.

One of the more interesting things I learned in my IT Ethics class is how corporations, as perceived by their surrounding communities, share the ethical values of their subcontractors and their business partners. Another thing I was educated on is how smart business entities will not do business with any subcontractor or business partner unless there is a shared work ethic or shared core values.

It appears that the ethical gurus in the employ of the Hertz Investment Group have either forgotten this basic ethics lesson or they have decided to shelve them. In the past, I have written the Hertz Investment Group and explained to them how the Southwest Louisiana Repeater Club has been using their repeater (located on top of the Capital One building which the Hertz Investment Group owns) to fight, argue, threaten, and basically coordinate harassment campaigns to be launched towards people that make up the very community this corporation serves. I have explained to them, that since they are renting space on the pictured tower the Hertz Investment Group owns it can be easily perceived that the Hertz Investment Group is either apathetic to the bad behavior of their business associates or they condone it.

After my first email to this company I got a response informing me that the issue will be forwarded to one of the local people to be investigated. About  a week later I received an email from this local person informing me he got the complaint and that he was going to be the person investigating the last two years of obnoxious behavior I have reported. Then the person continues on, in the email, about how he has known these people for a long time and is surprised at the allegations. I sensed at that very moment this was an obvious red flag that the future investigation, if there was really going to be one, was going to be both a sham and unethical.

I responded that the allegations are true, I have video evidence of it as well as audio recordings of this going back almost two years. I also informed him I would be more than happy to provide all of this material to him for his review to aid him in his investigation.

I HAVE NEVER HEARD BACK FROM THIS GENTLEMAN and this was about six to eight months ago. I do not know how the Hertz Investment Group can claim their "local guy" conducted an investigation considering he NEVER responded back to me, only contacted me one time, didn't ask any questions, and refused my offer to supply him with the evidence I have since posted to this website.

To the Hertz Investment Group! If you want to ignore the problem, if you want to continue to provide a platform to this gang giving them a much wider geographical footprint than they deserve, if you want to insult my intelligence by trying to half ass placate me then you can share in this club's glory. Since you have been made aware of the problem you will share in the publicity.

Any of these club members actually try or succeed in carrying out any of the threats they have made against my 11 year old daughter, my brother and his wife and/or me, You'll share in the credit.

If you force the removal of this gangs equipment from your property (resulting in a much less footprint of influence this club currently enjoys) I'll take my focus off of you and give you credit for doing the right thing.

Now I'm going to be honest with all of my fellow waffles out there. This website is starting to take off. It is averaging anywhere from 150 (slow day) to as much as 500 (about the busiest so far) hits a day. The amount of email I have received from supporters wishing me luck and expressing their support for me is pretty good and somewhat touching. Thanks! What is disturbing is the amount of hams sending me hate mail (presumably) after reading what I have posted, and expressing support for the scum that is actually breaking the law and stalking me at my own home. I have lost track of the death threats. This really says a lot about the modern ham radio operator.

What I want the Hertz Investment Group to realize is there are hundreds of people know waiting to see what action they will take.  Will they do what is ethically right by distancing themselves from this naughty business associate/tenent of theirs? After all, this is what most intelligent landlords will do. Or, will they disregard the hazzard this club is presenting in the name of the small amount of money this club is paying in rental fees? Which is more important to the Hertz Investment Group? Image or a few bucks a year?

Now I want to be clear here. I'm letting all of my fellow waffles out there know that I have sent the Hertz Investment Group a link to this website that has the videos of the harassment. KF5SYN even screams in his video "you think you're hurting the club? You're not hurting the club". So this club can not claim that this was a rogue operator. He is/was a due paying club member and sent to my home by the spineless officers and membership of the club. You can rest assured that the Hertz Investment Group is now aware of this issue.

I'm sure the Hertz Investment Group doesn't need to be reminded how many people will be noting their actions or lack of actions from this point on! LIABILITY! That is a powerful word.

God help them, and this club's membership, if anything happens to my daughter.



Location of the meeting place for the SWLARC gang. 146.73 and 444.300 MHz repeater site.
Location of the meeting place for the SWLARC gang. 146.73 and 444.300 MHz repeater site.