For quality control, we record all repeater usage and directed networks.

They told me you were hiding the donuts!



11/12/2019 Jimmy Miller or David Forest harassing me on VHF Single Side Band.

11/10/2019 AJ Powell recorded on channel 19 CB creating a recording of a fake conversation between me and him. I have not transmitted on CB since 2015.

11/7/2019 Posted rape threat targeting my daughter broadcasted during a conversation on the Lake Charles repeater. You may click here to get to the page where I posted it.

11/5/2019 As promised 2 years ago boys and girls, I’ve posted the official SWLARC response to Barry McCall coming to my home and harassing my daughter and me in person. This club put him up to it and now the shame is haunting them. What they didn’t know, until now, later that night when all of the older club members (Elmers) were on the air jamming me, playing tones, and sending vile messages over the air using a text to voice application I WAS RECORDING IT! This is why this club is freaking out over this website! They know all of the harassment they’ve dealt me, my daughter, my brother, and just about any other ham who dares defy their nonexistent authority over ham radio has been recorded, and at any time, can be posted. Also make a note that the text to speech application sounds like the same one that was used to issue sexual and violent threats against my daughter over the repeater. I also have reason to believe that these are being transmitted by the club’s computer guru AJ Powell. After listening to everyone’s radio for over two years I can pretty much tell, but not with scientific certainty, who is who. He’s a strong suspect and since I was using a directional antenna that night and the signal was peaking in his direction I really suspect him. The only other ham I know of that lives along that azimuth is Kirby and I really don’t think he’s going to take the fall for it. I also believe Kirby has a little more class than that as well. You can listen to this club’s reaction on KF5SYN’s (Barry) member page in the “MEMBERS” tab at the top of this page. I sure hope the ADA listens to this as well. I know my attorney probably will. 

11/2/2019 Added an audio clip of Jimmy Miller (on his member page) intentionally interfering with me calling CQ on USB Single Side Band (simplex) 147.730 MHz. The other person coming in faintly sure sounds like that cop AJ Powell.

10/20/2019 Added Jayce H. Broussard (KG5CRB) to the MEMBERS page on this website. Be sure to give his page a read. He is helping me expose how the farmers and various other people are using Baofeng radios to conduct their business illegally on the MARINE VHF frequencies in and around the Jennings, LA area. My thanks to Jayce for coming clean. NOTE!!! I have taken the time to report this to the FCC, so the farmers in and around Jennings may want to purchase some quality CBs since the CB band is the band the FCC gives us for that purpose.

The much anticipated OCTOBER 2019 NETS page has been created and the start of this month is a real hoot! I suspect members of the Orange, Texas “freebander” group is responsible for this gem. If you have any questions about the “freebander” group you may contact James Farrar (KE5ZQK) since he has said, on the radio and in the past, that he is a member of this group. This is a must see. Also, I added two terms to the GLOSSARY that helps explain what “freeband” and “freebander” is.

Remember! We, Bluewaffle Industries, make it our mission statement to keep you informed!

10/14/2019 Added an audio clip to KC5JMJ’s page where you’ll hear Josh Johnson cussing on the repeater and knowingly talking to an unlicensed person using another ham’s callsign in Jenning’s, LA. That person is Jayce Broussard (KG5CRB) who handed the radio to his unlicensed friend and allowed that friend to use his callsign. This is NOT proper procedure on the amateur bands. KC5CRB also discussed how Baofeng radios are being used by hams/non-hams to transmit on the MARINE BANDS. Also illegal. Yes! I did step in and correct the problem since none of these so called sticklers for the rules bothered to do so. You can enjoy this drama by clicking on the MEMBERS tab and then clicking on KC5JMJ (Joshua Johnson). Enjoy! 

10/13/2019 Posted an interesting net conducted 8 September 2017. This net was conducted roughly six months AFTER THE CLUB CLAIMS I WAS INFORMED OF BEING BANNED. During this net, Ken Talkington (AE5LB), accepts a check in from me, acknowledges my check in as valid later in the net, and then later requests traffic from me. This is basically inviting me to use their repeater despite the claim that they have banned me six months prior to this net. You can hear this net on AE5LB’s page in the members tab at the top of this page. 

Also, I discovered a recorded conversation between AJ Powell (KC5AJP then KG5UHD) and Dane Robinson (W5KRO) who is the very ham operator who came to my house trying to tear down my antenna, scared the living daylights out of my daughter, and charged after me when I stepped into the street to get his license plate number. I’ll keep it for LEGAL use when that day comes. I mention this because I suspect "Mr. Innocent" is claiming he hasn't talked to some of these people or know them as comrades. CAn we spell PERJURY? Of course AJ Powell has nothing to fear. I get the impression Sulphur Police Officers are allowed, or even encouraged, to have off duty relationships with people who have clearly established they’re violent and are capable of driving over 100 miles to attack a person and his private property. 

10/9/2019 So far, in October, the nets have gone off without a hitch. I’m amused over this because they have been going off without a hitch ever since I posted the audio file showing Joshua Johnson (KC5JMJ) causing the interference the club claims is me. I suspect Ken Talkington (AE5LB) was in on this as well. So, after I post an audio file of one of their members jamming the club net ALL OF THE INTERFERENCE STOPS! These guys are dumb. If I was them I would have kept up the illusion just try to slow down the process of people figuring out the truth! Way to go guys. Proving every day just how stupid you guys really are. 

10/5/2019 AJ POWELL TRIED TO HACK MY PHONE THIS WEEK! I describe the event on his page in the “MEMBERS” tab at the top of this page. Seems like AJ is trying to clean up his history a bit before I mop the floor with his ass in court.

9/23/2019 Added James Davant (KE5TUC) and KC5JMJ (Joshua Johnson) to the members page. Be sure to check out these douchebags! Added tonight's net as well.

9/17/2019 Because this club likes to  pretend to conduct hurricane nets, no hurricane net was declared today for TS Imelda.  Probably because it hit during a weekday and not the weekend.

9/14/2019 Greetings my fellow waffles! I have created another page for your enjoyment. Also, I created it with a very special person in mind. I like to call him Mr. DA man. I’m sure Mr. DA man is going to love browsing though these “Greatest Hits” I have come across, converted, and posted for everyone’s listening pleasure. So far I have found a recording of KB5BLG (James F. De Mass Sr.) threatening to come to my home with a “Marlin” rifle after advising me to do something questionable with my 12 year old daughter and talking about how my brother and me are going to be slapped around soon. Also, and oldie but goodie, K5CNU (James Romero) explaining in great detail about how he loves violating federal law by speeding through Calcasieu Parish with an illegally installed and undetectable Valentine radar detector in his commercial vehicle. That’s a super big no no people and also an extreme safety hazard this man is presenting to families and individuals sharing the interstate with him. I’m sure Mr. DA man is going to feel very comfortable about the quality of character of the people he’s representing against me, a man who has to do what he can to deter this very same garbage from coming to his home. I have to because his Sheriff’s Department isn’t doing it. Oh, he’ll deny it because he’s a good cop, these are some of Officer AJ Powell’s chat buddies and these guys are part of the crowd this club has put together to harass me. You can see all of this by going to the STRANGER THINGS tab on the top of this page, click on it and you’ll see a page in the drop down labeled ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Click on that bad boy and enjoy! I will add content as I find it. Again, these are not victims. These guys had a good old time harassing my daughter and me for two years now. Isn’t it funny how they didn’t feel “threatened” until I created this website and started posting recordings of their conduct? Hmmmm………. 

9/13/19 Hey waffle fans. Posted new material in the MORE RECORDED NETS/SEPTEMBER 2019 NETS page. Appears I got hold of audio proof that these guys are jamming their own nets in order to accuse me of it. You’ll have to scroll past the article where they refused to take a report of a tornado from me which is rather lengthy. I discovered a recording of KC5JMJ (Josh) where you can clearly hear the guy that was whistling on both repeaters being in the same room with him. Seriously, you can actually hear the guy coming through Josh’s microphone. Apparently someone underestimated the sensitivity of their microphones. Apparently Ken Talkington (AE5LB) knew of this as well because if you listen to the audio clip of the net on the Lake Charles machine which was conducted as I recorded Josh’s audio clip, you’ll notice Ken makes it a point  to express that there is no interference occurring on the Sulphur machine. Their attempt to make it appear I’m jamming both has backfired on them. I knew something was up when Ken was screaming “he’s interfering with emergency traffic” on the Lake Charles repeater. This over them jamming a ham repeating a weather forecast about a storm in the Carribean that had very little chance of entering the gulf and presenting any danger to us. Does this sound familiar to you? Sort of like reporting interference to a hurricane net that never existed? These guys never learn and now they're appearing desperate. I have to wonder if they’re hearing things from certain people they don’t like hearing. I would say I’m ecstatic over this find and I’m laughing my ass off over this pathetic attempt to frame me, but I don’t want to get charged with CYBER GIGGLING!  

9/7/2019 Added to the September 2019 Nets on the More recorded nets page.

9/2/2019 Okay! Tonight was an interesting night. First of all, I don’t know if these guys actually believe people are dumb or not but tonight’s attempt to frame me was absolutely pathetic. Ken Talkington must really believe he’s the only person that can monitor the repeater’s input frequency during nets. I was monitoring both the input and the output (recording the output really as usual) and I didn’t hear one station trying to transmit over ANYONE DURING THIS NET. Something else, why is it Ken’s radio can magically pull out a weak signal over a monster signal jamming the repeater? If the interfering signal is significantly stronger than the other signal to the point it overrides it to the repeater then how is Ken’s radio able to pull it out? The transmitting signal in LC being jammed is closer to the repeater than Ken so that signal would be even weaker for Ken right? But somehow, Ken can clearly hear all signals on the input past this supposed jamming signal WHILE NO ONE ELSE CAN and….ALL OF THE DAMN TIME!

This moron, Ken, keys up over a station very rudely saying it was being jammed anyway to get net control to explain to an amateur that was too stupid to get into the repeater on his own. You can't make this shit up people! You’ll love this cluster fuck when you get to it in the recording I’m making a point to post tonight.

You have three repeaters here that are analog. 147.730, 145.350, and 444.300 MHz. You notice that 145.350 and 444.300 NEVER GET INTERFERED WITH??? REALLY!!! Yet they insist on going to a repeater for their nets they claim that is prone to being easily jammed. Yet, magically, no one ever jams those other two repeaters ensuring their nets do go on as usual but they still get to claim they were interfered with. Do these people believe we are all stupid? I mean, I know the god damn cops in this town are obviously as dumb as a sack wet cement to fall for this, but most people I meet are smarter than cops. They are deliberately jamming that repeater and constantly pinning me as the culprit. Otherwise, they’d just do the entire net on 145.350 MHz or 444.300 MHz. 

And what the hell is wrong with the net control’s (Jimmy Miller) radio? Remember when I said I heard strange noises in some of the interference? This is what a dogged out power supply sounds like when you abuse the hell out of it trying your best to aggravate people. I honestly think this is one of the “offending” radios. Good try you assholes. Tonight these guys made themselves look stupid. Again, if you believe these people are technical experts who are honorable, then please go back to the top of this page and take a good look at the picture I have posted there.

8/27/2019 Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of new content, but I have a bit of good news. I took care of the financial arrangements that will ensure the domain name will belong to me for the next 5 years and the website will remain for the next 5 years as well. This is in case something unfortunate should befall me. Even in my absence, new material will continue to be added. Check back soon as I'll start to go through my recordings and start posting again.

8/20/2019 I would like to thank the club members for helping me prove a point last night. Yesterday morning, before I left out for work, I posted I was looking forward to that night’s net. NO INTERFERENCE OCCURRED because of that announcement and here’s why:

At least two hams associated with this club know, firsthand, I’m capable of jumping in my vehicle and driving up on them. Once when I noticed a strong signal near my house jamming the repeater and I spotted him at the end of Sandra Lane. He recognized me as soon as I turned onto Thorn Lane when I was trying to creep up on him to get a pic of his license plate. He took off at a speed that is totally unsafe for the road he was on. He also blasted the stop sign at the end of the road which intersects a street with a curve. Totally endangering himself and any person, to include children, on or near the street.

The second time one of the morons was parked in Prien Elementary School’s parking lot. I would not have noticed him, but my sudden appearance at the stop sign of my street and Nelson Road must have spooked him. This guy actually laid rubber coming out of that parking lot, shot down Nelson heading south. I was about 300 feet behind him when he ran the red light to turn left on Sale Road. By the time I got a green to get onto Sale road he was gone!

I will not do this anymore. These guys are crazy, and I can only guess it’s some of the younger members seeking to gain points with the older cowards who are instigating all of this. I’m not going to be indirectly responsible for getting anyone hurt. In fact, I don’t even want to see these idiots hurt themselves.

So, when I announced I was looking forward to the net I was hoping they got the sense I was going to go on patrol again. No one showed up and no one jammed the repeater. This proves they’re watching my website, which they hate, and they’re planning this turmoil.


8/19/2019 Looking forward to tonight's net. It's sure to be a hoot!

8/16/2019 Ah! Seems like Ken Talkington is flipping his lid as of late. Again, he’s been recorded accusing me of being a terrorist with no substantial proof and accusing me of jamming the repeater with no substantial proof. A hunch is not proof. A gut feeling is not proof. Past altercations IS NOT PROOF. 

I sat here tonight, monitoring this net, because I had a feeling that whoever’s been messing with them lately may strike again. My hunch was right. Immediately Ken indicates that it’s me jamming the repeater by referencing the PROPOSED $18,000 fine the FCC PROPOSED from over a year from now. Notice I emphasized the word PROPOSED? Well first let me include the following excerpt from the Louisiana Cyberstalking law:

(3) Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another and to knowingly make any false statement concerning death, injury, illness, disfigurement, indecent conduct, or criminal conduct of the person electronically mailed or of any member of the person's family or household with the intent to threaten, terrify, or harass.

Ken has no proof that it was me jamming tonight. Yet he knowingly and falsely accused me of violating the law (indecent and/or criminal conduct) when he claims I was jamming their repeater. Furthermore, broadcasting I was fined by the FCC $18,000 is a bold face lie as well. I was proposed a fine of that amount over a year ago. I filed a rebuttal and proved this club lied on several occasions and proved I had no VHF equipment in my car the night I encountered the FCC agent. The FCC has not advanced this case to a FORFEITURE ORDER because the FCC knows they have no evidence to prove I was intentionally jamming this club on the night of the encounter. They know there is no way the DOJ will even take the case. So, with that being said, I am INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and the burden of proof is on the federal government. Ken telling people I have been fined is a lie and therefore slander. Broadcasting, over the air, that I am a TERRORIST (again, with no proof) is a definite harassment of me over the air and cyberstalking. Now, if he tells people I was PROPOSED a fine he would be telling the truth.

One of the questions I’m going to ask the judge is why none of these people have been hit with cyberstalking charges. Ken’s constant false accusations of me with no proof over the radio clearly violates the cyberstalking law. I feel harassed. Also, you can tell Ken Talkington is deliberately trying to bait me to key on my radio and rip into his ass. He is trying to get me to argue with him. That is a form of harassment as well. I have a threatening text message on my phone from someone in this club with a phone number attached to it, but the DA says there isn’t enough evidence to pursue it. Yet a voice recorded (one time) on the radio is proof enough to go after me. In this text message my family is threatened as well, which violates the cyberstalking law. I cannot go anywhere on a band I’m fully licensed to talk on without these guys either jamming me or driving around my house as if they’re agents from “The Shop” PHYSICALLY STALKIKNG ME! I have lost count of how many videos I have handed over to the sheriff’s department with nothing being done about it. I cannot help but to wonder if some of these guys are personal friends of this DA or Assistant DA. Our DA is a MARINE which has me floored over here. This guy should have pretty decent ethics, so I’m inclined to believe that a personal favor is being cashed in with either the Assistant DA or our Sheriff. Again, it will all come out in court and that day is rapidly approaching. I am not going to be intimidated off a radio service I am licensed to talk on. They are bringing a fight to the wrong person.

So, Ken, keep falsely accusing me on the air and I’ll keep making you idiots famous on this website. The recording of all of this will be in the August section of the More Recorded Nets Tab. Enjoy!

Note! Ken Talkington indicates at the end of the net that the usual texting that occurs after these events will occur. Couple this with the fact that this club is obviously organizing a terror campaign against me along with harassment through law enforcement, it will be perfectly reasonable for me to request my attorney to request that the email accounts and text history of every member of this club be subpoenaed. After all, this is all going to a trial by jury. I’m also rolling around a change of venue since the assistant DA and local law enforcement appear to be involved in this as well.

8/14/2019 Posted the havoc that is tonight's net night in the MORE RECORDED NETS/AUGUST 2019 NETS tabs. From what I observed (easily done since I hardly open my mouth) I saw four different signals pounding BOTH repeaters. Seems there are more players than I thought. Two would key up their radios on the input (I was actually watching the input frequency on my spectrum scope) and two signals were clearly visible and very coordinated. I'm thinking they were probably on the phone with each other. I had enough time do tone scans and both were transmitting separate tones which is probably producing a beat that closes the receive squelch on the machine. I don't expect Ken to be smart enough to figure this out because he can't wait for the opportunity to blame everything on me which he does several times tonight with absolutely no proof just pure assumption. Both signals were pretty high in power. One was roughly 15 dB over an S9 and the other was touching 40 dB over S9. You can hear other smaller stations in there trying to jam as well during the times the machine came back up and I'm sure Ken clearly heard this. Also, two stations were on the Sulphur machine. one was putting out an S7 digital signal and the other was putting out an S3 on the input. I do not think they were intentionally jamming but it's possible they were just having a normal conversation with their radios Automatic Mode Select turned off to keep their radios from being forced to analog everytime Ken and his buddies would intentionally key over them. That's right, seems the club was deliberately interfering with a digital QSO again, but that's okay because according to Ken his communications takes precedence over everyone else's. 

8/5/2019 Sorry guys but I have those times where I come home and just do not want to mess with anything electronic except my 70" TV. Honestly, I haven't even monitored the nets from last week. They are still on the scanner's SD card. I did manage to get some CW contacts on 2 meters (below 144.100 MHz) and since I was left alone, the need to post anything remained low priority. This week I'll download last week's nets and post them simply for the people who go there to see how they sound getting into the repeater (honest signal report). Won't be tonight because I'm expecting a call from my daughter where I'll probably spend 2 hours talking about kittens, puppies, boys, and school supplies lol!  

7/28/2019 I think it was yesterday that I announced that I’m willing to donate a Yaesu FT-2900 75 Watt 2 meter mobile to the Westlake Fire Department. The offer still is on the table. However, if there is no need for the radio at that entity, I’m willing to give the radio to any of the younger ham operators in the area. Doesn’t matter if they’re a club member or not since I do not hold young people to their poor judgement if they are members. It is a legitimate offer and with no strings attached. I’m not looking to seek forgiveness, nor do I feel the need to seek it. It’s just I have this outstanding radio that is sitting on my desk and it is never used and I could use the space to place a tuner or another dual band Fusion rig there. This offer is not extended to any of the older “elmer” type hams since they should be financially able to buy this radio easily. I hear quite a few younger hams around here trying their best to get into the repeater with their Baofeng and it has sort of made me “feel for them” so to say. Any interested party can contact me through email at the bottom of this page or figure out a way to shout at me on the radio. I monitor 146.520 MHz often as well as the repeaters. Just get on there call for me, tell me to QSY to 146.520, or better yet 146.500 MHz so we’re not tying up the national call frequency, and we’ll arrange a time you can come pick it up.

7/27/2019 I do have last night's net recorded and I'll have it posted for all to enjoy (or go to sleep to) sometime this weekend. I did listen to the recordings from earlier in the day yesterday while a group of three or four morons tried to troubleshoot the radio located at the Westlake fire station. On moron didn't even know how to adjust the RF power output on his radio. Apparently the radio at the fire station has gone tits up. Now the Bluewaffle may be an abrasive personality but everyone who knows me knows I like to commit one charitable act one time per year. I have a Yaesu FT-2900 (hardly used but slightly dusty) I would donate it to W5BII on the condition it only be used to replace the radio at the Westlake fire department. Not to be used for gay ass ECOM euphoria by being placed at the NWS "command post". I think keeping AL on the air is worth a $130 loss.   

7/24/2019 Well tonight is no disappointment if you like drama from the elder man queens in the SWLARC. First of all, my scanners are 30 feet away from my transmitting antenna. There is no way I'm going to risk permanently desensing  the receiver sections of two $500 scanners just to record me messing with you with my FT-2900 (75 watts) which is the ONLY radio I have that could possibly knock David off the repeater. Also, if I were keying you would hear a ton of audio artifacts in the recordings and not the dead silence you hear.

Ken Talkington is a damn liar when he reported he heard an audio recording being played. ANYTHING to make it appear it is me doing it is on the table with these guys, to include lying knowing damn good and well they're being recorded. That's why he said that. He knows I record them.  I can say for a fact they were being interfered with, but unlike them, I cannot say who it is just like they can not beyond guessing. Since I heard a second and weaker source of interference towards one of David's last transmissions I'll GUESS it was the two parked over here on Sandra Lane my neighbor and I spotted last Monday evening. I guess they didn't report back to the club they got spotted. You figured it would be important to notify you guys I have a witness now. My neighbor and I are still trying to guess the sex of the piece of shit sitting in the red compact with the glass/lip mount dual band antenna.

7/22/2019 I guess today would be a great time to give some bored hams some helpful advice. If you're going to drive up and park close to my house and jam the repeater I can tell from listening to the scanner that you're close. I guess your intent is to make it appear the transmissions are coming from my location. Here is where you fucked up (driver of the red compact), you left your lights on which caught my eye. You didn't even notice my neighbor and I walking by you because you seemed to be pretty preoccupied. NOW I HAVE A WITNESS. To the driver of the black PT Cruiser looking vehicle loaded with antennas, turning your lights off as soon as you spotted us, doing a three point turn in the middle of the road and hauling ass is a dead giveaway. Again, I have a WITNESS now. Fucking morons. Tonight was a good night to not drink and stay awake. 

7/19/2019 Posted all three nets from this week. I will note they are boring but contain a few moments that will give you a chuckle. I had an interesting conversation last night on the telephone with a female friend I have in Texas who goes through my website and offers me advice on what to leave up and what to take down. She and I served together on Fort Hood and retried within 6 months of each other. Basically Army buddies. She made an observation that completely evaded me, but what she says makes sense. Her take on this club is you have two groups within the club. One group are the close good old boy buddies and the other group are the less intelligent simpletons that are easily manipulated. Her impression is the more intelligent group is jamming their own repeater to provoke the lesser intelligent group to commit violent acts towards me. This being the case, the more intelligent group is probably telling law enforcement that whatever acts have been aimed at me wasn't their doing but the more roguish elements within their club. In a sense, the elders may be in a position that will cause them to screw over "lesser" members of their club what that day may arrive.

I never thought of this! Intelligent woman. Maybe that is why she has access to my website and will ensure it stays up if something should happen to me. This ensures that certain officials who may later want to run for public office (and they almost most certainly do) will have to explain why they supported and represented a group of people who launched a terror campaign against a family. They'll have to explain why they targeted the victim instead of the offenders. 

7/17/2019 I will post Monday's and Wednesday's net tonight when the Wednesday net is complete. Well, that is if I make it through without going to sleep. I posted "something to tide you over" in the July Nets page. What's interesting in this recording is a certain young op being concerned, all of a sudden, about "hum" being present in his radio's audio. Not much long after I noted the hum present in the recording I have of an operator playing a synthesized voice on the repeater talking about having sex with my 12 year old daughter.  Not saying it's him, but it damn peculiar. To be fair, I've noticed the same hum on one of N0MSW's radios. Like I have been saying for 2 years now, these guys are not victims. This just hit me. It's one hell of a coincidence that, since I noted that strange hum on these transmissions, the usual interference has STOPPED!

7/16/2019 I have last night's net on my HD this morning and will post it later this evening when I get home. I'm actually amazed the NWS will thank a group of 16 people for storm spotting from the comfort and confines of their living room. I'll let you be the judge. I was actually awake during this net because I was calling CQ on 146.52 MHz (The National Simplex FM Call Frequency, and NOT a supplemental frequency for club or net usage). Again, I will remind these club members and their lackeys that I AM A LICENSED AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR (with and active license) and I am protected from their interference just as much as any other ham operator. Didn't take long for me to notice Ken Talkington (the smarmy little shit weasel) directing a young ham, who's new to the area, to go there for a conversation even though I know Ken monitors this frequency and knew damn well I was there operating. I have a recording of this and a recording of me totally ignoring him and continuing to call CQ. This guy tried to involve some guy who has no dog in this argument. I'll have to give the guy credit, I think he picked up on this and didn't respond to Ken's transmissions over mine. What's even funnier Ken gets back on the repeater and announces the conversation couldn't go through and asks Jimmy Miller to give him a landline (phone call). Oh I guess he's going to try to spin this as me interfering with him. This shit weasel reminds me of a vindictive woman lashing out at her estranged husband.

7/13/2019 Good afternoon my fellow waffles! Posted part one of the "official" Tropical Storm Barry ARES/Skywarn net last night (or maybe early this morning). You can find it under the MORE RECORDED NETS/TROPICAL STORM BARRY NETS tab. Listen and judge for yourself. You will start to form a mental picture of the personalities that make up this club. The gem is when David Forest (KG5SBA) rants on about how he was on a statewide conference call (maybe his first time so he feels really important now) AND THEN FALSELY CLAIMS THE TROPICAL STORM IS TRACKING WEST! Immediately this guy craps all over any credibility this club may have had. Total misinformation. Does this guy think he's the only one that can get on the internet and access "official" NWS weather bulletins and forecasts? 

You all will definitely want to check back tomorrow (Sunday 7/14) and listen to the recordings I have today of this pathetic joke of a Skywarn these dipshits have conducted. The 0800 start was missed. It actually started between 0815 and 0820. Total lack of commitment and professionalism, but hey, these guys put the amateur in Amateur Radio right? All AG5LR does is activate the net. He doesn't do a roll call for any storm spotters so he left the net not even knowing if he had a net out there to begin with. No deployments so I guess if there was one or two people wanting to play they had to report what they were seeing outside their window at home or what they were seeing coming from the NWS on their computer or through their weather radio. Again, a few old dudes talking about what they hear on the radio. 

Another gem was given by David Forest today. He totally lost his composure on the repeater today around 1700 hours because no one was wanting to play. AG5LR had to go to work which left him stuck holding the repeater out of normal use. I guess he believes community service is all glory and no sacrifice. He went on a rant on how the younger hams should be willing to step in and help. Well, they don't want to. The younger hams have families, kids, chores, and anything else life requires that keeps them busy. Most of all, they're recovering from last week's work and trying to please a family and rest up for next week's work.  You don't get on the repeater and chastise the FEW young men willing to help your old pathetic ass. I can tell poor Jimmy Miller (N0MSW) wasn't too pleased with this because Jimmy knows David just gave me what I need to prove my point about these sanctimonious ass clowns.They serve no purpose. They are truly legends in their own minds. Even when given the chance to prove their worth they blow it. What's even more amusing is I have people (plural) texting me and laughing over David's meltdown. You guys are being laughed at.

By the way! Where are the following personnel? You know, the ones that really have a hard on for all of this ECOM bullcrap:

Ken Talkington (AE5LB). You can't shut this motormouth up on any other day. 

AJ Powell (KC5AJP). This is super fuzz people and the most vocal on "back up coms" and "emergency coms". Where is he at today?

Josh (KC5JMJ) who I also refer to as "brain cell". 

Aris and Lucky.

Hell, the entire 50 person membership of this club?

The entire membership of the BLUELINE AMATEUR RADIO CLUB. These are supposed to be public servants in real life!

Considering how these glory hounds portray themselves to their cop buddies and any reporter then can trap, you should have roughly 70 people fighting to get on that repeater to "pass traffic" or deploying out there ACTUALLY SERVING THIS COMMUNITY! Bluewaffle is tossing the BULLSHIT CARD on the floor at their feet. I know a good con when I see one.

More to come! 

7/11/2019 Just watched the news this morning. As I suspected, this system is probably going to make landfall farther East than expected. Better luck next time guys. Anyway, I know I've encouraged other people to jam the hell out of this repeater in the past.  I would like to ask that, during this event, you hold off on that if you were considering it. Agitating these people while they believe they're employees of the state could cause them to come to my house again and my tolerance for that has pretty much been eroded away. Besides, one of these morons may accidentally save a life which is something I would never condone interfering with. This isn't to say they'll activate their designated jammer to give them reason to scream I'm interfering with their "official" net. Now, once the event is over have at it. 


7/10/2019 Man I was right! This club sure did not disappoint tonight! First, the kid, KC5JMJ, sounds like a burned out drug head. Now, I’m not saying he’s a druggie, but he sure sounds like one. I know a few people from high school that sounded just like this kid. Considering he makes his living rigging lights for the casino concerts and probably DJing it’s safe to assume who makes the money in that household. Being a guy, I’d have to have an escape to live like that. To give credit where credit is due, a female friend of mine was here while this was playing on the radio and she's the one that pointed out possibility the kid wasn't pulling with both oars possibly due to a certain magic plant. Now she wants to come back Friday night to catch more of this as it happens. Thanks guys!

The net control sounds like he's not all there either. He stumbles through his official preparedness net while other members key up over each other. Total clusterfuck boys and girls. Then towards the end there he hears this mysterious WD callsign that no one, including me, heard. Maybe him and “the kid” hang out a bit eh”

Then the ARES coordinator gets on and makes it a point to mention he was in meetings at the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (a new hard on phrase for whackers) and fails to mention that the Governor has issued a statewide declaration of emergency. Funny how the entire town hears of this almost as soon as it happened (I know my buddy texted to me at work) yet this ARES Coordinator, who was at the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY meetings, didn’t get this info. Was he sleeping? Dreaming of chocolate drenched donuts dancing around a reflective vest?

Here is how serious these guys are about preparedness. All the ham equipment at the National Weather Service is in state of disrepair. Some of the equipment (on loan) has been recovered and isn’t there. What’s left is either not working or they don’t know how to work it. All the coax from the building to the towers/antennas has been ripped out. It’s been in this condition for years. Listen to the net. You’ll hear that the station at the weather service is not in operation. If these guys NORMALLY did this, that system would be in top notch shape.

The only repeater in town with emergency backup power is down. The DMR repeater located in Westlake. That means all three of the club’s repeaters (2 VHF, 1 UHF) repeater will cease to function if we lose power. What happens most of the time when a hurricane hits? YOU LOSE POWER! Their attempts at establishing a simplex network didn’t pan out. These people are to broke to buy decent antennas!

I plan to continue recording these nets (Tonight’s is posted) because in a hurricane we could all use a little humor. Hell, these guys cracking this lady up and a box of wine might help me score big time! Again, thanks guys! Notice how they were told not to self-deploy? That is because the Department of Homeland Security knows they have a group of morons backed by a national union of morons (The ARRL) they have to cater to, but don’t want to waste time and resources needing to rescue these retards should they be sent out on their own in a hurricane. Geeze! I still can’t believe our ARES coordinator for this region didn’t know about the Governor’s declaration of emergency even though he was at the meetings at the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. What’s crazier is the fact that all of this was announced on the LOCAL NEWS! None of these “first responders” in this club “spinning up” the net thought to watch the damn local news? HAHAHA!!!

On a more serious note. I like Charlie (N5NXD). I chit chat with him on occasion on 3.900 MHz before I head out to work. So Charlie, if you need a radio, I have a Yaesu FT-2900 you can borrow for this event if you need it to participate. Just shoot me an email or tell me in the morning on HF. I can either bring it to you or you can swing by here to pick it up.




7/9/2019 Posted last night’s net for your enjoyment my fellow waffles! I got sort of a chuckle because I got the first hint of whackerness during this net because of a low pressure system near Florida standing a pretty good chance of developing into a tropical event. How much of an event remains to be seen? This event may finally prove a point I have been trying to make for years now when it concerns these ECOM/EMCOM whackers. You see, this club has this community duped into believing they are some important volunteer asset during disaster events such as tropical systems and/or other severe weather events. They all take their Skywarn training, get whatever gear they think is needed and then pretend to be first responders. In reality, since most of them work, They never show up when these events occur. The ones that have the time to show up are old and retired. Getting them off their ass to exert themselves isn’t going to happen, but they love telling everyone how great and important they are!

This may change now. I have already made people aware this group did nothing when Hurricane Rita devastated this area. Even their repeater fell victim to that monster. They lied about a hurricane net on their repeater when Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall. I actually have the entire month recorded centered on the date Cindy made landfall and the repeater being in normal use the entire time and no emergency net being established proves this. Now, I’m going to make sure those REPEATERS (notice the S there) are monitored and recorded. I’ll bet, as usual, there isn’t any ARES nets established. No storm spotters deploying to their go to sites to be the eyes and ears of the NWS. If there is, I’m sure we’ll get to enjoy the pathetic attempts of this club trying to prove this website wrong. Oh, these are interesting days indeed. It’s time to put up or shut up. I sure do hope Jimmy tops off the tank of his hurricane evacuation re entry vehicle!    

7/7/2019 My fellow waffles! Sorry it took me all weekend to post last Friday’s most important club net. I know some of you are going crazy trying to figure out where the herd is going for their next dinner. Anyway, I’ve been sort of busy over the weekend cleaning house a bit and hosting quite a few people who suddenly remembered me and stopped by. I also found the time to wire up my CW paddle and have been on the lower portions of the HF bands brushing up on my Morse Code. Yep! This operator has over 200 CW contacts and 99% of them on 15 meters for some odd reason. 

Oh, the net. Listen if you like but it’s only 10 check ins, an announcement of where this group of losers are going to meet for dinner (probably to coordinate and get their shit straight about me) and wipe out the buffet line. Going by the look of some of them I will not be surprised if they’ll have to disinfect the men’s restroom when they leave. I will also like to note that someone must have told them to stop with the jamming and blaming it on me routine. It’s been very civil lately. Of course, I’ll encourage ANYONE to jam the hell out of that repeater. Don’t worry, they will not track you. They’ll just say it’s me! You can even use my call sign (KC5CSG) if you like. Just don’t get caught because it’s illegal. 

Speaking of illegal, I have noticed a little glitch with the Lake Charles repeater. In fact, this little glitch has been apparent for a little over a year now. About 50 minutes after each hour, especially at night, that repeater likes to key up for a second with an unmodulated FM carrier then it drops. NO IDENTIFICATION SENT either. I guess you can see where I’m going with this. This repeater has been transmitting without properly identifying every night for over a year. This is not the first time this club has had issues. The repeater used to announce the time every hour and would not identify. Took me forever to get them to get that fixed. Also, there is either an automated routine that likes to key up and announce a link to Beaumont and then a little later another announcement announcing the link is dropped, and NO IDENTIFICATION. I wonder what part of Part 97 where it says ALL TRANSMISSIONS have to be properly identified within 10 minutes and at the end this club doesn’t understand.

Of course, every time this repeater does this my scanner catches it (although the recording is silent) and creates a new file with the date/time stamp. So far, I have HUNDREDS of these. Okay guys, you’re slipping on the PROTOCOL here. Let’s get it fixed before I’ll have to report your asses to the FCC. Get that machine under compliance or shut it down until you can figure out how to properly maintain a repeater. You can start by buying a decent controller you cheap pukes! 

7/4/2019 Good morning folks! Posted last nights net for your enjoyment. Well, I’ll have to admit you’d have to be damn bored to get through one hour of this grumpy old man contest. I do have to admit that the nets are becoming more boring as time progresses. Seems that their hired agitator they use to slander my callsign is taking a hiatus. I was wondering when the time would come when they feel they’re pushing their luck. They are either worried about my website displaying their CB like behavior or they’re worried the FCC will drive up on them and bust them trying to frame me. Hard to say it’s me jamming the repeater when you’re busted doing it yourself eh?

Anyway, I take great pride in knowing I had a hand in mellowing out this club. If it wasn’t for this website, and me, this club would still be treating the young hams they constantly desire like crap. I’ve never seen a group of people bitch and moan about needing young men in the hobby to save then treat them like second class citizens once they get them licensed and on the air like these hams do. Oh, it’s not just here, but I’ve never seen them get physically violent like these guys here in Lake Charles do. 

I’m going to have to apologize about not posting the last net. As usual I was napping when the net started at 2000 hrs. I normally wake up at around 2100 and that’s when I pop the SD card out of the scanner and move it to my computer. For some reason I woke up early, and thinking it was around 2100, I popped the card out in the middle of the net that was in progress. In keeping with my policy to never posted edited content, I decided not to post it since a lot of the net was not captured. Hence edited in my book. Not to worry though, it was mostly two old dudes talking about the comparative strength of galvanized and stainless.


6/28/2019 My apologies to my followers. Friday night I found myself chasing other “interests” and it involved quite a bit of alcohol and having to “listen” quite a bit. Yes, I do have priorities. Posted Friday night’s net. Not particularly interesting, but the age of this group is apparent. Proves the point I have been trying to make for years. These old geezers and their pretense of providing “Emergency Communications” to the community is what is killing this hobby. They perpetually prepare for disasters to feel as they’re “official” in some way, yet they NEVER DEPLOY when an emergency occurs. Then they get mad at people who tell them "Oh STFU and quit pretending to be something you're not and let us use the bands for what it was intended for which is talking among ourselves and advancing the hobby". Key word here is HOBBY. It's just a damn hobby. It was not intended to be the public service band for AMATEUR FIRST RESPONDERS.


This group DID NOT provide any service to the community when Hurricane Rita obliterated this area. They did not provide anything to the community for any tropical event prior to that. Time after time we have had several thunderstorms come through here, all with the slight potential to produce a tornado, and they never bring up their SKYWARN. Why? Because their SKYWARN is a paper SKYWARN. They have a few people trained, but it takes effort to DO what you take classes for. You must get up off your fat ass, drive to where they need you to put eyes on and INVEST YOUR TIME. This group is all mouth and no action. They have the important people of this community duped into believing they’re an asset. In all actuality, this club is a territorial gang not above gang like activity directed towards anyone who dares call them out for their bullshit.

This website has them baffled folks! Now they’re so worried about sounding like the group of CB operators they really are they’re afraid to key their mics. They wanted me gone because I supposedly broke all their protocols but now, they’re having to follow these very same protocols themselves and they don’t like it. Oh, KG5SBA didn’t follow proper PROTOCOL Friday night because he didn’t properly clear his final transmission. You see? These recordings show how they don’t mind if they break the rules but will use the rules to try to silence a person’s voice who is calling them out on their nonsense. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones right?

The Blueline Net! I will post last Thursday’s Blueline Net as well. It seems, since they’re no longer allowed to air they’re the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Department, they don’t want to play on the radio anymore! These desk jockeys, jailers, and junior deputies can no longer grab a radio and feel like they’re an actual cop anymore. What’s the fun in that right? All that badge flashing they used to do has come back to bite them on their ass. Now, they must go pretend to be real cops somewhere else hence the lack of participation now. Little birdie told me this Blueline club has been reprimanded before behind this type of behavior, but I’ll stress this is from a source I cannot vouch for so I may be wrong. I doubt it though.

6/24/2019 Posted two audio clips of Ken Talkington running his mouth on 146.520 MHz simplex. The first (short) one proves that this club is using the cyberstalking claim shut me down and that they're not actually intimidated by my actions on the radio. It also proves someone in the DA's office is feeding this club information about my court case. This man knows my November court date ONE MONTH BEFORE I got the date at my arraignment! Some people need to learn when to keep their mouths shut. Posted on the "MEMBERS/AE5LB" page.

Also, tonight's circus net (Monday night net) is posted on the "RECORDED NETS" page.

6/21/2019 A little birdie has made me aware that certain members of the club are doing a swell job of convincing people that recording them on a ham radio or Citizen's Band frequency is illegal. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! Posted under the "STRANGER THINGS" tab is a page called 47 US Code 605. At the very end of paragraph (a) it is very apparent it is legal. I boldfaced the font so even certain college educated Hillary voting assistant DA's can understand it. You're welcome.

6/20/2019 Another threat issued to me on the repeater today. I'm not surprised since some of these club members appear to know all the right people and they are allowed to do anything they want to me with no repercussions and if I say anything or assert myself I'm hit with felony charges. I'm not going to post it because it doesn't seem to matter anyway. Like I said, this club can do what they want. I do love how Ken Talkington immediately jumps on the repeater and pretends the transmission was weak and that somehow means it didn't happen even though the threat to kick my ass is quite clear. It will come to court with me though and it will be sent to the FCC.


6/19/2019 I’m noticing a change to the way people announce they’re on the air monitoring in this club. It used to be “DE AA5AAA listening” or “DE KE5ABC monitoring” or just plain “DE KC5CBA”. Now I’ve noticed “de KC5AJP listening on 73” or “DE AE5LB mobile and monitoring on 73”. Why the change you must ask? I mean, I have two years of recordings that show this club never announced the frequency they are monitoring on. After all, if you can hear them, you’re pretty much on the frequency they’re on and you are aware of it.

Oh! That’s right! I have a recording of Ken Talkington (AE5LB) interfering with one of my digital communications that was being conducted on 144.144 MHz USB but he was trying to make it sound like it was on 146.52 MHz by saying he was on 146.52. The fact the club will jump on the bandwagon to make it appear this is the SOP around here to take focus off Ken as an agitator speaks for itself. The fact a Sulphur Police Officer will participate in that as well speaks for itself too. Oh, even if I was transmitting digital on 146.52 it’s perfectly legal and Ken is still wrong calling CQ on top- of it. The channel belongs to who’s there first Ken. Learn your bandplans. You guys are acting like well coordinated children now.

 Evening time Well this is annoying! I stayed up to post tonight’s net only to get some moron playing music. These guys know that if they play music, I won’t post it because they complain to my server host about copyrighted material being posted. These guys are certified douchebags. What really kills me is they’re going to blame me as usual lol! As usual, if anyone is interested in tonight’s net, I’ll send it to you upon request. Tonight, was just plain funny. I love Ken’s assertion that “the rogue operator” is always being watched. Again, sounds like a pack of STALKERS to me. 

6/17/2019 A few people have emailed me wishing me to post the nets sooner so tonight I'll try to stay awake long enough to accomplish that. To the person emailing me threats, grow a pair and use a real email address and not a temporary anonymous email account....coward!

6/16/2019 Ordered a Whistler TRX-2 yesterday. This scanner is capable of monitoring and recording DMR and is capable of promiscuous mode out of the box. Gone are the days this club can violate every rule in the book on that DMR repeater and keeping it hidden by using unpublished talkgroups. Some of you guys are going to have to buy FRS radios for your family and friends or they are going to need to test for a license like the rest of us. As in the past, i'm going to sit on these recordings and publish them at the right moment. The reason this is? Well, for two years I have told members of this club I am recording that repeater 24/7. Apparently they didn't believe me. I guess they thought I was sitting by a radio with a voice recorder in hand. They didn't realize I had two RS Pro-668 Digital iScan scanners programmed to record automatically to their internal SD cards 24/7. I guess that why they went crazy with the fake victimization when I posted this site and started posting the recordings. I'm not a bullshitter. When I say I'm recording you, you can bet your ass you're being recorded. Oh, I have three RS Pro-668 scanners now. When the TRX-2 arrives I will send one 668 at a time to Whistler to be upgraded to scan and record DMR as well. Hey, we all have to upgrade from time to time right? Don't worry, there will be no drop in recording coverage since the TRX-2 can handle the gap created by a missing 668. 

A few weeks ago I issued a challenge to this club that remains unanswered. This club claims to be a critical asset to this community by providing emergency communications for this community during its time of need (emergencies and/or disasters). All I asked for was for someone in this club to tell me what, in the last 20 years, have they done that justifies that claim. We had Rita and we all know this club didn't step up then. So when has this club even activated a REAL skywarn? Hell, when has this club even HAD A REAL SKYWARN! I stated I would dedicate a page to that event and publicly eat crow. That's because they can't. This club, like many others, loves to boast about how important they are when in fact they're of no benefit at all. Most of the members of this club are in no position to volunteer their services when a time of need arises. This has been proven time and time again for the last 20 years. Their skywarn net is three or four old guys repeating to each other what they hear on their weather radio over the repeater and ripping the heads off of any young ham that dares to key up on it to enjoy what he's paying for with dues to the club. There are no storm spotters. Well they claim to have them, but they never deploy either because the claim is a fabrication or most just cannot afford to take time off from work. There are never any REAL observers out in the field. Every hurricane or tropical storm finds them taking care of their own like everyone else around here. This SWLARC is an extreme example of what these ham clubs do. They love pretending to be first responders but when the crap hits the fan they either can't or they don't want to be of any benefit, but they sure want the community to THINK they're all that and a bag of chips. In reality, they're usually less proficient in handling radio traffic than the average CBer. In this case, they're more VIOLENT than the CB clubs. These guys are trying to look impressive by taking a hobby, of all things, and presenting it as a public service. In reality these guys are are making up for some serious issues created from being beat up quite a bit in high school.

6/13/2019 Just got finished downloading and reviewing the audio files from last night's net. The "whisperer" was messing with them again. Of course, someone insinuated it was me (local aggitater) and invited me to submit this recording to the FCC as well. I'm not going to use his name but I will post it up just like I post the rest tonight when I get home. Contrary to popular belief, I do not come home waiting for this net. I have a life and it usually involves a lot of cooking, housework, and listening (pretending to be interested) to adolescent female. My day winds down around 1900 and at 2000 hrs I'm passed out on the couch. Otherwise, these recordings would be posted the night of the net. Whoever you are Mr. Whisperer, thanks! Keep up the good work. As long as they keep blaming me they'll never figure out who you are. I can tell they are about to snap! Which means I better make sure I have the lens clean on my phone camera. 

Also noticed a new voice over the last two days that puts out a few words and then disappears. Good man! I agree 100% but don't get caught expressing your views or you'll be facing the KGB like me lol! I never thought I'd see the day a man can risk prison for verbally reacting to physical threats aimed at him and his family while the people who physically threatened him face no risk.

6/11/2019 I just got back from my arraignment today. I think I got some pretty good news. This charge requires a JURY of six people. Jury trial baby! That means I get to grand stand all the videos and recordings (even the ones where these grown men threaten to have sex with my 12 year old daughter) to a jury of six average ordinary Americans. That means AJ Powell is going to have to actively state his case to these people knowing that these people are aware of the conduct of his club and his lack of ethics. He also runs the risk of perjury. This is not going to be a case of a good old boy judge doing him a favor. See you in court AJ. I hope there is a woman in that jury with a daughter. 

6/10/2019 Posted tonight's net. Sort of boring. Some guy clucking like a chicken to music. Some other guy baiting AJ (not me!). Senile net control. Face it, you have to be pretty damn bored to listen to this.

6/9/2019 Wise man in Lake Charles says "If you talk on the W5BII repeaters you will be recorded and put on the internet. Once on the internet it is forever on the internet. So watch what you say". Bluewaffle will immortalize you. Which reminds me! Go check out the RECORDED NETS page. Just posted a ton of crap on there and I'm not even an eighth of a way through the recordings I have!!! To give you an idea of the amount of data I have collected since 2017 which is the year I started recording these "women", I am just shy of 100,000 .AU files. A new .AU file is created each time a few seconds passes before the next time someone keys the repeater up. If I were to hand this over it would take months, maybe even a year to pour through it.

6/8/2019 UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! I am not going to say how, but it has been CONFIRMED today that the second truck that is in the most recent video I posted on Jimmy Miller's and Officer AJ Powell's pages is indeed AJ Powell's truck. I'll see you in court you no chin Mr. Potato head looking dick head. I love pointing out cops who should not be cops. This is proof AJ Powell is part of the group of people that has been PHYSICALLY STALKING AND HARASSING ME AND MY DAUGHTER AT MY HOME.

 Due to the fact I now have unlimited space for audio, I am now posting ALL club nets in the RECORDED NETS section. You really should enjoy this offering. Simply because this is why this club really playing the victim card. They actually believe some judge is going to violate the law for them and order me to stop posting what they do on a Part 97 regulated radio service when it is perfectly legal ro record their activities and make it public. The FCC has determined that amateur radio operators, as well as certain other radio services, are not protected from this because talking publicly on a radio offers no expectation of privacy. A judge cannot order me to stop as this will violate FEDERAL LAW. If this club wants to conduct a net with privacy protection, well, conduct the net on cell phones or POTS. What's funny is THEY HAVE RECORDED ME as well supposedly so, again, it's more DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO apparently. Considering what this club has done to my daughter and me over the last two years with absolutely no intervention from the police department this club has no grounds to claim they are being harassed. I will endeavor to hold this club accountable for their actions on air and off air when it concerns me, my family members, and friends. 

6/7/2019 Very talkative net tonight. I especially loved how Jimmy (Who obviously is offended over me picking on his creepy rape wagon) describe why he has made his creepy vehicle look the way it looks. Apparently the red light, antennas and solar panels make his vehicle the ideal HURRICANE EVACUATION REENTRY VEHICLE. So I gather we'll all congregate in Moss Bluff cold and shivering holding out hope that Jimmy and his cats run the gauntlet like some modern version of Damnation Valley with his red light flashing waiting for that faint radio signal advising us that it is now safe for us common folk to follow. These morons are like children who have the means to follow their fantasies just enough to get in the way, be dangerous, and definitely humor people like us. People, make no mistake about it. When a disaster strikes none of these childish weekend "first responders" are going to be there for the community. They will be like everyone else. Looking out for their own families, their own selves, needing to work, out of power and food just like everyone else. Just like they have always done in the past. Sure, some will show up at EOCs in the area with their hard hats, reflective vests, Hand held radios with a half charged battery and a bag of cheetos. Usually standing around for the opportunity to stand in front of a news camera to prove how relevant he is.

Jimmy Miller and Ken Talkington are talkative fuckers. I am getting the impression they're trying to fill my SD cards in the scanners I have set on those machines 24/7. Good luck Jimmy. Each is 16 Gig and all three scanners have a fresh new one, still in the wrappers, waiting to replace the ones that fill. Considering the SD card devoted to the LC VHF machine is only 1/4 of the way away!

6/6/2019 In the past I have openly noted that on most of the derogatory broadcasts I have captured there was an odd hum in the transmission. I attributed it to a bad power supply, cheap radio, or sloppy station design. This morning when I was listening to the files I captured from yesterday (6/5/2019) I noticed the same hum in N0MSW's radio. The recordings do not lie. Of course this isn't concrete proof of Jimmy's involvement but it's pretty damn peculiar. A judge may think so as well. Oh, and guys, I'm still recording. Want to know what I'll be doing after our battle in court? I'm still going to be recording your activities and posting for all the world to see. Why? Because I can and it's legal. Because for the past two years you made me your project. Well, now you're my project. No matter who you cry to NO ONE can order me to stop. I know my rights and, well.... you picked on the wrong person. 

ALSO, was reviewing my recordings of the SULPHUR REPEATER and came across some interesting broadcasts between the 10th and 13th of May. It's a guy who sounds remarkably like KI5ESI calling CQ over and over again on the repeater with no usage of a call sign. Maybe because he was playing with his radio before he tested for his license which is broadcasting  without a license and illegal, but what is most interesting is he also does a broadcast with a voice changer or Text to Speech Application. So now I have two possible adult males making sexual (lewd) remarks aimed at my 12 year old daughter. Will post the files soon. Will be sending these to the FCC as well. Oh, I have three separate scanners and each one is programmed with a repeater and a limited number of simplex frequencies. That's right, 146.73, 145.35, and 444.300 are all recorded 24/7. 

6/4/2019 Just posted the net that was conducted  6/3/2019 which is last night. Talk about a group of low brow ass clowns. A must listen. Posted in the "Recorded Nets" section. 

NEWS FLASH!!! Just posted a new video of Jimmy Miller (N0MSW) and one of his buddies stalking me at my house. I stepped out with the phone when they first passed by and you can see them stopped wondering what to do. Poor Jimmy even backs up a bit looking for another way out. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS WRONG!!! So who is the second vehicle in the video? Wouldn't it be poetic justice if that second stalk vehicle is being manned by none other than AJ Powell himself? You can see the video at "MEMBERS/N0MSW". If anyone recognizes this vehicle it would be appreciated if you'd email the information to me. Thanks.

6/3/2019 I have recently switched to a lighter beer which means I can drink the same amount with much less buzz. This gives me time to express some more thoughts on the recent situation with this “club”. 

Every bit as glaring as the sexual innuendos tossed at my daughter and the past visits to our house with the intention to intimidate or destroy property is the lack of regret or remorse from the so called pillars of the community that make up this club. Think about it! You have grown men sexually threatening a 12 year old over the air on their repeater. You have other members of this club coming to our house and NOT ONE OF THEM HAS EVER GOT ON THAT REPEATER AND CONDEMNED THIS BEHAVIOR. Not one person apologized or expressed remorse for the fact that for one year this club has harassed a child.

ONE OF THEM IS A SULPHUR POLICE DEPARTMENT POLICE OFFICER AS WELL!!! It’s apparent the Chief of Police for the Sulphur PD does not hold his officers to a high standard of ethics and morals and the fact AJ Powell still has a job there and seems to be enjoying some protection offered by this Police Chief makes this obvious. This is a police officer that is admitting to belonging to a group of people who have actively declared a mini war on a family here in Lake Charles. An officer who knows every bit of what has been going on in this club and an officer who, at no time, told his club members “hey guys, I’m a cop. You really need to stop doing this”. A cop who has never reported sexual threats towards a minor to the police as well nor did he do his job as a police officer in this area. A cop that has a child of his own and a WIFE! I don’t know about his wife buy my ex-wife would have made life miserable for me and demanded I find another hobby if the group of guys I hung out with sexually harassed minors. Seems the hobby and the Sulphur Police Department has its fair share of trash in it. From the chief and down.

And for what? Because they claim I jam them when they want to say “I can hear you” on the repeater? Well, that’s what they are claiming. Even though, I have recordings of them jamming me, that seems to get ignored. What they are mad at is I’m bringing a lot of negative publicity to their precious club. A club that has been perpetrating a fraud for two decades now. A club that tells the news media and anyone who’s interested that they’re here to serve the community. Well, when was the last time this club has actually served this community? I cannot think of one event when this club dedicated their time to this community when this community was in need. Hurricane Rita? From what I hear, repeater was down and most of these hams here were looking out for their own families and business. This is perfectly normal, but hardly SERVING THE COMMUNITY. Hell, a person asking for directions on this repeater is met with silence 99% of the time. I’m exposing this club for what it really is. Four or five good old boys that are duping 45 other people into paying dues to finance that repeater for their private use. Oh, the club members can use it NOW. Thanks to me, but before I brought this to everyone’s attention if you talked more than five minutes on that machine and you were not of the “chosen five” your ass got reprimanded. Usually by Arus Young for “chit chat”. Now, they turn a blind eye to it…. For now. I'll tell you what, if someone sends me info proving this club has actually served this community other than saying they serve this community or repeating what they hear to each other what they hear on the weather radio, I'll dedicate a page to the act and eat crow! 

Like women, they try to manipulate law enforcement when they fail at physical attempts to intimidate me. False reports to the FBI, flat out lies to the FCC, attempts to capitalize on local law enforcement’s lack of knowledge of radio to do their dirty work are all on the menu for these people. THEY EVEN TRIED TO INCITE THE LOCAL CB CROWD INTO VIOLENCE TOWARDS ME AND FAILED.  It really says a lot about this club when even cbers exercise more restraint and display more maturity and intelligence than an amateur radio club!

All because they know they can no longer get on their machine and do what they want to do without me RECORDING IT. This is driving these guys batshit insane! More to come when I feel like typing!!! Oh, I am going to post tonight’s “retard” net. Oh my god it was pathetic. 

Being the gentleman I am, I always allow people to prove me wrong and I don't get all bent out of shape when I am proven wrong. So, I'm going to allow a week or two to go by to allow a certain person to do the right thing. Then, I'm emailing a link to this website to the Mayors of Sulphur and Lake Charles, LA.

6/2/2019 As promised, I have posted a video of the recordings of this club allowing sexual threats aimed at my 12 year old daughter through their repeater. I have posted it in the "RECORDED NETS" section. You'll see the link at the top of this page. I will avoid posting recordings in audio format from this point on. Soundcloud only allows a limited amount of free time to host and I'm not about to pay $144 a year when I can use youtube for free. So, from this point on, I'll have to put my audio recordings in lame slide shows to present them to you via youtube. I would also like to brag about the fact my site has just hit 65000 views! Averaging 200 views a day. Not bad for a half ass web project! Thanks for your patronage and it would be much appreciated if some of you would email the Hertz Investment Group and express your outrage over them allowing this repeater to remain in action on their property. Maybe with your help we can hit this club where it hurts. Their precious repeater.

 § 97.101 General standards.

(a) In all respects not specifically covered by FCC Rules each amateur station must be operated in accordance with good engineering and good amateur practice.

(b) Each station licensee and each control operator must cooperate in selecting transmitting channels and in making the most effective use of the amateur service frequencies. No frequency will be assigned for the exclusive use of any station. (There is no exception in part 97 for repeaters. Repeaters ARE just an amateur station just like any other radio using amateur frequencies. The FCC is being lazy by using opinions to justify not holding repeater owners accountable for their behavior}.

(c) At all times and on all frequencies, each control operator must give priority to stations providing emergency communications, except to stations transmitting communications for training drills and tests in RACES.

(d) No amateur operator shall willfully or maliciously interfere with or cause interference to any radio communication or signal. (I have posted recordings of AE5LB jamming and interfering with me while I was operating OLIVIA on 144.144 MHz. I get interfered with on a regular basis by these bozos).

Just a reminder to my buddies at W5BII! I record your REPEATERS (make note of that "s" at the end) 24/7. 

5/23/2019 Sitting here in absolute disbelief this morning. Downloaded the audio files from the scanner I use to record the Lake Charles VHF repeater on 146.730 MHz. More threats launched towards my daughter and me and they are absolutely vulgar. They were put through the repeater (time stamps on the audio files) starting around 5/21/2019 1640 hours. What is even more telling is the fact that there were seven operators using that repeater at the time and NOT ONE OF THEM attempted to admonish that behavior on the repeater. They know who this is and as long as he does their dirty work for them they're more than willing to support that behavior. Now I'm stuck with a dilemma here. Do I report it to the sheriff's Department where nothing is likely to happen and risk the "other side" having time to prepare for it or do I just post it here (oh it's getting posted) and broadside them with it in court. The content will be on this sight between now and Sunday.  Oh, here are the call signs of the operators on the repeater when this happened:

  • AE5LB (Claiming to be enroute back from Cameron)
  • N0MSW
  • KR5JEP (Call doesn't look legitimate but will verify tonight when I get home. CONFIRMED! More Westlake, LA trash like Kenneth Talkington and Jimmy Miller)
  • KC5NAD (Surprising because this man appears to be one of the few decent ones in that group)
  • KI5ESI (New ham apparently. We'll see how long he lasts)
  • KE5TUC
  • KG5YFS

You can go to the FCC ULS website to get their names and station information. This is the reason there are headphones perpetually attached to my main radio and I only review these recordings in the wee hours of the morning when my daughter is asleep and cannot hear this mess. Oh, I will be sending these recordings as well as a report to the FCC, and the Hertz Investment Group since they are the host location for this repeater. What amazes me is the members of this club KNOW I am recording this repeater 24/7. They are either monumentally stupid or stupendously cocky. I really cannot wrap my mind around this. I guess the boredom of an uneasy peace is getting the better of some of them. 

Update: Decided to hold off on posting the offensive recordings from 5/21/2019 until the material is handed over to the Sheriff's Department. So mid to end of next week will be a good time to check back. 

5/17/2019 Sorry I haven't posted much for a while my fellow waffles. I'm just posting this to remind the club members of W5BII I am still recording EVERY SINGLE WORD that passes through that repeater 24 hours a day and seven days a week. I'm enjoying the fact these morons are having to operate by the rules and regulations now and can't act the asses they have over the last two years. You're welcome Lake Charles. 

Also! Just to keep things fair. I like to keep a good contest fair. When that day comes, when one person has to resolve this conflict even though it is an FCC matter, there will be a thumb drive sitting on his desk with every single minute of every day recorded since Sep 2018 up to that point unedited. Every single recording is dated and time stamped. I guess now would be a good time to let everyone involved know that I have also been recording the Sulphur repeater and the UHF repeaters as well. I will also offer the scanner over to have it forensically verified nothing has been altered and edited upon request. 

5/7/2019 Monitored and recorded various members of the W5BII Repeater Club participating in a bicycle race yesterday. I have hours of these guys identifying IMPROPERLY and ILLEGALLY. You are to identify with your ENTIRE callsign, not just your suffix. I guess this gave them the appearance of being cool in front of a bunch of cyclist douchebags. These recording will be zipped and sent to the FCC tonight. What's good for the goose is good for the gander eh? I also heard AJ Powell for the first time in what seems to be a month or two. So, if his wife has told him to stay off the radio, he's sneaking on ma'am. I get the impression he doesn't wear the pants in his house.

4/24/2019 Hell today was a stellar day! I actually had a civil conversation, on the air on one of  the HF bands, with one of the older club members. He didn't show his ass one bit and seemed to be a pretty decent guy. Am I seeing a divide in the club? 

4/20/2019 To everyone that has either received, or is about to receive, their bad news, you can thank AJ Powell and his butt buddies Ken Talkington and Jimmy Miller. Their attempts to manipulate law enforcement to do their dirty work pressed me to reveal everything you have done, and you guys should have known I have a ton of shit you have done recorded and videoed. What I have posted on this website is but a fraction of what I have.

4/7/2019 For a man who does not affect their club in any way because I'm so wrong all the time, I seem to be a driving force for change. Even when I'm not conducting the actions that drive their decisions, they're automatically attributed to me. Hell, I'll take that. Apparently the possibility of their nets being posted for all to see has these guys a bit uneasy. I mean, think about it, being a member of an entity who portrayed themselves as a group of 50 grown men who were reporting to the FCC how they were being terrorized, on the air, by one guy. Getting the FCC all riled up and in attack mode only to have that guy post a website that proves that 50 guy group of thugs are the ones that have been conducting actual terroristic activities and the reports were just another of the many tactics this group deployed as a tool in their attempts to terrorize me into submission and yield to their mighty ham radio authority. I mean, the videos prove this. The recordings prove this. Karma kicks in here because their goddess, a very emotional Laura Smith, has the link to this website and sometimes actually responds to my occasional emails to her. Thanks for introducing me to her fellas! 

I was monitoring the recordings of the net conducted on the evening of 4/5/2019 when I heard N0MSW instructing the club members to put their callsign on the end of each of their transmissions in case they didn't have the opportunity to identify properly (legally) later within ten minutes. That's right. If you key up and say "this is blah blah blah blah blah blah, I have no traffic for the net" and net control goes on to get other people up and passing traffic and you allow eleven to minutes elapse without either IDing again or sign off with an ID you're most definitely violating the laws for proper identification. Hell, I have tons of recordings of this club doing just that. What brought about all of this need to be "by the book" all of a sudden? Well, me of course! I posted, couple of weeks ago, that I was going to post recordings of their nets as they become available to me. This has them rattled. They know they opened up a can of whup ass that is going to be an inconvenience to them for a long time. The beauty of it all is the fact that THEY are now instruments of their own misery. They claimed, to the FCC, they wanted spit and polish protocols on their repeater. Well, now they have to practice what they preach. Does Laura Smith look at my website? Probably not, but she may. After all, she emailed me several times from her personal email account because of these guys. She has responded to emails I have sent to her in the past. Especially the ones where I intended to piss her off. I seem to be pretty good at that. I know she has read the several emails where I have included a link to this website. She may be scrubbing my site, as I type this, looking for evidence to use against me since her very competent field agent botched his inspection of my station. Maybe one day she'll explain to me how I can interfere with an analog VHF repeater with a digital UHF handie talkie, a scanner, and a cell phone which was all that was found in my car via a search I didn't give permission for. By an agent who failed to show me his ID until the very end when I got fed up with it and DEMANDED to see his ID. An agent who told the police officer I could talk on that repeater all I want because I was licensed, and if I identified properly, yet all of a sudden the FCC is wanting to hit me up because I was on the repeater. Hell, so I have to account for the FCC's bad advice? I think not. A very competent agent indeed. Don't worry Laura. That deputy will be under oath when he writes his report or testifies. I really doubt that skinny little worm will jeopardize his career for you.

Anyway, I'm proud to be the driving force for change in the SWLARC's standard operating procedures on the way they will conduct future nets. Even though I'm tempted to post the recorded net of N0MSW explaining these new procedures, that would mean I would have to wade through several recordings and it's Sunday! I just wanna drink a few beers and play on HF with the various sound card digital modes I've become fascinated with lately. To anyone wanting to QSO with me I'm on the commonly used frequencies on 80, 40, and 20. If you wanna say "Hi" I can help you there. If you want to be officially told to "fuck off" by the famous Blue Waffle, I can accommodate you there as well!

4/5/2019 Sorry I haven't posted the last two nets but they were complete snooze fests. I guess even their "agitator" has to worry about getting caught. Apparently it was a snooze fest for the club as well since their "agitator" made a reappearance tonight. I can't post it because the guy was playing copyrighted material over the repeater and I know if I post it, this club will complain to my website host and I'd have to take it down anyway. They've done it before. Believe me, when this site first made its appearance, these guys were calling almost every day for a month threatening to sue them. It got to the point tech support would call me and laugh about all the threats about their supposedly copyrighted callsigns, pictures, and club call. They even filed complaints with my host provider and YouTube that posting those videos of their members coming to my house violated their privacy! Seems like Ken Talkington is not the amateur lawyer he believes himself to be. They have to know who this guy is. His radio has a distinctive sound. You can hear a fair amount of 60 cycle hum whenever there is no input from the guy's microphone. Indicative of a power supply that is fighting to supply more current than it's rated for or a power supply this is on the verge of failing. All they have to do is wait until the guy keys up in a normal conversation and use their ears. Doesn't matter. They'll blame me anyway. Club full of drama queens baby! To N0MSW who was wondering, out loud to another operator who was questioning why the club does nothing about me, the reason Laura Smith isn't doing anything now is because your club has been discredited in the eyes of the FCC. She's got a link to this website, I've sent her all the recordings needed disproving your "hurricane net". I proved you lied to them and they're not stupid. Anyone can browse this site and see YOU AND YOUR CLUB ARE NOT VICTIMS. You engaged me in a radio war. You harassed my family and me and lost all credibility. Like I said before, and you refused to listen, you can't start a fight and then call the cops when you get your ass kicked. I can only guess the reason a few of you are not in deep shit with the FCC is because it would mean the FCC would have to admit they can be tricked by a club full of trailer trash warriors and manipulated to augment their personal agendas. Don't think for a minute the FCC is going to lightly consider handing this case to the Department of Justice knowing all I have to do is stand up in front of a judge and say "You honor, go to and believe your own eyes". Every non-amateur person of reasonable morals is absolutely amazed at what you guys have been allowed to get away with after seeing this site. They demonstrate both disgust and contempt in the club, the hobby, the CPSO, and the FCC after they take the time to look at this site. What's funnier? I think YOU know that is the case here. That's why it sounded like you were about to break into tears on the repeater. Good! So keep getting your buddies to jam the repeater so you can keep tossing my call out there. I'll just sit here and record it and post it here for all the world to see.

4/4/2019 Added a page for Deputy Frederick Dent to the Members drop down menu. His callsign is KF5BYY. Make sure to look at it. The provided audio recording of one of their nets reinforces my perception that the W5BII Club has been allowed to not only terrorize me, but they're being aided by members of the CPSO and the Sulphur Police Department.

Today we're doing something new!

57 minutes of pure listening pleasure!

Admitting it takes a while for me to master certain programs, I finally learned how to merge the many files each net produces on my scanner during each captured net or conversation. Not that l am dumb, it's just that I'm usually so tired when I get home I just don't want to waste time tinkering with it. Most of this is boring but there are some interesting tidbits of retardation that will catch your attention and bring a smile to your face. Such as:

  • AE5LB and N0MSW bitching and moaning about traffic and demonstrating their lousy grammar while trying to sound like subject matter experts. Yes, I thought my grammar was bad. My spell checker works overtime over here.
  • Some guy who is the ARES coordinator for this area admitting he likes to misuse his siren and horn in traffic. Yep, said it right on the repeater. I couldn't catch his call but it's something something 5LR. He's also the guy that called in a false mayday on the repeater last year. Notice he didn't ID appropriately when finishing his conversation and signing off which is illegal. If he's a cop he's misusing his authority and, I really believe this is the case, if he's just an ARES whacker cop groupie he's impersonating a police officer in traffic for kicks. 
  • KA5SUR (Lucky) who always has a shitty signal into the repeater is having issues as of late. Hear him cry on the air about how no one wants to go help his rude ass fix his station. I also have a recording of him on the Sulphur repeater having a fit a couple of nights ago screaming "he's been a club member for 30 years and no one wants to talk to him". A ham for over thirty years and cannot troubleshoot a simple 2 meter/70cm FM transceiver. 
  • You'll discover some of these radio experts can not figure out how to change their radios from Memory Mode to VFO mode. Not surprising since MOST of these so called saviors of society when the shit hits the fan can not even program a PL tone into their radio. Put any radio in front of me I can figure out their simple menus within 10 minutes and REMEMBER it.
  • You'll hear discussion of potato guns to launch weighted ballistics that pull string over tree branches for stringing up antennas. I have recorded evidence one of these was used at the Sulphur Police Department last weekend to put up their HF antenna. There was also some bragging that, not only did the projectile clear the tree, it came down almost a block past the tree. Not even realizing the danger to civilians in the path of that thing. In most cities I have resided in, an air rifle is considered a firearm and discharging them within city limits or in congested areas is no different than firing a conventional firearm. So, ask yourself why the Sulphur Police Department was allowing these idiots to fire a homemade cannon from their station that endangered any person in a nearby neighborhood.

Now, after hearing the posted audio recording of the entire net, ask yourself if anyone jamming these cooks warrants an $18,000 fine lol!


From this point on I will be posting every net this club conducts. Their days of enjoying the luxury of operating in relative obscurity are over with. All of their antics of getting people to jam them so they can blame it on me will be offered here. Every violation of Part 97 will be offered here. The mundane nature of their so called "emergency nets" will be made available here. EVERYTHING THEY DO ON THE LAKE CHARLES REPEATER AND THE SULPHUR REPEATER WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE HERE. 

Of course, there is only so much content I can have available on the site so I will have to remove the recording of the previous net to make room for new recording. The previous nets will be archived and offered to anyone who requests the material. I can be contacted from the bottom of this page via email.

For those of you who will argue this is harassment, it's not. These guys know, every time they key the microphone, they are subject to being monitored by anyone with a radio, a citizen with a scanner, anyone subscribing to a scanner site that streams these repeaters in real time, THE FCC, etc,...

They have absolutely no expectation of privacy when they transmit on an Amateur Radio frequency. In fact, it is illegal for them to try to attempt to operate in privacy on Amateur Radio, which they do by using obscure talk groups and encryption with DMR. They are supposed to be easily monitored simply because the Amateur Bands are self policing. Well, this is me doing my part to police this club. 

Now, just for fun, let's imagine an emergency situation here. Let's say, just for shits and giggles, a monster CAT V storm puts its NE Quadrant over the Sabine Pass which is a worst case scenario here in Lake Charles. The strongest winds of the storm and the wind blowing water up the Calcasieu Pass all the way up the Calcasieu River.  Okay now let us imagine the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department and all the PD's in the parish squandered the taxpayers money (which around here is probably likely) and they really are banking on amateur operators jumping into action to augment their communications. After hearing the intelligence displayed on tonight's net do you really feel comfortable with these idiots being the Parish's "Plan B"? HAHAHA!!! We all going to die LOL!


Net Night baby!

The usual dullards having at it. I know posting this will piss them off to no end and I enjoy demonstrating I do not even have to power up a radio to have an effect on this gang of thugs.

AJ Powell's Son Transmitting Illegally on 2 meters.

Hard to play a victim when you allow your kid to violate federal law

At first I thought it was a female at the Sulphur Police Department transmitting without a license, without a proper announcement of third party traffic, and without a proper name for an ID with the supervising amateur radio operator's ID. 

Imagine my surprise when AJ admits on the Sulphur repeater that it was his son answering on the radio when the other ham was calling for AJ. AJ still didn't identify the operator with a proper name. No member of the club seemed to care to correct this major infraction. It is a major infraction. Operating an amateur radio without a license is illegal. My 12 year old daughter knows NEVER to touch any of my radios, even if she hears a friend or relative calling for me.

I guess I can make the following reports:

  • KC5AJP for losing control of his station.
  • KC5AJP for not properly identifying third party traffic originating from his station.
  • KC5AJP's son for operating without a license.
  • KG5SBA for attempting to continue an illegal conversation with this kid even though he obviously recognized him, by name, and knowing the kid is not authorized to transmit on 145.350 MHz.

I imagine since AJ admitted to this over the air the FCC will be quick to issue the appropriate fine when I get around to reporting it. Since AJ Powell is a "police officer" and subscribes to the view "ignorance of the law is no excuse", he should have no trouble understanding the weight of the problem this presents, Like a friend recently told me, "buying that scanner is the best thing you ever did". Audio proof below. 

Do as I say, not as I do it appears.

Just a reminder, the FCC has determined recording amateur operators is legal hense all of the sites that live stream police and ham radio. This is an audio recording of uncorrected illegal activity on the Sulphur repeater which occurred 3/23/2019.

Busted!!! Ken Talkington (AE5LB) interfering with me

Ken Talkington's continued harassment

Today I was finally quick enough to record this moron (AE5LB) interfering with an Olivia 64/2000 QSO I was conducting with a person near Bell City, Louisiana. Both of us were taking advantage of a mild band opening this morning on the agreed upon frequency for PSK31/MFSK and the various other soundcard digital modes for 2 Meter VHF which is 144.144 MHz Upper Side Band.

Since Ken was blowing me out of the water last weekend on this frequency I wondered if my FM scanner could actually catch this. After considering how wide a voice communication is on FM and the fact that 144.144 MHz is only 1 KHz away from where we conduct digital on VHF I went ahead and programmed 144.145 MHz in the scanner. Ken would have to transmit here if he is using a standard FM only transmitter and it is close enough to catch the noise from our digital operations. My question was if the FM scanner could actually detect the USB signal and boy howdy, does it ever. It's really sounds annoying, but hey THIS IS THE LEGAL AGREED UPON FREQUENCY FOR DIGITAL OPERATIONS.

In the middle of our QSO we started having problems and needing to repeat. That is when I thought to turn on a nearby HT and that is when I heard Ken, on 144.145 MHz, blasting away calling CQ and pretending to call another call in particular. That is when I busted my ass to get to the scanner and unblock this particular frequency and FINALLY! I catch a partial recording of this guy intentionally interfering with me. Then he announces he's on 146.52 MHz even though he is actually on 144.145 MHz intentionally interfering with a conversation I was legally engaged in. Remember when I labeled him a smarmy little shit weasel? Well, this is why. This man went out of his way to find me and he cannot claim to think it was just static he was talking through. First off, you can tell (even on FM) this is a sound card digital mode being transmitted. Also, why the need to lie about what frequency you're on? If you were really on 146.520 MHz then why the need to announce it? Everyone there knows what frequency they're on.

Enjoy it. This is the crap I have to put up with this club member every day. If I complain about it the club only laughs it off or they send people to my house to mess with us. More humorously, they call me a bully or domestic terrorist. This club's leadership (good old boy system) is seriously fucked in their heads.

The audio clip is posted immediately below.


An afterthought here. Ken actually thinks his analog voice transmissions take precedence over any other mode. Even if I was on 146.520 MHz and conducting a digital communication (either sound card or Digital Voice such as Fusion, DMR, or D-Star) if i'm there first, started the communication before he arrived he is wrong to intentionally key up causing interference KNOWING there is a QSO in progress. KNOWING the FREQUENCY IS IN USE. After all, what's the first thing, as an operator, you are supposed to do before starting to call CQ on a frequency? LISTEN, THEN ASK IF THE FREQUENCY IS IN USE. Even though 146.52 is generally agreed to be the National FM simplex call frequency, it is perfectly legal to use any mode you wish there just so long as the frequency IS NOT CURRENTLY IN USE. I guess it's legal to talk FM voice on 144.145 MHz as well but only if the FREQUENCY IS NOT IN USE AT THE TIME. He was more than welcome to join in using Olivia but he chose to key up FM voice to disrupt. Now he's going to claim he was on 146.52. Okay, then why did he still key up? If we were on 146.52 we were legally there and he's still intentionally causing interference. No matter how you slice this, the smarmy little shit weasel is wrong. 

Ken cannot claim that the frequency is used as a call frequency here anyway. Every net night they conduct parts of their net on 146.52. They could just as easily use 146.500 or the other allocated simplex frequencies. No one in this club can complain if other people use it for anything other than a call frequency. 


Ken Talkington interfering with me on 144.144 MHz

He announces he's on 146.52 MHz even though he's actually intentionally interfering with me on 144.144 MHz Upper Side Band while I'm in an Olivia 64/2000 Conversation with a station about 30 miles away. This man also does this when I'm having Digital Fusion QSO's and claims "I thought it was just static" on the rare occasion another operator questions him as to why he does that. 

Is this a threat AE5LB (Ken Talkington)?

Since it's all about perception these days I expect the DA to find out what Ken Talkington meant by declaring "His time is short". He declares this well into the recording. By the way, everyone who knows me knows I can't whistle. Never could. 

About the above audio clip and Ken's veiled threat

It seems to be all about perception

Like I have stated farther down this page I monitor these nets via recording long after the Nets have been conducted. I want audio coverage of what these people do when I'm not on the air. I have been insisting for the longest time this club has people out there pretending to be me just so they can keep slandering my name. Well, I really don't consider it slander because it's only slander when you consider the source.

Ken Talkington is a little smarmy shit weasel that loves to toss out little veiled threats. I don't consider them insignificant. He's part of a club who's been busted sending people to my house to PHYSICALLY harass me. Even knowing I have a daughter here has not stopped them from doing it and how this man can feel confident making these veiled threats is beyond me.

He never clarified what he meant by "his time is short".  That is because Ken wants it to be taken as a threat, but since he's also an amateur lawyer he believes he can explain to our incompetent officials around here "I meant it another way". We all know what this club is capable of as well. I fully expect the DA's office to follow up on this threat. By the way, again, it wasn't me. You had an idiot playing files over the repeater from my website during their net. I have a video in the next section PROVING this when the moron was doing it the night before. Then he resorted to whistling which is an art I never learned. So I'm sort of tired of hearing these threats constantly being aired about me and I'm tired of law enforcement NOT DOING A DAMN THING but harass me over it. 

I'm also going to point out that the only innocent victim in this entire ordeal is my 12 year old daughter who has nothing to do with this "hobby" or "service" yet she's had to learn to cope with these morons for TWO YEARS. Yes, I have argued with them in the past about their policies and they have willingly went toe to toe with me over the air in the past. My daughter has nothing to do with this yet the fear of one of these guys driving up on her while she's outside being a kid is always on her mind. I welcome getting this mess in front of a judge.

One of the club members broadcasting my recording

This is an unknown club member broadcasting one of the audio files I have posted on this sight. The file of one of those "females" threatening to shoot who they thought was me. I'm telling you guys, these guys are not taking this site well at all. They are starting to devolve back into their CB roots. This guy is either trying to make it appear it's me or they're childishly mocking me. Either way, I think this site is really starting to rattle them. Caution! Vulgar language!!! Not kid friendly!

Observations inspired by the above video

Breaker One Nine!

I'm currently sitting here laughing. I have just finished listening to tonight's recordings of the net which I really try to avoiding listening to in real time. Whoever was broadcasting last night when I captured that video on my Yaesu rig was most definitely broadcasting tonight. Of course, the station was weak and 99% of them were stomping all over the recording playing club member, but the blame was being tossed my way as usual. Really guys, put some of those radio skills to work. I live three miles from the repeater. If I was playing those probably 25% of the stations using the repeater would be getting through lol! I think they know this but their resentment of me and this website has seemed to have gathered a life of its own. The agitator was most definitely aggravating because both of the morons that were playing net control were tripping over their words in frustration. Really! Only two stations out of about 10 were having some difficulty getting over the guy playing the recordings. Hardly interference. Even the two stations that had difficulty were easily readable for anyone not requiring a hearing aid or worried about kinks in their oxygen line. They were just angry someone would have the nerve to do it. Well, to be honest, I really do believe they know EXACTLY who is doing it. After all, they have tried to set me up with the FBI in the past. I wouldn't put anything past this gaggle of drama queens.

I'm starting to see the club get rattled by this site. I know it's got to be inconvenient for them to not be able to cut up like they used to because now they have to worry about what is going to get recorded and emailed to Laura Smith lol! So that fun is gone, but hey, you guys started this crap. They no longer own the .net and .com domain names for their "official" FCC issued club call because FCC issued call signs are not copyright protected. All of their antics are slowly making their way to this website. Simply put, I really have no need to mess with them anywhere but here. I know they're screaming they are getting stalked but any time you get on the radio, on a public owned frequency you are pretty much in public domain. Me picking on them in here is no different than me being an asshole at a bar picking on them. Of course, they'll never admit to the fact that I can't operate simplex (analog or digital) without one of them finding me and jamming me. 

What these guys do not realize is I prefer not to jam. Seriously! Why would I? I'll miss content to post on my website if I were to clamp down on their communications. Keep giving me content fellas! I really appreciate the help.


Added a page about the faux hurricane net

AE5LB and his gang may wanna read this lol

On this page I provide recordings of some members admitting they actively stalk me at my house, a death threat from one of the very classy women of the ham community, and AE5LB acting very concerned that recordings during the fake hurricane net they claimed was interfered with exist and the recordings also prove these people are not victims. These are people who started a radio war, enjoyed the war until they got tired of it, and are now playing the victim card to win the war by trying to get the judicial system to do their dirty work for them. ENJOY!

Barry (KF5SYN) McCall dies

Additional Information

See Barry McCall's page towards the end to get my thoughts. Recordings of the net canonizing Saint Barry coming soon.

Classic AE5LB retardation!

This is a video of our "Mr. Know it all" demonstrating his superior skills during this area's first simplex net. 

This is an EXTRA CLASS ham operator admitting, over the air during a club event, that he does not possess the radio skills that most CBers and my 11 year old daughter possess.


This is absolutely pathetic. This is the guy who also claims to be the authority on Part 97! You can't make this shit up people. 

Latest updates

Recently monitored SNAFUs

Update! Added a webpage for one of the more colorful characters in this drama. Chris Boone, WB5ITT. Discovered this is the man jamming the repeater trying to make it appear as though it is me. A good friend of AJ Powell, this man appears to be violent and not above doing whatever it takes to assist this club in its terroristic activities directed towards my family.


Updated Officer AJ Powell's page to include screenshots from his now deleted facebook page showing his involvement in harassment directed towards us. Also moved this bonehead to the top of the members list. He wanted the prestige, now he's got it.

Monitored several oldtimers on the repeater (2/1/2019) knowingly having a conversation with a man operating with a bootleg license. Check out the "W5NRI" page under the Members tag.

AJ "Super Fuzz" Powell is at it again folks! I found out, today, he's the one pushing to have me hemmed up on Cyberstalking charges. Odd because I thought it was only the FCC that has enforcement authority on the Amateur Radio bands. Seems like our little DA's office wants to make a big name for themselves, but no matter. The charge is I threatened AJ over the air (on the radio) and there is audio recorded proof of it. Okay, I have video proof of the club AJ is a member of coming to my home (physically) harassing and threatening me.

So you mean to tell me this gang (I'm no longer going to call them a club) can come to my home (video proof) and intimidate me, I can show these videos to the police and I'm told, at first, there is nothing they can do about it. Later they tell me they'll do something but don't. Now a cop, behaving badly, can offer a radio recorded voice (even the FCC has determined this can't stand in court" and the DA's office wants to take action all of a sudden?

Pay attention folks. I can't wait to get this mess in front of a judge. I can't wait to tell him how I have endured this gang's (AJ Powell is a member of) harassment for two years! How I had to call the Sulphur Police Department to request that their police officer (AJ Powell) remove his slander page he created on Facebook about me. Now he has the nerve to pretend to be a victim? Yeah! Bring it on! When I'm done the only people who are going to be answering up will be the CPSO, The Sulphur Police Department, The DA's office, and AJ himself. He better pray to god he's got more than a recording considering I can name three people off the bat that sound almost identical to me on the radio.

I'm not paid to think for the DA's office, but if I were a member of that entity I would be thinking this one thing:

Why do we have a group of deputies and police officers affiliated with this crazy group of people that are so violent? A group of people where evidence of them terrorizing a family exists ONLINE!

Last time I looked, a judge takes character into consideration. AJ Powell is a Police Officer that chooses to associate with low life scum like the gang of thugs that I have posted all over this page. He has been busted posting slanderous material about a tax paying citizen while representing the Sulphur Police Department on his Facebook.

My character, not to brag, 26 year retired Army disabled veteran with MULTIPLE combat tours under his belt. Honorably discharged. 

Again, can't wait to get in front of the judge and the possible appellate judge.

Oh, and I'm a little slow today, the DA better hope the recording was properly recovered (forensically) from whatever recording device made the recording. I don't have two degrees in IT for nothing. If AJ made the recording with a phone the phone should have been collected, a chain of custody established, the recording properly  copied and a chain of custody established on that (forensically). Otherwise, there's no evidence at all. How's that for "cyber"??? Of course you can say the same for my videos, but in the court of public opinion that's not required.

Caution! Vulgar language.

Here is how noble Amateur Radio Operators are. I would like to say this is not typical behavior but I cannot. Read my comments at the end of this page about the FCC and Amateur Radio in general. Parents, do not play this video with children in the room.

The man identifying as K9RSY is really a local here in the Lake Charles club using a fake callsign. One of the people complaining to the FCC about me. I'll keep his true call my secret for now. Amazing what you learn when you keep your mouth shut.

The Gator Amateur Radio Society

A Verse From the Ham Bible Part 97

 (b) Each station licensee and each control operator must cooperate in selecting transmitting channels and in making the most effective use of the amateur service frequencies. No frequency will be assigned for the exclusive use of any station. 

"Any station" includes Amateur Radio Repeaters. If two stations are using the repeater's output, which is legal and ENCOURAGED since it meets the minimum requirements rule, and another operator keys that repeater knowingly over the two stations, THAT IS INTERFERENCE. The repeater and the club do NOT own the frequency. They have as much claim to that frequency by saying that is where they put their machine as me by saying I put it in my radio. AE5LB and Laura Smith, take notice. Also, Ms. Smith if you're going to attempt to enforce the rules then LEARN THE RULES. For the love of God, learn what the term "talkaround" is.

Also, past opinions by the FCC are just that. They are opinions. They do not trump written rules and law.


This site gets updated when I can find time between work and school. Be patient. If you have any stories you'd like me to add to my site about your nutty bunch of ham operators, I'd be glad to hear from you. You can email me at for now. If it's interesting enough, and legitimate, I'll devote a page for your experiences.

I've done a little bit of housekeeping today. Uncluttered the header a bit which makes it a little easier to navigate the page.



This not a hate site

It has come to my attention that a few people on that wasteland of bad hams,, have been advising reporting this site as a hate site.

I want to make it clear that this operator does not advocate violence in any form. This is a view that this website clearly demonstrates that is not shared by the club I'm exposing. This club functions more like a gang than an amateur radio club.

The purpose of this site is not to inspire violence or hatred of the members of the Gator Amateur Radio Society or The Southwest Louisiana Amateur Repeater Club, or whatever the hell they want to call themselves.

They have every right to voice their opinion of me which they do not really do. They prefer to harass. I have every right to voice my opinion of them which I do. I do not harass. 

Enjoy the site for what it is. The site is an informational site and no allegation is made here without VIDEO or AUDIO proof!


KC5CSG AKA Bluewaffle


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