To put things in context first

The fake hurricane net this club claims was interfered with

First of all, I would like to thank AJ Powell (KC5AJP) for motivating me to go back through the two years of mass recordings I have made of this club's activities on the air. The motivation, of course, is his filing cyberstalking charges on me with some edited audio recording he has submitted as evidence. Of course I have gone back to the day he claims the threat was made and all I heard was some unknown operator broadcasting a recording of me through the Lake Charles repeater of me operating on 10 meters SSB and on a simplex frequency with some operator in Texas. Since my scanner doesn't have all that much range these recordings only caught my side of the conversation and if their device caught the other operator I'm sure it was edited out.

Supposedly I issued a death threat to AJ. Ironic that this club would, all of a sudden, be concerned with death threats over the air considering this club has held the market on issuing death threats over the air. Mostly to me. Some to my brother. I even have screenshots of one ham sending me threatening texts. Which brings up another issue. The DA has ruled there is insufficient evidence to pursue charging that person. I don't know why considering THERE IS A PHONE NUMBER ATTACHED TO THOSE THREATS which is a hell of a lot more convincing than some voice recording that can be edited to fit any context you wish to create.

Anyway, I vividly remember one death threat that was hurled at me one night by a female who failed to identify afterwards (Violation of Part 97). Because AJ has motivated me to go through my recordings to bring to court with me I have done some scrubbing of all of my recordings and I have FINALLY found the recording. In doing so I realized all of this was recorded on the day this club claims to have been conducting a hurricane net.  Now I don't know why the club would claim that on June 20th, 2017, which is the day I have found these recordings, there was hurricane net considering Tropical Storm Cindy was still in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico two days from landfall. I know the National Weather Service was not calling for Skywarn to be activated at that time on the local repeater, and I didn't have any HF equipment at that time to even entertain the notion of playing around with any of the HF nets that would be gearing up at the time.

On that day KE5HSW (Mark) was on the repeater asking other operators who would like to participate in the Skywarn Net should it be called for and issuing information to people who were already confirmed as participants. THIS IS NOT A HURRICANE NET. The repeater was not taken out of normal use and actual net operations were not being conducted at the time. The path of the storm was still uncertain at the time. These guys were just discussing the possibility of a net. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A HURRICANE NET.

I have mentioned two operators in the past that like to keep things stirred up. I have referred to them as "The Whisperer" and "The Falsetto Guy". Well The Whisperer was on the air poking fun at them and, of course, everyone was screaming it was me. Now, it is during this clusterfuck that Ted Lyon (KG5TED) boasted on the air he liked to drive to my house and video my house trying to prove it's me on the air messing with them. I want to point out that, at that time, everyone already knew who I am and where I live and they were already assigning blame to me. So why would he need to drive to my house and video my house? Part 97 and that FCC issued license does not give anyone the authority to play police officer/detective and conduct surveillance activities on a family. Especially when that family is in their home. State law is quite clear on what defines stalking and what Ted Lyon admitted to doing that night meets the requirements of breaking the stalking laws here. He is not law enforcement. He's a private citizen just like my daughter and me. Considering I have a preteen daughter here, maybe he was hoping to get some video of her? After all, she lives here. She's being stalked too. No matter how angry these guys have made me I have NEVER ENTERTAINED THE THOUGHT OF DRIVING TO THEIR HOUSES. These people have families and I think doing things like that is just, well, trashy and criminal.

After Ted Lyon (KG5TED) announced his creepy activities, The Whisperer (pretending to be me) started whispering that maybe he should start going to HIS (Ted's) house to video his house. That is when a female (who never identified) keyed up the repeater and announced "You come to my house motherfucker I'll shoot your motherfucking ass".  Now keep in mind these operators thought they were talking to me and that means that threat was directed at me. So they assumed they were telling me they are currently stalking me and if I did anything in retribution they'll kill me. That is the intent right there. I WILL TRY MY BEST TO GET THESE RECORDINGS POSTED THIS MORNING.

Who is this female? Well on radio it's very hard to determine people by voice and that covers both male and female. Although it's especially hard to peg female voices. That's why talking in falsetto is appealing to agitators. Almost everyone sounds the same talking in falsetto. There is a female around here who's call sign ends in ARM. I'm not good with remembering calls. I know for a fact it is not her. I've listened to her on the repeater the few times she's talked there and that behavior just does not fit her personality. I highly suspect it's that blueline cow because it does indeed fit that blob's personality. It could also be Ted Lyon's wife which is interesting because she's not even licensed to transmit on the amateur frequencies. It could also be AJ Powell's wife because I have monitored her operating under her husband's license on the DMR repeater. She doesn't do it anymore because AJ and the crew are now worrying about just how much of THEIR violations I have recorded. AGAIN, I'M GOING TO STRESS THE POINT THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT VICTIMS. They started a war with me and now they're trying to play the victim card to win that war. Nothing else, including false reports to the FBI, has worked.

Now, to find these recordings has been a job for me. After all, each day produces roughly 200 audio files for each frequency I have the scanner set to record. Over two years time you can only imagine how many files I have on my computer. To speed the task up a bit I have placed them all on my private cloud storage device and sent links to various friends of mine who have expressed interest in going through them to find all of the threats. Of course, not one of them has gotten drunk enough to endure that misery. Can you imagine hours of listening to these guys talk? Hell, I can't even do that it seems, but I prevailed and did find the recordings. Of course, I played the recording to a buddy of mine over 146.520 MHz knowing a certain operator out there monitors it and records on it. Seems like I started a recording frenzy here. It worked, someone (not me) played the very choppy and distant recording through the repeater. I'm guessing Chris Boone since he gets his jollies off on that sort of thing.

Apparently they are worried now. Upon reviewing todays recordings of the repeater I observed some transmissions from my good friend (sarcasm) Ken Talkington (AE5LB) who, by the way, is the guy who first brought up "cyber crimes" on the repeater and confirmed that he probably put AJ Powell up to his little false report. His first transmission that caught my attention was him saying something he needs to call various people about what he monitored on the repeater earlier (the recording) and man did he sound concerned. He should be and I'll explain why in a bit. In another transmission he flat out says the matter he needs to discuss was "apparently someone has recorded our conversations and is rebroadcasting them on the air". Again, he's concerned, and he should be.

Why? Simple:

1. If I have a couple of recordings of an event that occured on a certain date then, odds are, I have recordings of the ENTIRE day which I most certainly do. That means I can prove to the FCC that there was no declared hurricane net on that repeater on that date and any date after that as of now. TS Cindy was such a flop the National Weather Service NEVER called to activate Skywarn. That means this group of idiots swore a false report to a federal agency which is a FELONY offense. 

2. It proves that members of this club has been issuing death threats to me and they are not helpless and innocent victims here. Thy are participants in a radio war that, not only did they start, but enjoyed participating in. 

3. Now they know if/when I do get dragged into court the judge will be very entertained by all of the recordings OF THEM I'm going to present. Proving AJ Powell of entrapment and filing false reports. After all, lying by omission is still lying.

I have videos of their members coming to my house. I have an audio recording of Ted Lyon admitting he drives to my house to video it. I have a death threat recorded. I can prove they falsified a report to the FCC. They have filed a false (or at least a misleading) report to the FBI about me. I have screenshot of AJ Powell expressing his regrets that the false report didn't work. I guess he forgot proof is still required in this country.

Which reminds me. My proof is right below. Now I know I mention Cindy Lohnes' name but I want to make it clear I do not know, for certain, it's actually her. There is a good probability it is her. I'm sure when one of her workmates at the Sheriff's Department hears it they'll be able to make a better judgement call on that than I can. The group is small either way. I'm sure the police can interview all of the women I have mentioned before lunch. Of course I will send a copy of one of these files to their ARRL club email address. Not to intimidate but to remind them that I have plenty of their misdeeds recorded as well. Do you really want to put me in front of a judge? I don't rely on a reputation to survive. Their club does.

KE5HSW and Ted Lyons admitting they are stalking me

KE5HSW and Ted Lyon (KG5TED) admitting, over the repeater, they are stalking me at my house. KE5HSW even goes as far as accurately describing my house. He lives in Moss Bluff by the way and has to drive out of his way to even get to my house. 

The crazy female threatening to shoot me

This is either of the women I have described threatening to shoot "my motherfucking ass". You will hear "The Whisperer" come back to her reiterating he should go record their houses in response to them going to peoples houses to video them. The more I listen to this the more I think of  

Cindy Lohnes

A very worried Ken Talkington (AE5LB)

Ken Talkington getting the gang together over the phone to get their stories straight now. Proving that this club actually conspires against me. This cool cat is starting to sweat a little. He should because AJ is dragging me to court and I'm bringing two years of recordings with me.

Why Ken Talkington (AE5LB) is worried

We are witnessing Ken's "oh shit" moment people. He's organizing the troops to get their shit straight. He better... apparently, this club is worried now. They're texting each other, calling each other, and labelling this an event. Their attention has been captured.