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Seems to be some hostility over being forced to move.

Booted from the safety center?

My fellow waffles!

There seems to be a little trouble in W5BII's paradise. Ever since I have retired and been home, W5BII has held its monthly meetings at the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana building located at 1201 Ryan Street. It appears to me that this has changed because of this club's dubious activities directed toward a certain family (mine), and the City of Lake Charles has caught wind of it and want nothing to do with this club which has been acting as a criminal gang (organized criminal activity does imply a gang).

For the last several months (I'm spitballing here because it seems to be around six months) this club has been hosting its meetings at a new recreational center located in Westlake, LA. This is significant because this would mean the majority of the club members (who are old enough to be approaching death any day now) would have to negotiate either of the two bridges that cross the river. Now these bridges are notorious for being congested because of plant activity and the seemingly endless construction that occurs to keep these two relics from falling. So it is really safe to assume they would not have considered moving their meeting spot from such a cherry location here in Lake Charles. Of course, I've stated before I'll never make accusations on this site without any valid evidence, but a little birdy that knows quite a lot around here whispered in my ear, recently, that my assumptions are pretty "spot on".

So we can safely assume certain officials with the City of Lake Charles has viewed my website and have had to hang their heads in shame because Lake Charles is small enough to where a lot of those officials are good friends with these punks that operate as a gang and are pretty much allowed to harass whoever they feel the urge to harass without consequence. Booting these morons out of the Safety Council Building is a logical cover your ass maneuver. After all I'm sure a councilman would feel embarrassed if a ballsy reporter from KPLC (these pussies have none) should ask why would the City of Lake Charles give a support mechanism to a group of people that have been acting in the capacity of a criminal gang for the last two or three years. 

Posted in the picture above you can see the expressed anger from Chris Boone (WB5ITT) over the move. Notice the little comment saying he was creating a place where certain people cannot go to keep their sensitive messages hidden? We all know those certain people include me and the few people who have walked away from this club. Why would these messages have to be kept hidden? Oh, maybe because organizing events where you convince members to go to a person's house to harass them and threaten them is a crime known as STALKING maybe?

What makes all of this even more disturbing (or humorous) is the fact that even though this club is full of diptard thugs, KPLC portrayed this club in their Hometown Heros segment obviously either not knowing what this club is doing or not caring what this club is doing. Oh the politics that reign in Southwest Louisiana. You have to love it!

de KC5CSG 

Hertz Investment Group

It should be noted that the Hertz Investment Group (The organization that owns the Capital One Tower where W5BII's two repeaters reside) has been notified of this club using their property as a launching point to organize criminal activities by this club. Of course, they handed the matter over to a local who works for them to investigate. An email from this guy basically informed me he personally knew members of this club for over 20 years and he's surprised they're acting this way. He never took me up on my offer to provide him with the videos and recordings of these guys doing what I have informed them of. To date, this club still has access to that site and are still using it to urge people to come over to my residence to harass us.