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Totally Lame Mock Drill

All dressed up and nowhere to go!

The above term is a term these Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) cop groupies do not like hearing. I've tossed it out in conversation before and their reaction was comical. I'll touch on this later.

On 19 October 2018 at approximately 2000 hrs, I monitored the Friday evening cornhole/what are you bringing to the potluck? net. It was during this net where I learned our net control for that night (N0MSW, Jimmy) absolutely loves the sound of his own voice. I mean, two announcements were both repeated as if anyone monitoring could not understand the english uttered by the originator of the message. Let's not even touch on his ranting about Baofeng possibly becoming banned in the United States. Be careful what you wish for guys. If they're banned half of you will never be able to afford a new radio again. We still have one moron out there saving (for almost a year now) to buy one! This hobby is attracting some hillbilly trailer trash it seems. Sorry Ken. I know that hits close to home.

That is when AG5LR ( Hoover, William A, 7554 Debbie La, Lake Charles, LA 70607) came on and announced that there would be a mock ARES dril Saturday, 20 October 2018. They will be simulating a plane crash and a cold front with kung action tornado passing through the area. It was apparent KG5SBA ( Forrest, David P. 1338 Sutherland Rd, Lake Charles, LA 70611) was sporting some serious hamsexy wood over this. After all, he eagerly keyed up and practically screamed "can I play too? I took the class!" 

I would be derelict in my duties to snap this club into shape if I failed to mention how I had to sanction KG5LR on the repeater one evening when he (as the regional head of ARES supposedly) declared an emergency one evening on the 146.730 machine. The emergency? He was wanting someone to go to the scene of an accident that was already cleared by local law enforcement and direct traffic until a tow truck cleared the area. You can imagine how I jumped this stupid cop wannabe for announcing what could be considered a false mayday. The need of someone to direct traffic is not a life threatening situation. I'm sure if the police thought they needed someone to direct traffic they would have assigned one of their own to do just that.

  Of course I have last night's net video recorded because I was going to post snapshots on this page about the repeater being far enough off of center to cause problems with PL tones opening the squelch on the receiver of that POS machine AE5LB begged to be put back up in place of a perfectly working Yaesu repeater the club just recently purchased. The whereabouts of this missing System Fusion repeater are still unknown of course. I suspect it is now KI5EE's (Kirby) 444.225 private repeater. Anyway, I think the mock net turned out to be somewhat funnier. Well, more of the LACK of a mock net.

The net was scheduled to start at 0900 hrs Saturday morning. I monitored the 80 meter frequencies mentioned, the 40 meter frequencies mentioned, and the local machine that was supposed to be used for the skywarn geeks to play along. NOTHING! I mean really, absolutely nothing. Now, there may have been some activity on the HF frequencies but I'm not really set up to xmit on HF because I rent so I was monitoring with a Solarcon A99 which isn't much of a receiving antenna beyond 21 Mhz (15 meters for AG5LF). I had to make that note for AG5LR for a reason which I'll reveal in a bit.

At around 1000 hrs I hear KG5SBA calling out to AG5LR on the 146.730 machine. At this point I want to make it clear the machine appeared to be working fine. No answer from AG5LR. KG5SBA started calling on the Sulphur 145.350 machine. It was then that AG5LR responded. KG5SBA asked if he was going to take skywarn check ins and if not he was going to go ahead and "secure my station". Secure my station, really? I love this shit! Now they're military! I guess QRT doesn't sound official enough. 

Back to the story. AG5LR announces he couldn't get into the Lake Charles machine and it must be down. N0MSW gets on and says he checked the Lake Charles machine and it was, in fact, down. Funny because it was working fine at 1000 hrs and I announced my call on the machine to double check and, well, it was working. I guess anything to make that retard AG5LR feel better. After all, he's cop groupie prime. 

Everybody around here wants the recognition as being a cop groupie/storm chaser groupie but no one is willing to get off of their fat ass and ACTUALLY DO IT. Not one check in other than "I wanna play" KG5SBA. 

This is sort of funny. This is when AG5LR starts announcing that the HF net was on 7.262 MHz and he wasn't sure if that was 80 or 40 meters. Now for some of you who are not radio operators (I'm starting to doubt AG5LR is much of one) I would not expect you to know that our 3 MHz allocation is our 80/75 meter band and our 7 MHz allocation is our 40 meter band. AG5LR holds an Extra Class license and he's demonstrating he knows less about ham radio than a 1990s Technician No-Code license holder. This is what happens when these Extra "lites" are allowed to spawn. Good thing I was sitting on the toilet and blowing smoke out of my cracked window when I heard this. Definitely sped things up.

I'll post the audio file as soon as I'm able.

Added treat! Before AG5LR returned the Sulphur repeater to normal use, I guess he got tired of waiting for his storm spotters to wake up, he announces that the ARES Net has moved to 8.878 MHz. I'm no expert in frequency allocation beyond what is allocated to my license, but I did a quick search on the FCC's website and found that 8.878 MHz is at the top end of the AERONAUTICAL MOBILE band. Laura Smith, I hope you're monitoring this site. I have the audio posted on this page. This guy is either a complete retard and can not read simple numbers or this net was seriously OUT OF BAND. Hey Laura Smith, deal with it. This audio recording is pretty much a confession.


KC5CSG "Bluewaffle".

Notice the Logo? It's ribbed for their pleasure.
Notice the Logo? It's ribbed for their pleasure.

N0MSW having to tell AG5LR 7.262 MHz is 40 Meters

This is today's modern Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator folks. Downright pathetic wouldn't you say? Laura Smith, I hope you're proud of yourself.

AG5LR announcing the net moved to 8.878 MHz!

Seriously people. This guy is really stupid! 8.878 MHz? This is in the Aeronautical allocation! He's either stupid or operating seriously out of band. Laura Smith! Get him!