Sick and tired of the phone calls

Enough already, stop calling my phone


Yesterday I finally had a detective arrive at my house who appeared to take the content I have been posting to this website seriously. It is extremely frustrating when you have people targeting you, some who are members of the law enforcement community, and getting the impression nothing is ever going to be done about it. So I will like to take this opportunity to thank the detective who sees the seriousness of this situation and the CPSO. I would like to delete the rant that is posted on this page but I'm not one to alter what I've said in the past even at the expense of having a little egg on my face. Well, mainly because I don't keep journals, my memory is not all that great and some of the stuff I've posted is stuff I may need to remember. Anyway, to the CPSO, The detective who seems to be about the most professional person I've met at the CPSO to date, thank you very much!

To date, I've shown the Calcasieu Sheriff's Office, via several calls to them to report these hams and cber's coming over to my house to physically threaten me or try to destroy my property WITH VIDEO PROOF, and nothing has happened. Not one person has been forced to answer up to the PHYSICAL HARASSMENT tactics this club has resorted to.

Now the tactics has changed. Now the CPSO detectives are calling me on a weekly basis to come in and make a statement in my defense because now they're filing cyberstalking complaints against me. I haven't been on VHF in months! 

Let me make this clear. When an adult gets on local channel 17 or local channel 19 on the Citizens Band and threatens to come to my house and put his dick on my 11 year old daughter he's not going to get a "atta boy" from me. I usually tell them they're not welcome at my home and if they come here I'll call the police. Fat load of good that will do because calling them in the past on people that have come here (video evidence of that on this site on other pages) results in nothing. I also inform them Louisiana is a castle doctrine state and in the time it takes the police to come here and if they persist in threatening mine or my daughter's safety I will defend myself and her to the full extent of what the law allows up to lethal force.

These are not threats intended to harass. They are actions I will take to not be bullied in my own home over silly bullshit on the cb radio of all things. The few times I have had to resort to saying that was intended to DISCOURAGE a stupid, hotheaded idiot from COMING TO MY HOME after they've threatened to come to my home. This is not cyberstalking and, to be honest with you, I think the CPSO should be more concerned about men on 17 and 19 threatening to RAPE people's daughters on the air.

I have never gone to anyone's house. I have never threatened anyone over the air. The only time I resort to telling people I will defend myself is when they threaten to COME TO MY HOUSE AND CAUSE HARM. That is no crime.

So, CPSO, here's your motherfucking statement. Stop calling me asking me to come in and file one. If you want one that bad you send your detective over here and he can write down what I say. Stop being manipulated by a bunch of shit talking idiots who are manipulating you to be their muscle. If you're really concerned about their safety, tell them to stay off my property and leave me and my daughter alone. You want to do a good deed? Arrest that asshole for threatening to rape my daughter over the air. You know, the one that is complaining to you about the response any man would have given him after making such an outlandish threat on the air? You see, he's probably NOT telling you what HE said. 

I'm sorry, any man that comes on my property with the intent to rape my daughter, after making the threat he wants to rape my daughter, is going to have one hell of a bad day the minute his foot touches the first riser on my porch. 

Also, I have posted here screenshots of texts I have been receiving from some ham, who got my cell number from the local ham club, threatening to take care of me and my family. I have shown the actual texts to a deputy. THAT IS CYBERSTALKING. One of your deputies was supposed to come here and get a statement from me, and the videos of what is happening. He never showed up. I'm starting to wonder now the influence members of the Blueline Amateur Radio Club has in your Police Department.