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I guess I'm not banned

Net conducted 8 Sep 2017

Audio proof of Ken Talkington accepting a check on me despite claiming they have requested I remain off their repeater through registered mail. Also, Ken acknowledges my check in later in the net as a valid check in, and Ken Talkington even calls for me REQUESTING I KEY UP ON THEIR MACHINE AND BROADCAST TRAFFIC! Again, how can they claim I'm banned? Even the FCC has informed them they can't ban me from the frequency. 

About the above audio recording

Am I banned or not? That's the question.

About six months prior (rough estimate) to this net, this club supposedly sent me a registered letter banning me from using their repeater. However, I can say with all honesty that I have never received such letter and the fact it was sent registered I would love to see them produce the form with my signature accepting the registered letter.

Anyway, I was feeling a little mischievous when this net started around 8:01 PM and figured I'd see how they would react to me checking into their net. I fully expected Ken or one of the older gentleman to lose their minds. What happens during my check in to this 8 September 2017 net follows:

At 7:57 PM I checked into the net and Ken Talkington accepted and acknowledged the check in. Sorry but I forgot to include this part in the recording. I'll fix that later.

At 8:04 PM Ken acknowledges all the people who have checked in so far to include KC5CSG which is ME! No mention I wasn't welcomed even though they have been claiming to law enforcement they have banned me.

At 8:09 PM (About seven minutes into the recording) Ken Talkington even goes as far as call for me, invite me to key on the repeater and requested traffic from me. So, again, how am I banned from this repeater? 

Am I only banned when they want me banned? If so, am I going to receive a schedule on the dates I'm banned and the dates I'm not banned?

So how can you tell law enforcement a person is banned from talking on your equipment when YOU ALLOW THE PERSON AND REQUEST THE PERSON TO USE YOUR EQUIPMENT???  This is no different than a woman allowing the husband back in the house despite the restraining order still being in effect. After all, these girly men do give me the impression of being victimized little women when they WANT TO BE SEEN AS VICTIMS AND LIKE THOSE WOMEN, THESE SNOWFLAKES SURE DO KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. The only difference is these ladies have figure out a way to do it without showing one bit of cleavage! 

I posted the remainder of the audio recording to show that no one questioned my check in, acknowledgment, and request for info FROM THE NET CONTROL Despite the claim that I was banned.

Ken Talkington aka AE5LB

Also known locally as the club's amateur lawyer and /or "The Weasel"


This guy is the douchebag elite! Ken Talkington (AE5LB) is the reason for the animosity that has plagued the repeater in Lake Charles, LA. For some reason, this man runs the SWLARC even though there exists a due paying club membership who are supposed to have voting privileges. 

  • When the club decided to install a Yaesu System Fusion repeater on 147.730, this idiot insisted on establishing a rule that anyone deciding to use the digital mode to talk first key up on analog and announce they were going to be using the digital mode for a conversation. Never mind the fact that hearing the digital noise rush is evidence enough that a digital conversation is in progress. For some reason the club yielded to his demand. It is unfortunate that Ken used this stupid rule to harass anyone that dared switch to digital.
  • Even though we disagreed with the rule Ken had a hand in establishing, we would ID analog and announce our intention to go digital. Supposedly to give people without digital capability time to turn the volume down on their analog rigs so they would not be bothered by the digital noise. We could be 10 minutes into the conversation and this idiot would turn on his radio, key up in analog, switch the repeater back to analog, force us to either switch to analog ourselves or try to re-establish our digital link , and claim he did not hear us announce we were going digital (probably because he was not monitoring when we made the announcement) and then go on a rant on how he hated the mode and believed the FCC had it wrong when they determined that C4FM was a legitimate mode on Amateur Radio.
  •  Ken is also one of those hams that hide behind a P.O. Box. Demonstrating his lack of testicles, instead of declaring his physical address on his amateur radio license he takes advantage of the FCC allowing him to use his P.O. Box. Makes it easier for him to talk shit with a little less worry someone will drive over there and shove a microphone up his fat ass. A problem remedied when he was jamming a friend and me on 146.500 MHz one day. I had a buddy in Westlake track him to his pathetic trailer located at 504 Goss Road, Westlake, LA.
  •  Was instrumental in organizing a surprise vote to have the digital mode shut off on both the Lake Charles and Sulphur repeaters. The vote was not announced and only a fraction of the club appeared (typical for regular meetings and most people work and have lives) and voted. They acted on the majority of a fraction of the membership voting and turned off the digital mode on the Lake Charles repeater. The fact the Sulphur repeater was left as is sort of demonstrates this vote was allowed just to shut Ken up and try to keep the peace with the digital crowd. This sort of left anyone investing in their expensive digital equipment holding the bag. There was no voting via email allowed. It was put out that if they wanted a say, they should have showed up. I countered their argument, publicly, that on issues as important as this the majority rules attitude was wrong, and the vote should have been disseminated electronically and a unanimous decision should have been required since this club charges dues for membership. I was told, by Ken, that since I was not a member of the club my opinion did not matter. Wrong! Those two frequencies that club has assigned to that repeater and the other frequency pairs assigned to the other two club repeaters are the property of the amateur radio community in whole. They are not the exclusive property of W5BII and every ham in the country has a valid opinion to offer. These frequencies are the property of the American citizen and they are only entrusted to the FCC for regulation.
  •  Violated an agreement, on several occasions, that the Sulphur repeater remain digital capable (with much less geographical coverage) for anyone wishing to use a repeater in digital mode. Ken would take advantage of the Automatic Mode Select on the repeater and key down on his radio in analog mode every time he heard digital noise on the repeater. This would switch the repeater to analog while someone was keyed in digital mode which would disrupt the conversation between the two digital radios using the repeater. Any request made to the club to have Ken stop this practice was ignored.
  •  Ken was caught by Mark (KE5HSW) purposely calling CQ in analog over a digital conversation in progress one evening while a group of us were using the Sulphur repeater. When Mark confronted Ken about his intentional interference Ken explained analog transmissions took precedence over digital and he could do that all he wanted. He also added that if we all (the digital crowd) had a problem with that he would have the digital shut off on the Sulphur repeater as well. Talk about a cocky attitude! This is where the war started. A lot of hams, currently, were having enough of Ken Talkington's bullshit and the club's unwillingness to advise their club member to act right and legally.
  •  Continued to interfere with digital communications on both 146.500 MHz and 146.520 MHz and consistently claimed he thought it was just "static" he was hearing. This is an excuse that may fly the first few times it happens, but anyone can hear the difference between C4FM (Fusion) and 4FSK (DMR). They have distinctive sounds and neither sound all that much like static. If he is this stupid, then how did he get a license? Again, all requests made to the club to sanction Ken were ignored.
  •  Purposely keyed over me on the club analog repeater having conversations with hams passing through Lake Charles. Claimed since I was asked to not talk on their repeater he had the authority to interfere with me. Wrong! It is illegal to interfere with ALL conversations on the amateur bands and, according to the FCC, there is NEVER a valid reason to cause interference. Even if an unlicensed person is illegally using an amateur band frequency, it is illegal to add to the situation by jamming. According to Part 97 (the bible the FCC has given us) you are to report violations to the FCC when you notice them. You are not to engage in vigilantism on the air by taking the chance to play "radio cop" and start your "enforcement" driven jamming session. ALL JAMMING IS ILLEGAL!
  •  Ken demonstrates his lack of knowledge in matters concerning interpreting Part 97. He is convinced, as with other members of this club, that since their repeater uses two certain frequencies their club OWNS these frequencies and therefore they can engage in jamming activities with anyone they see fit to jam. Part 97.101 (b) is quite clear in communicating the FCC will never assign any frequency to any station for its exclusive use. The last time I looked, a repeater is considered a station.
  •  To keep the fire burning, Ken likes to now claim that the only problem he had with digital fusion was "there just wasn't enough people using it". He tossed this jewel out when he had the nerve to request the club invest in a DMR digital repeater and I, of course, pointed out his past disdain for the digital repeater THEY ALREADY OWN!


The reason Ken hated Digital Fusion:


  • "I cannot afford to buy a Fusion radio right now and feel left out of conversations". That's right folks. He said this one night when he tried to use the sympathy card to stop us from enjoying a new mode.
  •  "I don't believe it's true digital because it's superimposed on an analog signal". Yes, this is Ken trying to flex his intellectual muscle and doing a pathetic job of it. I guess that means there are NO true digital RF modes! Even digital by wire uses good old-fashioned AC and DC voltage that is either phase shifted (AC) or pulsed (DC). So, according to Ken, digital just doesn't exist. What a fucking moron.
  •  "I cannot monitor the activity on the repeater, so it should not be used". So what? Other hams with the equipment can monitor it and the owner of the repeater was in possession of a Fusion capable radio so he could monitor it. Ken is not the sole entity when it comes to monitoring a repeater. No ham has any more clout than the other. 
  •  "The FCC should not have legalized Fusion so, as far as I'm concerned, I can key up over digital communications all I want". Again, Ken assigning precedence to certain modes that do not exist and the club, members of which obviously monitored these transmissions, did nothing to correct him.
  • Main reason! He was too cheap to buy a radio. Which is why he is on DMR now (irony huh?). Because you can buy a TYT MD-380 DMR radio for $60.00. 

Ken Talkington's hypocrisy:


If there was ever a digital mode the FCC needs to ban, it's DMR! For the simple fact that hams can obscure their communications in two easy ways. Obscuring your communications, deliberately, is illegal according to Part 97. Since almost all current equipment available for amateurs to use for DMR are Part 90 (Business band), they take advantage of features DMR allows that are legal to use on THOSE bands. Talk groups and encryption being the two culprits, they can be used with success to hide communications from observation. Using talk groups that are "secret" and not in other operator's code plugs effectively hides a communication. Now, you can upgrade the firmware on some of these radios to operate in promiscuous mode (sort of like a NIC on a computer) to monitor all talk groups effectively solves this problem but, most hams today are not technically proficient enough to do this.

Encryption! These radios allow fairly strong encryption to be used on them and this works! It is not as strong as the modern AES method but it's strong enough to prevent any ham from cracking the hexadecimal code that allows for billions of combinations. Due to the nature of radio communications, it would take months for a person to capture enough packet headers to crack the code.

The FCC does need to specify only certain radios, without these features, be allowed to operate on the amateur bands. The radios should not be capable of encryption and talk groups should be published or standardized for this mode be used. I've seen a lot of abuse in this area already. 


See AE5LB's FCC License her

"I'm so glad my wife convinced me to shave my wart for this photo".
"I'm so glad my wife convinced me to shave my wart for this photo".

Apparently this club has friends in the DA's office

Hmmm...How would he know this?

This is Ken expressing his anticipation of my November court date one month BEFORE I went to my arraignment to learn of it myself! Sounds to me these guys have connections in this DA's office. Proof they're doing this to shut me down and not for justice for AJ being "victimized" by me. 

Just for shits and giggles folks. This guy cracks me up!

Thinks he knows everything, doesn't know shit!

Ken, in his unmatched wisdom, proclaiming Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway system for trucker and not noncommercial traffic. THE INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM WAS BUILT FOR THE MILITARY SO THEY COULD DEPLOY QUICKLY WITHIN OUR COUNTRY! You should hear his views on disabled veterans! 

Ken's Lair revealed!

The castle of Ken Talkington (AE5LB).
(Courtesy of Google Maps).


No matter how tempted you may feel, please do not attempt to pull the "flaming bag of poo" trick at this QTH! That fire trap will be engulfed in flames in 5 minutes! All ken would be left with is two axles and a ham shack.  You may view this awesome abode in the middle of Westlake (also known as shitville) Louisiana. Make sure to toot the horn as you drive by. Loud noises help with driving the roaches out of that tin can.

(Courtesy Google Maps).