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4/20/2019 To everyone that has either received, or is about to receive, their bad news, you can thank AJ Powell and his butt buddies Ken Talkington and Jimmy Miller. Their attempts to manipulate law enforcement to do their dirty work pressed me to reveal everything you have done, and you guys should have known I have a ton of shit you have done recorded and videoed. What I have posted on this website is but a fraction of what I have.

4/7/2019 For a man who does not affect their club in any way because I'm so wrong all the time, I seem to be a driving force for change. Even when I'm not conducting the actions that drive their decisions, they're automatically attributed to me. Hell, I'll take that. Apparently the possibility of their nets being posted for all to see has these guys a bit uneasy. I mean, think about it, being a member of an entity who portrayed themselves as a group of 50 grown men who were reporting to the FCC how they were being terrorized, on the air, by one guy. Getting the FCC all riled up and in attack mode only to have that guy post a website that proves that 50 guy group of thugs are the ones that have been conducting actual terroristic activities and the reports were just another of the many tactics this group deployed as a tool in their attempts to terrorize me into submission and yield to their mighty ham radio authority. I mean, the videos prove this. The recordings prove this. Karma kicks in here because their goddess, a very emotional Laura Smith, has the link to this website and sometimes actually responds to my occasional emails to her. Thanks for introducing me to her fellas! 

I was monitoring the recordings of the net conducted on the evening of 4/5/2019 when I heard N0MSW instructing the club members to put their callsign on the end of each of their transmissions in case they didn't have the opportunity to identify properly (legally) later within ten minutes. That's right. If you key up and say "this is blah blah blah blah blah blah, I have no traffic for the net" and net control goes on to get other people up and passing traffic and you allow eleven to minutes elapse without either IDing again or sign off with an ID you're most definitely violating the laws for proper identification. Hell, I have tons of recordings of this club doing just that. What brought about all of this need to be "by the book" all of a sudden? Well, me of course! I posted, couple of weeks ago, that I was going to post recordings of their nets as they become available to me. This has them rattled. They know they opened up a can of whup ass that is going to be an inconvenience to them for a long time. The beauty of it all is the fact that THEY are now instruments of their own misery. They claimed, to the FCC, they wanted spit and polish protocols on their repeater. Well, now they have to practice what they preach. Does Laura Smith look at my website? Probably not, but she may. After all, she emailed me several times from her personal email account because of these guys. She has responded to emails I have sent to her in the past. Especially the ones where I intended to piss her off. I seem to be pretty good at that. I know she has read the several emails where I have included a link to this website. She may be scrubbing my site, as I type this, looking for evidence to use against me since her very competent field agent botched his inspection of my station. Maybe one day she'll explain to me how I can interfere with an analog VHF repeater with a digital UHF handie talkie, a scanner, and a cell phone which was all that was found in my car via a search I didn't give permission for. By an agent who failed to show me his ID until the very end when I got fed up with it and DEMANDED to see his ID. An agent who told the police officer I could talk on that repeater all I want because I was licensed, and if I identified properly, yet all of a sudden the FCC is wanting to hit me up because I was on the repeater. Hell, so I have to account for the FCC's bad advice? I think not. A very competent agent indeed. Don't worry Laura. That deputy will be under oath when he writes his report or testifies. I really doubt that skinny little worm will jeopardize his career for you.

Anyway, I'm proud to be the driving force for change in the SWLARC's standard operating procedures on the way they will conduct future nets. Even though I'm tempted to post the recorded net of N0MSW explaining these new procedures, that would mean I would have to wade through several recordings and it's Sunday! I just wanna drink a few beers and play on HF with the various sound card digital modes I've become fascinated with lately. To anyone wanting to QSO with me I'm on the commonly used frequencies on 80, 40, and 20. If you wanna say "Hi" I can help you there. If you want to be officially told to "fuck off" by the famous Blue Waffle, I can accommodate you there as well!

4/5/2019 Sorry I haven't posted the last two nets but they were complete snooze fests. I guess even their "agitator" has to worry about getting caught. Apparently it was a snooze fest for the club as well since their "agitator" made a reappearance tonight. I can't post it because the guy was playing copyrighted material over the repeater and I know if I post it, this club will complain to my website host and I'd have to take it down anyway. They've done it before. Believe me, when this site first made its appearance, these guys were calling almost every day for a month threatening to sue them. It got to the point tech support would call me and laugh about all the threats about their supposedly copyrighted callsigns, pictures, and club call. They even filed complaints with my host provider and YouTube that posting those videos of their members coming to my house violated their privacy! Seems like Ken Talkington is not the amateur lawyer he believes himself to be. They have to know who this guy is. His radio has a distinctive sound. You can hear a fair amount of 60 cycle hum whenever there is no input from the guy's microphone. Indicative of a power supply that is fighting to supply more current than it's rated for or a power supply this is on the verge of failing. All they have to do is wait until the guy keys up in a normal conversation and use their ears. Doesn't matter. They'll blame me anyway. Club full of drama queens baby! To N0MSW who was wondering, out loud to another operator who was questioning why the club does nothing about me, the reason Laura Smith isn't doing anything now is because your club has been discredited in the eyes of the FCC. She's got a link to this website, I've sent her all the recordings needed disproving your "hurricane net". I proved you lied to them and they're not stupid. Anyone can browse this site and see YOU AND YOUR CLUB ARE NOT VICTIMS. You engaged me in a radio war. You harassed my family and me and lost all credibility. Like I said before, and you refused to listen, you can't start a fight and then call the cops when you get your ass kicked. I can only guess the reason a few of you are not in deep shit with the FCC is because it would mean the FCC would have to admit they can be tricked by a club full of trailer trash warriors and manipulated to augment their personal agendas. Don't think for a minute the FCC is going to lightly consider handing this case to the Department of Justice knowing all I have to do is stand up in front of a judge and say "You honor, go to and believe your own eyes". Every non-amateur person of reasonable morals is absolutely amazed at what you guys have been allowed to get away with after seeing this site. They demonstrate both disgust and contempt in the club, the hobby, the CPSO, and the FCC after they take the time to look at this site. What's funnier? I think YOU know that is the case here. That's why it sounded like you were about to break into tears on the repeater. Good! So keep getting your buddies to jam the repeater so you can keep tossing my call out there. I'll just sit here and record it and post it here for all the world to see.

4/4/2019 Added a page for Deputy Frederick Dent to the Members drop down menu. His callsign is KF5BYY. Make sure to look at it. The provided audio recording of one of their nets reinforces my perception that the W5BII Club has been allowed to not only terrorize me, but they're being aided by members of the CPSO and the Sulphur Police Department.

Today we're doing something new!

57 minutes of pure listening pleasure!

Admitting it takes a while for me to master certain programs, I finally learned how to merge the many files each net produces on my scanner during each captured net or conversation. Not that l am dumb, it's just that I'm usually so tired when I get home I just don't want to waste time tinkering with it. Most of this is boring but there are some interesting tidbits of retardation that will catch your attention and bring a smile to your face. Such as:

  • AE5LB and N0MSW bitching and moaning about traffic and demonstrating their lousy grammar while trying to sound like subject matter experts. Yes, I thought my grammar was bad. My spell checker works overtime over here.
  • Some guy who is the ARES coordinator for this area admitting he likes to misuse his siren and horn in traffic. Yep, said it right on the repeater. I couldn't catch his call but it's something something 5LR. He's also the guy that called in a false mayday on the repeater last year. Notice he didn't ID appropriately when finishing his conversation and signing off which is illegal. If he's a cop he's misusing his authority and, I really believe this is the case, if he's just an ARES whacker cop groupie he's impersonating a police officer in traffic for kicks. 
  • KA5SUR (Lucky) who always has a shitty signal into the repeater is having issues as of late. Hear him cry on the air about how no one wants to go help his rude ass fix his station. I also have a recording of him on the Sulphur repeater having a fit a couple of nights ago screaming "he's been a club member for 30 years and no one wants to talk to him". A ham for over thirty years and cannot troubleshoot a simple 2 meter/70cm FM transceiver. 
  • You'll discover some of these radio experts can not figure out how to change their radios from Memory Mode to VFO mode. Not surprising since MOST of these so called saviors of society when the shit hits the fan can not even program a PL tone into their radio. Put any radio in front of me I can figure out their simple menus within 10 minutes and REMEMBER it.
  • You'll hear discussion of potato guns to launch weighted ballistics that pull string over tree branches for stringing up antennas. I have recorded evidence one of these was used at the Sulphur Police Department last weekend to put up their HF antenna. There was also some bragging that, not only did the projectile clear the tree, it came down almost a block past the tree. Not even realizing the danger to civilians in the path of that thing. In most cities I have resided in, an air rifle is considered a firearm and discharging them within city limits or in congested areas is no different than firing a conventional firearm. So, ask yourself why the Sulphur Police Department was allowing these idiots to fire a homemade cannon from their station that endangered any person in a nearby neighborhood.

Now, after hearing the posted audio recording of the entire net, ask yourself if anyone jamming these cooks warrants an $18,000 fine lol!


From this point on I will be posting every net this club conducts. Their days of enjoying the luxury of operating in relative obscurity are over with. All of their antics of getting people to jam them so they can blame it on me will be offered here. Every violation of Part 97 will be offered here. The mundane nature of their so called "emergency nets" will be made available here. EVERYTHING THEY DO ON THE LAKE CHARLES REPEATER AND THE SULPHUR REPEATER WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE HERE. 

Of course, there is only so much content I can have available on the site so I will have to remove the recording of the previous net to make room for new recording. The previous nets will be archived and offered to anyone who requests the material. I can be contacted from the bottom of this page via email.

For those of you who will argue this is harassment, it's not. These guys know, every time they key the microphone, they are subject to being monitored by anyone with a radio, a citizen with a scanner, anyone subscribing to a scanner site that streams these repeaters in real time, THE FCC, etc,...

They have absolutely no expectation of privacy when they transmit on an Amateur Radio frequency. In fact, it is illegal for them to try to attempt to operate in privacy on Amateur Radio, which they do by using obscure talk groups and encryption with DMR. They are supposed to be easily monitored simply because the Amateur Bands are self policing. Well, this is me doing my part to police this club. 

Now, just for fun, let's imagine an emergency situation here. Let's say, just for shits and giggles, a monster CAT V storm puts its NE Quadrant over the Sabine Pass which is a worst case scenario here in Lake Charles. The strongest winds of the storm and the wind blowing water up the Calcasieu Pass all the way up the Calcasieu River.  Okay now let us imagine the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department and all the PD's in the parish squandered the taxpayers money (which around here is probably likely) and they really are banking on amateur operators jumping into action to augment their communications. After hearing the intelligence displayed on tonight's net do you really feel comfortable with these idiots being the Parish's "Plan B"? HAHAHA!!! We all going to die LOL!


Net Night baby!

The usual dullards having at it. I know posting this will piss them off to no end and I enjoy demonstrating I do not even have to power up a radio to have an effect on this gang of thugs.

AJ Powell's Son Transmitting Illegally on 2 meters.

Hard to play a victim when you allow your kid to violate federal law

At first I thought it was a female at the Sulphur Police Department transmitting without a license, without a proper announcement of third party traffic, and without a proper name for an ID with the supervising amateur radio operator's ID. 

Imagine my surprise when AJ admits on the Sulphur repeater that it was his son answering on the radio when the other ham was calling for AJ. AJ still didn't identify the operator with a proper name. No member of the club seemed to care to correct this major infraction. It is a major infraction. Operating an amateur radio without a license is illegal. My 12 year old daughter knows NEVER to touch any of my radios, even if she hears a friend or relative calling for me.

I guess I can make the following reports:

  • KC5AJP for losing control of his station.
  • KC5AJP for not properly identifying third party traffic originating from his station.
  • KC5AJP's son for operating without a license.
  • KG5SBA for attempting to continue an illegal conversation with this kid even though he obviously recognized him, by name, and knowing the kid is not authorized to transmit on 145.350 MHz.

I imagine since AJ admitted to this over the air the FCC will be quick to issue the appropriate fine when I get around to reporting it. Since AJ Powell is a "police officer" and subscribes to the view "ignorance of the law is no excuse", he should have no trouble understanding the weight of the problem this presents, Like a friend recently told me, "buying that scanner is the best thing you ever did". Audio proof below. 

Do as I say, not as I do it appears.

Just a reminder, the FCC has determined recording amateur operators is legal hense all of the sites that live stream police and ham radio. This is an audio recording of uncorrected illegal activity on the Sulphur repeater which occurred 3/23/2019.

Busted!!! Ken Talkington (AE5LB) interfering with me

Ken Talkington's continued harassment

Today I was finally quick enough to record this moron (AE5LB) interfering with an Olivia 64/2000 QSO I was conducting with a person near Bell City, Louisiana. Both of us were taking advantage of a mild band opening this morning on the agreed upon frequency for PSK31/MFSK and the various other soundcard digital modes for 2 Meter VHF which is 144.144 MHz Upper Side Band.

Since Ken was blowing me out of the water last weekend on this frequency I wondered if my FM scanner could actually catch this. After considering how wide a voice communication is on FM and the fact that 144.144 MHz is only 1 KHz away from where we conduct digital on VHF I went ahead and programmed 144.145 MHz in the scanner. Ken would have to transmit here if he is using a standard FM only transmitter and it is close enough to catch the noise from our digital operations. My question was if the FM scanner could actually detect the USB signal and boy howdy, does it ever. It's really sounds annoying, but hey THIS IS THE LEGAL AGREED UPON FREQUENCY FOR DIGITAL OPERATIONS.

In the middle of our QSO we started having problems and needing to repeat. That is when I thought to turn on a nearby HT and that is when I heard Ken, on 144.145 MHz, blasting away calling CQ and pretending to call another call in particular. That is when I busted my ass to get to the scanner and unblock this particular frequency and FINALLY! I catch a partial recording of this guy intentionally interfering with me. Then he announces he's on 146.52 MHz even though he is actually on 144.145 MHz intentionally interfering with a conversation I was legally engaged in. Remember when I labeled him a smarmy little shit weasel? Well, this is why. This man went out of his way to find me and he cannot claim to think it was just static he was talking through. First off, you can tell (even on FM) this is a sound card digital mode being transmitted. Also, why the need to lie about what frequency you're on? If you were really on 146.520 MHz then why the need to announce it? Everyone there knows what frequency they're on.

Enjoy it. This is the crap I have to put up with this club member every day. If I complain about it the club only laughs it off or they send people to my house to mess with us. More humorously, they call me a bully or domestic terrorist. This club's leadership (good old boy system) is seriously fucked in their heads.

The audio clip is posted immediately below.


An afterthought here. Ken actually thinks his analog voice transmissions take precedence over any other mode. Even if I was on 146.520 MHz and conducting a digital communication (either sound card or Digital Voice such as Fusion, DMR, or D-Star) if i'm there first, started the communication before he arrived he is wrong to intentionally key up causing interference KNOWING there is a QSO in progress. KNOWING the FREQUENCY IS IN USE. After all, what's the first thing, as an operator, you are supposed to do before starting to call CQ on a frequency? LISTEN, THEN ASK IF THE FREQUENCY IS IN USE. Even though 146.52 is generally agreed to be the National FM simplex call frequency, it is perfectly legal to use any mode you wish there just so long as the frequency IS NOT CURRENTLY IN USE. I guess it's legal to talk FM voice on 144.145 MHz as well but only if the FREQUENCY IS NOT IN USE AT THE TIME. He was more than welcome to join in using Olivia but he chose to key up FM voice to disrupt. Now he's going to claim he was on 146.52. Okay, then why did he still key up? If we were on 146.52 we were legally there and he's still intentionally causing interference. No matter how you slice this, the smarmy little shit weasel is wrong. 

Ken cannot claim that the frequency is used as a call frequency here anyway. Every net night they conduct parts of their net on 146.52. They could just as easily use 146.500 or the other allocated simplex frequencies. No one in this club can complain if other people use it for anything other than a call frequency. 


Ken Talkington interfering with me on 144.144 MHz

He announces he's on 146.52 MHz even though he's actually intentionally interfering with me on 144.144 MHz Upper Side Band while I'm in an Olivia 64/2000 Conversation with a station about 30 miles away. This man also does this when I'm having Digital Fusion QSO's and claims "I thought it was just static" on the rare occasion another operator questions him as to why he does that. 

Is this a threat AE5LB (Ken Talkington)?

Since it's all about perception these days I expect the DA to find out what Ken Talkington meant by declaring "His time is short". He declares this well into the recording. By the way, everyone who knows me knows I can't whistle. Never could. 

About the above audio clip and Ken's veiled threat

It seems to be all about perception

Like I have stated farther down this page I monitor these nets via recording long after the Nets have been conducted. I want audio coverage of what these people do when I'm not on the air. I have been insisting for the longest time this club has people out there pretending to be me just so they can keep slandering my name. Well, I really don't consider it slander because it's only slander when you consider the source.

Ken Talkington is a little smarmy shit weasel that loves to toss out little veiled threats. I don't consider them insignificant. He's part of a club who's been busted sending people to my house to PHYSICALLY harass me. Even knowing I have a daughter here has not stopped them from doing it and how this man can feel confident making these veiled threats is beyond me.

He never clarified what he meant by "his time is short".  That is because Ken wants it to be taken as a threat, but since he's also an amateur lawyer he believes he can explain to our incompetent officials around here "I meant it another way". We all know what this club is capable of as well. I fully expect the DA's office to follow up on this threat. By the way, again, it wasn't me. You had an idiot playing files over the repeater from my website during their net. I have a video in the next section PROVING this when the moron was doing it the night before. Then he resorted to whistling which is an art I never learned. So I'm sort of tired of hearing these threats constantly being aired about me and I'm tired of law enforcement NOT DOING A DAMN THING but harass me over it. 

I'm also going to point out that the only innocent victim in this entire ordeal is my 12 year old daughter who has nothing to do with this "hobby" or "service" yet she's had to learn to cope with these morons for TWO YEARS. Yes, I have argued with them in the past about their policies and they have willingly went toe to toe with me over the air in the past. My daughter has nothing to do with this yet the fear of one of these guys driving up on her while she's outside being a kid is always on her mind. I welcome getting this mess in front of a judge.

One of the club members broadcasting my recording

This is an unknown club member broadcasting one of the audio files I have posted on this sight. The file of one of those "females" threatening to shoot who they thought was me. I'm telling you guys, these guys are not taking this site well at all. They are starting to devolve back into their CB roots. This guy is either trying to make it appear it's me or they're childishly mocking me. Either way, I think this site is really starting to rattle them. Caution! Vulgar language!!! Not kid friendly!

Observations inspired by the above video

Breaker One Nine!

I'm currently sitting here laughing. I have just finished listening to tonight's recordings of the net which I really try to avoiding listening to in real time. Whoever was broadcasting last night when I captured that video on my Yaesu rig was most definitely broadcasting tonight. Of course, the station was weak and 99% of them were stomping all over the recording playing club member, but the blame was being tossed my way as usual. Really guys, put some of those radio skills to work. I live three miles from the repeater. If I was playing those probably 25% of the stations using the repeater would be getting through lol! I think they know this but their resentment of me and this website has seemed to have gathered a life of its own. The agitator was most definitely aggravating because both of the morons that were playing net control were tripping over their words in frustration. Really! Only two stations out of about 10 were having some difficulty getting over the guy playing the recordings. Hardly interference. Even the two stations that had difficulty were easily readable for anyone not requiring a hearing aid or worried about kinks in their oxygen line. They were just angry someone would have the nerve to do it. Well, to be honest, I really do believe they know EXACTLY who is doing it. After all, they have tried to set me up with the FBI in the past. I wouldn't put anything past this gaggle of drama queens.

I'm starting to see the club get rattled by this site. I know it's got to be inconvenient for them to not be able to cut up like they used to because now they have to worry about what is going to get recorded and emailed to Laura Smith lol! So that fun is gone, but hey, you guys started this crap. They no longer own the .net and .com domain names for their "official" FCC issued club call because FCC issued call signs are not copyright protected. All of their antics are slowly making their way to this website. Simply put, I really have no need to mess with them anywhere but here. I know they're screaming they are getting stalked but any time you get on the radio, on a public owned frequency you are pretty much in public domain. Me picking on them in here is no different than me being an asshole at a bar picking on them. Of course, they'll never admit to the fact that I can't operate simplex (analog or digital) without one of them finding me and jamming me. 

What these guys do not realize is I prefer not to jam. Seriously! Why would I? I'll miss content to post on my website if I were to clamp down on their communications. Keep giving me content fellas! I really appreciate the help.


Added a page about the faux hurricane net

AE5LB and his gang may wanna read this lol

On this page I provide recordings of some members admitting they actively stalk me at my house, a death threat from one of the very classy women of the ham community, and AE5LB acting very concerned that recordings during the fake hurricane net they claimed was interfered with exist and the recordings also prove these people are not victims. These are people who started a radio war, enjoyed the war until they got tired of it, and are now playing the victim card to win the war by trying to get the judicial system to do their dirty work for them. ENJOY!

Barry (KF5SYN) McCall dies

Additional Information

See Barry McCall's page towards the end to get my thoughts. Recordings of the net canonizing Saint Barry coming soon.

Classic AE5LB retardation!

This is a video of our "Mr. Know it all" demonstrating his superior skills during this area's first simplex net. 

This is an EXTRA CLASS ham operator admitting, over the air during a club event, that he does not possess the radio skills that most CBers and my 11 year old daughter possess.


This is absolutely pathetic. This is the guy who also claims to be the authority on Part 97! You can't make this shit up people. 

Latest updates

Recently monitored SNAFUs

Update! Added a webpage for one of the more colorful characters in this drama. Chris Boone, WB5ITT. Discovered this is the man jamming the repeater trying to make it appear as though it is me. A good friend of AJ Powell, this man appears to be violent and not above doing whatever it takes to assist this club in its terroristic activities directed towards my family.


Updated Officer AJ Powell's page to include screenshots from his now deleted facebook page showing his involvement in harassment directed towards us. Also moved this bonehead to the top of the members list. He wanted the prestige, now he's got it.

Monitored several oldtimers on the repeater (2/1/2019) knowingly having a conversation with a man operating with a bootleg license. Check out the "W5NRI" page under the Members tag.

AJ "Super Fuzz" Powell is at it again folks! I found out, today, he's the one pushing to have me hemmed up on Cyberstalking charges. Odd because I thought it was only the FCC that has enforcement authority on the Amateur Radio bands. Seems like our little DA's office wants to make a big name for themselves, but no matter. The charge is I threatened AJ over the air (on the radio) and there is audio recorded proof of it. Okay, I have video proof of the club AJ is a member of coming to my home (physically) harassing and threatening me.

So you mean to tell me this gang (I'm no longer going to call them a club) can come to my home (video proof) and intimidate me, I can show these videos to the police and I'm told, at first, there is nothing they can do about it. Later they tell me they'll do something but don't. Now a cop, behaving badly, can offer a radio recorded voice (even the FCC has determined this can't stand in court" and the DA's office wants to take action all of a sudden?

Pay attention folks. I can't wait to get this mess in front of a judge. I can't wait to tell him how I have endured this gang's (AJ Powell is a member of) harassment for two years! How I had to call the Sulphur Police Department to request that their police officer (AJ Powell) remove his slander page he created on Facebook about me. Now he has the nerve to pretend to be a victim? Yeah! Bring it on! When I'm done the only people who are going to be answering up will be the CPSO, The Sulphur Police Department, The DA's office, and AJ himself. He better pray to god he's got more than a recording considering I can name three people off the bat that sound almost identical to me on the radio.

I'm not paid to think for the DA's office, but if I were a member of that entity I would be thinking this one thing:

Why do we have a group of deputies and police officers affiliated with this crazy group of people that are so violent? A group of people where evidence of them terrorizing a family exists ONLINE!

Last time I looked, a judge takes character into consideration. AJ Powell is a Police Officer that chooses to associate with low life scum like the gang of thugs that I have posted all over this page. He has been busted posting slanderous material about a tax paying citizen while representing the Sulphur Police Department on his Facebook.

My character, not to brag, 26 year retired Army disabled veteran with MULTIPLE combat tours under his belt. Honorably discharged. 

Again, can't wait to get in front of the judge and the possible appellate judge.

Oh, and I'm a little slow today, the DA better hope the recording was properly recovered (forensically) from whatever recording device made the recording. I don't have two degrees in IT for nothing. If AJ made the recording with a phone the phone should have been collected, a chain of custody established, the recording properly  copied and a chain of custody established on that (forensically). Otherwise, there's no evidence at all. How's that for "cyber"??? Of course you can say the same for my videos, but in the court of public opinion that's not required.

Caution! Vulgar language.

Here is how noble Amateur Radio Operators are. I would like to say this is not typical behavior but I cannot. Read my comments at the end of this page about the FCC and Amateur Radio in general. Parents, do not play this video with children in the room.

The man identifying as K9RSY is really a local here in the Lake Charles club using a fake callsign. One of the people complaining to the FCC about me. I'll keep his true call my secret for now. Amazing what you learn when you keep your mouth shut.

The Gator Amateur Radio Society

A Verse From the Ham Bible Part 97

 (b) Each station licensee and each control operator must cooperate in selecting transmitting channels and in making the most effective use of the amateur service frequencies. No frequency will be assigned for the exclusive use of any station. 

"Any station" includes Amateur Radio Repeaters. If two stations are using the repeater's output, which is legal and ENCOURAGED since it meets the minimum requirements rule, and another operator keys that repeater knowingly over the two stations, THAT IS INTERFERENCE. The repeater and the club do NOT own the frequency. They have as much claim to that frequency by saying that is where they put their machine as me by saying I put it in my radio. AE5LB and Laura Smith, take notice. Also, Ms. Smith if you're going to attempt to enforce the rules then LEARN THE RULES. For the love of God, learn what the term "talkaround" is.

Also, past opinions by the FCC are just that. They are opinions. They do not trump written rules and law.


This site gets updated when I can find time between work and school. Be patient. If you have any stories you'd like me to add to my site about your nutty bunch of ham operators, I'd be glad to hear from you. You can email me at for now. If it's interesting enough, and legitimate, I'll devote a page for your experiences.

I've done a little bit of housekeeping today. Uncluttered the header a bit which makes it a little easier to navigate the page.



This not a hate site

It has come to my attention that a few people on that wasteland of bad hams,, have been advising reporting this site as a hate site.

I want to make it clear that this operator does not advocate violence in any form. This is a view that this website clearly demonstrates that is not shared by the club I'm exposing. This club functions more like a gang than an amateur radio club.

The purpose of this site is not to inspire violence or hatred of the members of the Gator Amateur Radio Society or The Southwest Louisiana Amateur Repeater Club, or whatever the hell they want to call themselves.

They have every right to voice their opinion of me which they do not really do. They prefer to harass. I have every right to voice my opinion of them which I do. I do not harass. 

Enjoy the site for what it is. The site is an informational site and no allegation is made here without VIDEO or AUDIO proof!


KC5CSG AKA Bluewaffle


Purpose of this site

Exposing a wasted resource


The purpose of this website is to raise awareness of the existence of this antiquated hobby and to inspire productive thought about where this hobby is going, the future of this hobby, and the expenditure of taxpayer funding through Federal Communications Commission involvement in regulation and enforcement in this hobby.

Despite what most amateur radio operators will tell you, there is no need for this hobby today. In the days of old where communications on the fly would force you to either buy a Citizen’s Band Radio, drop a dime in a payphone, or knuckle under and study for an amateur radio license, there was a need for amateur radio and each American taxpayer had some self interest invested in this service. Back then amateur radio was a service. When the shit hit the fan, natural or man made disaster, amateur radio operators answered the call to facilitate the movement of massive amounts of communications information and assets. The traffic they’ve passed in the past were indispensable to the welfare of this nation. There was a time, in the past, when an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) had to rely on amateur operators and their equipment either to reduce the burden on their overtaxed communications systems or to rely on them entirely because their communications systems were disabled in their entirety.

Today EOC’s no longer have that need. Most Civil Defense Centers, EOC’s, and law enforcement entities have backup generators for power. They have established safeguards which protect their equipment during an event to ensure their availability for use. There are cell phones now. There is a massive cell phone network that provide smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops access to the internet. Each of these agencies employ Information Technology specialists that maintain Virtual Private Networks for all these agencies that ensure they can pass any traffic they need in a secure fashion. Believe me, if the cell phone towers are taken out during an event what sense is there in thinking amateur radio towers (often barely standing due to shoddy installation) will survive the very same event? I have yet to meet an amateur operator that has his “shack” wrapped in a faraday screen should Russia give us a good dose of EMP. Most Amateur Operators I know have no emergency power to speak of and no spare battery for their fancy walkie-talkie. Most of the type that is even remotely interested in this hobby can not even afford the equipment and save for months to years to buy cheap out of spec Chinese equipment. The amount of digital information that can be currently passed on a radio pales in comparison to what the internet offers. Most hams are so set against any change in the hobby the hobby is currently stuck 20 years in the past when it comes to passing digital information. 

The service is now a hobby. It consists of thousands of social misfits who have come to view these citizen owned bands they’re allocated as their own private media. They serve no useful function today. A quick scan of the frequencies they are allowed will provide hours of useless banter about the medical ailments the aging amateur radio population are now encountering. You’ll hear fights on the 80 and 40 meter bands. Mainly because, at night, these two bands provide regional coverage that is reliable and like any large crowd of people that can interact on a nightly basis (same applies to repeater clubs), they start to form cliques and become extremely territorial. I’ve personally witnessed profanity, radical thought expression, anti-government speech, talk of where you can find child porn via IRC, death threats, threats of rape on either wives and/or daughters, jamming, pirate radio stations, and the list can go on much more. These two bands have become a cesspool. Old people talking about their last prostate exam, their glory days, or some of the most violent verbal exchanges you can witness. 

20 meters is no different. It seems to be a band where the spirit of the hobby remains alive because the range is phenomenal, but you only have a few hours during the daytime to accomplish this so there is less fighting. It is not immune to the idiocy though. Every ham out there can tell you stories about 14.275 and 14.313 MHz. The fighting on this band (especially on .313) reaches international proportions. Again, there is nothing useful exchanged here except of the hobby nature. Bands higher than this (17 to 6 meters) pass normal hobby traffic and is less prone to the fights because they’re open less time than 20 if they’re open at all. Again, this "traffic" is hobby in nature.

Then there is the famous 2 meter band. This is a VHF band that is rarely open to any propagation beyond local use. The same problems are encountered here as encountered on 80 and 40 meters but usually on a lesser scale. At most, you have county/parish coverage. Cliques form, good old boy systems establish themselves and the hobby progresses only as far as the chosen few allow it to. This stagnates interest to the point new amateurs join a club for one year and then lose interest in the hobby altogether. If a ham bucks this system they’re either ignored and in the more severe cases (such as mine) the club can easily form a gang mentality and get violent in their behavior. I’ve had people come to my house, death threats, threats of assault, threats to abduct my daughter, rape my daughter, and even one case of someone entering my yard to destroy my antenna system. Because the members of this club outnumber the one ham they’re against, law enforcement tends to believe the hive mind even over video proof of such violent actions taken by the hive mind. Add to this the fact that the band is hardly ever used, you must wonder what’s the point of it?

The 2 meter band has great characteristics, but it’s wasted on the very people who refuse to exploit the band to its full potential. Can you imagine what a commercial communications company can do with this band and the amount of revenue this band can produce for the FCC and Federal Government’s coffers? Not to mention the services you, as an American, can enjoy. If cell phone companies could grab this band the range from their towers would be greatly increased. Those pesky dead spots would be a thing of the past. Multipath issues would be greatly reduced and the fact the RF energy in this band pretty much plows through vegetation (that’s trees to most of the hams out there) guarantees increased service and coverage.

What every American should be asking themselves is “Why are we wasting taxpayer money allowing this useless hobby to exist?”. Taxpayer money is being wasted on it. A commissioner has to be paid (currently Laura Smith), lawyers have to be paid to review enforcement actions, field agents have to be paid to catch offenders and to gather evidence, vehicles have to be purchased and maintained for these agents (I’ll bet Laura Smith has a company vehicle as well), and add this to the potential revenue loss every American should be kick the dog mad over this. This is just a quick estimate here but let’s keep going. Equipment must be purchased, maintained, and updated for FCC employees to do their job. This ranges from computers to doppler direction finding devices. Why? So, a bunch of anti-social and old people can carry on behind a microphone in the way they dream because they are not willing to carry on like that in a room full of people?

We have several Citizen’s Bands that can accommodate that. We have the old 40 channel CB we all think of when we hear the term Citizen’s Band. The Citizen’s Band is much more extensive than that today. Included is FRS, MURS, and LPRS. Most of which is unused today because NORMAL PEOPLE use the damn phone! They communicate with people in other countries in ways hams could only dream of whenever people today interact on social media. 

To the FCC I say this! Amateur Radio has had its day in the sun. It’s over. Kill the suffering horse and put the band space to more productive use! Send Laura Smith and her lackies to the employment office line.

What every American should be asking is why is the federal government wasting time and resources on a HOBBY. I see no government involvement in stamp collecting and model trains. Why is this hobby different?

Any time you force Americans to test and restrict usage on a radio band based on those tests it's either a service or an unheard of federally regulated HOBBY. Ham radio is definitely not a productive service anymore.

In modern times, no testing is needed. No one is building their own equipment. I've been in this HOBBY since 1993 and the most I've seen home brewed are antennas (because most hams today can't afford a good Cushcraft) and a sound card interface.

The FCC either needs to move the hobby to a license by rule service where every American can rightfully use it, or change to a form/form and a fee hobby. Form and a fee would be preferable. Nothing would filter out the modern amateur operator scum (who usually live in a parent's backyard in a camper, a basement, their childhood room, or trailer park) than good old fashioned money. A 10 year license at $1000 is only $100 a year. Most working class Americans can afford that. A lot of the low life scum that has been filtering into this hobby cannot. The Tarvers and Ken Talkington come to mind when I dwell on this.

It's time for change or it's time to put a bullet in the head of this struggling horse.

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